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  • "The Last Eve" is a film that takes the audience on an emotional adventure through history. In a way never before seen, the story of Eve is shown from front to back. We start in the future and ride all the way back to the loss of all innocence. Our ride through time shows us three greatly contrasting tales that in their own unique ways reveal the dark tragedy at the heart of all romance.



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  • If an unclassifiable genre-bending, time-travelling, religious epic with kick-ass Muay Thai fighting, sexy evil seductresses, severed genitals, planetary death by comet, kung-fu demons, and the baby Jesus shows up at our doorstep.

    Journeying backwards through history while telling, re-telling and re-imagining the story of Adam, Eve and that pesky snake (with a distinctively Buddhist spin on the proceedings - and New Testament quotations appear in a series of intertitles). The Last Eve consists of three contrasting tales (Eve's Secret, Cain & Abel, Snake's Temptation) which reveal the dark tragedies at the heart of all romance, the temptations of the flesh and the spirit, the loss of innocence - and amazingly choreographed old-school martial arts mayhem. Filmed in Death Valley and South Korea, Kang's film is (as you may imagine) quite a weird ride, and will surely find a cult following as it is seen more widely.

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