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5 Jan. 2003
Mended Sole
100 years B.C. While working for a shoemaker as an apprentice, Jess becomes caught in a bitter feud over a broken sandal. This precipitates conflict and heartbreak for two young lovers who fail to receive the blessings of their fathers. Jess attempts to insure the impending marriage goes ahead. And that the two families can be reunited.
12 Jan. 2003
David and Mr. G
Modern day. After being fired from his vegetable delivery job, Jess is hired by Saul, a humble restaurant owner in Brooklyn, New York. But things turn sour when two gangsters threaten the business and Jess finds himself in great danger as he tries to seek justice for Saul and his family and an exit of the insidious 'protection' racket.
19 Jan. 2003
A Mess of Pottage
During his travels in 450 B.C, Jess is attacked by tribesmen but is rescued by Esau, a hunter, who takes Jess back to his tribe's travelling camp. But Jess finds himself caught in the middle of a feud of jealousy between Esau and his brother Jacob/and a traditional ritual which will determine who will become the leader of the tribe after Jacob and Esau's sick father dies.
26 Jan. 2003
Coming Up Roses
1955. Southern Ireland. In the small village of Kildogan, Jess meets Jonty and Mo, a brother and sister in desperate need of good fortune. He makes friends with the two teens and tries to help their family financially get back on their feet, which is complicated when their innocent father is conned into buying a useless piece of land.
2 Feb. 2003
The Good Samaritan
1961. Jess is the new pupil in a local high school in the southern states. He finds himself caught in a conflict when he mistakenly befriends a gang of teenagers who are set on intimidating Lucy, a local African American girl who wants to enroll in the school but is denied, due to inherent racism.
16 Feb. 2003
Grieving Las Vegas
Modern day. While working in a Las Vegas casino, an awe struck Jess befriends a washed up performer, the narcissistic Tommy Love. But after joining the entourage and meeting Tommy's daughter, April, Jess discovers that Tommy isn't the star that he makes himself out to be. He attempts to reunite Tommy with the estranged April which highlights that there are more important things in life than fame.
23 Feb. 2003
The Judge's Punishment
Jess arrives in Galilee and works as a private teacher, mentoring Aviner's daughter, Elkie. He soon finds himself entangled in a family feud when Aviner's son, Daniel, who feels he is being ignored by his father, sets up his own business. But there is more at stake when trust and betrayal manifest and ambition fuels family rivalry and loyalty.
2 Mar. 2003
The Miracle Maker
14th century. England is in the midst of the Black Plague. Jess unexpectedly saves Morgan, a performer at a local market who is revealed to be a conman, selling fake potions to "cure" the plague from a heckling crowd. A crippled boy comes to Jess's aid and although Morgan and Jess are quarantined - Morgan discovers that miracles really can happen if he refrains from spreading false hope.
9 Mar. 2003
Heads You Lose
During the French Revolution, while working as a servant in the Chateau of Pierre Mandin in 1792 France, Jess is forced to help Pierre's buffoonish, drunken son, Phillipe. With the threat of the republicans increasing, Phillipe is disguised as a servant and Jess in turn is able to force Phillipe to see the world from another perspective.
16 Mar. 2003
The Runaway
1850. Jess befriends sixteen year old Samuel, who is expected to take over his dead father's job as the village baker. But Samuel dreams of travelling the world and 'being somebody'. When a minstrel troupe performs in the village square, Samuel takes the chance to run away with them. But will he achieve what he dreams of? Or even accept what he finds?
30 Mar. 2003
The Play's the Thing
A theatre company is visiting the small town of Woolaroo in 1920's Australia. They discover Jess stowing away in their coach, who explains that he wants to become an actor. The group recruits him to their company but when a Hollywood producer watches their show and is impressed by Jess's acting talents, bitter jealousy soon arises fueled by the melodramatic failed actor and theater manager.

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