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NZ idol series 2 much better than the 1st
morningside4_life14 October 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Last year i wanted Michael Murphy to win but he was the only contestant i liked. this year the contestants have been more likable and *sorry* but more talented too. i agree with the top 10 chosen however i think Marcel and Saelyn should have made the cut and Shelly shouldn't have gotten into the top 10. first to go was Shelley Paikea(23) -judge Paul Ellis thought she got pity voted into the top 10.I agree. Second to leave was Keshia Paulse-20 it was a shock to us all. i didn't think she would win but i thought she'd go far. third to go was my favorite 17 year old Ashley Cooper. that was sad.the fourth to be eliminated was Fank Andrews-20, followed by the Mayhor of Mohaka Rongo Brightwell-17.The sixth contestant leaving the Idol stage would be wild card Teresa Bergman-18,seventh idol going home was another favorite Jesse O'Brien-27(I thought he was going to win.In the top three performance Steven Broad-19 got the boot. And then there were two Nik Carlson(26) from Masterton and Rosita Vai(24)from Auckland.The top two are singing head to head on Sunday the 16th of October followed by the results show Monday the 17th and there are going to be live broadcasts from the two remaining idols hometowns. So who will take home the crown this year? Smooth Dude Nik Carlson or Soul Diva Rosita Vai? My votes for Nik! More about the contestants- Shelley is a mother and was a Kapahaka member, Keshia loves the 1980s flick Dirty Dancing, Ashley watches Coronation Street, Frank and Steve love Ice Cream, Rongo loves pies, Teresa claimed she 'enjoyed' studying, Jesse's favorite meal is Ribs,Nik is a country music lover and Rosita has the same birthday as Angelina Jolie. What i personally think of the idols-Shelly didn't deserve to be in the top ten *sorry*,Keshia was very good but not my style, Ashley had an awesome voice and should have lasted a few more weeks, Frank had a good voice but wasn't my style, Rongo i didn't really like but he was OK, Teresa was an awesome solo performer but killed group numbers, Jesse was a Rock God and should have gotten to third place instead of Steve who was good but shouldn't have made it so far i think it was because he was the only contestant from the other island so he had the whole other island on his side, Nik I'm not the biggest fan of his voice but i want him to win *do it for Masterton Nik!* Rosiita has a good voice but i don't like it and never thought of it as the voice of new Zealand, too church choir group for my liking. Go Nik!
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NZ Idol is Back
dolheguy10 July 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Well NZ Idol is back and Jackie Clarke is the new judge for 2005 the second season and shes nicer then Fiona Mcdonald i hope the top 10 will be more successful this year well i saw the judges this year i sang Maggie from Foster and Allen and Paul said that thats more of a song that you sing in a group and were not looking for that so i have to say no and Frankie well he just said he didn't like it and Jackie said i gotta put more into it i just said thanks i wonder who is the next Ben Lummis or Michael Murphy i think Luke Whaanga and or Dave Houma should of won it i think some of the singers are so bad that they are funny and cant wait till the Finel
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Ah man!
ifeelpretty1710 May 2004
Oh man,how bad is this show?! I'm watching the finals right now,and after three months of this it has finally dawned on me that this show is not gonna get any better. I think I knew from the beginning that it wasn't gonna be as good at American and Australian Idol,but like the rest of the females in the country I just sucked it in and hoped it would get better. And worst of all,the judges don't conform to the convention of 'roles' of the Idol genre. Fiona is the meanie and Paul is sort of inarticulate. I didn't see anyone who had the charisma to be a great star. Sure some them could sing,but that's about all they had to offer and as we know a good voice is not all you need to make it in the music biz. Ooo,I gotta go-Robin's gonna perform now! I can't believe he got voted out,I honestly thought he was gonna win!

Hakuna Matata- Michael's gonna win! Go Michael!
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High Ratings
sdine01@hotmail.com4 February 2004
The first New Zealand Idol show did really well here, with about 1.1 million viewers (considering New Zealand doesn't have 4 million people this is good). The show was Ok although I thought they tended to show a lot more of the not-so-good singers rather than the ones that were actually talented. Hopefully the Auckland show will give us a better idea of the talent in New Zealand.
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