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6 Oct. 2002
Temptation's Run
1888. Jess finds himself competing in a friendly race and interacting with the inhabitants of a small Gold Mining Community where he encounters Tugen, an innocent immigrant who dreams of winning the local school teacher's affections against all the odds. But something more malicious may be unfolding which requires Jess's intervention.
13 Oct. 2002
A Dream of Flying
Modern day. Following a crippling accident, Anna, a former teen horse riding prodigy, and her family visit a camping ground where Jess is working for the summer. Initially the two clash but eventually Jess and Anna become friends after Jess inspires her by showing that regardless of any situation, the future is always hopeful.
20 Oct. 2002
False Witness
1692. Jess arrives in New England where he works on a small farm and is caught in all the emotional entanglements associated with the jealousy and misunderstanding between a mother and daughter which leads to a sinister witch trial in the local township.
27 Oct. 2002
Friendly Islands
After being shipwrecked in 1770 in Tonga, a sick Jess is nursed back to health and becomes fascinated with the culture of the local tribe after befriending Tuku. But events take an unexpected turn when English missionaries arrive on the island preaching their interpretation of the word of God - which is misinterpreted
3 Nov. 2002
Gone Fishing
It's 1952. Cleaver Jackson, a short tempered company head forms an unlikely friendship with the new mail room boy, Jess, due to their mutual interest in fishing. But some others in the company, including Perdita, the attractive daughter of Cleaver, suspect that Jess has ulterior motives and is not solely interested in merely fishing
10 Nov. 2002
All That Glistens
Jess is working as a carpenter at a local school in 19th century West Coast USA. The community is suffering a boom bust situation following the end of the Gold Rush. Jess encounters two of the pupils being bullied and in an attempt to help, discovers that the children have been living alone after their mother died and their father resorted to alcoholism.
17 Nov. 2002
And Judas Had a Brother
53 A.D. Jess is employed as a cook at an orphanage. One of the orphans accidentally reveals that she and her sister are children of the rebel, Simon Avaran, and are being searched for by the Romans which places Jess in great danger as he tries to intervene.
24 Nov. 2002
Tomorrow Is Another Day
During his travels through Central America in 1580, Jess encounters an attractive native girl who seems to be drowning in a lake. He saves her life and although her family are grateful to Jess, others in the tribe are not so happy to see an unfamiliar face and are suspicious of a stranger. But all soon realize that they have more in common that unites them, rather than divides them.
1 Dec. 2002
Real Cool
1959. Jess is the new kid at the local High School in Midwest America. Prom is right around the corner and he's already impressing the teachers and students but has also gained the envy and jealousy of Danny, a sporting jock and the former top student at the school, who is also threatened by the flattering intentions Jess is receiving by the female pupils. Including Danny's girlfriend.
8 Dec. 2002
Incident at Whitewater
During the midst of the 1899 Boer War in South Africa, an unlikely bond is formed between Jess, two dehydrated British soldiers and a local farming family. The father, Pieter, is in dire need of help due to a severe leg injury and the soldiers are the only ones who can help. They arrived as enemies. But will they leave as friends?
15 Dec. 2002
The Prodigal
1850. The Wild West. On his travels, Jess crosses paths with a trouble-making thief, Aran. Although he has been betrayed, Jess feels sorry for Aran and accompanies him to his family's farm - where more surprises and family conflicts are in store.
22 Dec. 2002
Unfinished Business
Modern day. During an attempt to find sugar for his diabetic girlfriend, Greg, a 16 year-old star rugby player clashes with Carl, and they become entangled in a fist fight. Tragic news soon follows when Greg is told he will never play rugby again. He wants revenge. But Jess doesn't agree with his motives and attempts to persuade Greg to seek an alternative course of action.
29 Dec. 2002
Do Unto Others
1856. A Chinese store-owner and his grandson are being intimidated by a local gang of racist teenagers led by the bully, Tully. Jess intervenes but Tully is persistent and Jess looks for ways to insure Tully is taught a lesson he will never forget.

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