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Never gets old, never will.
movieaddict_82 January 2014
Warning: Spoilers
I'm going to go straight to the point, and say this is the most hilarious show I've ever seen. Michael's idiocy, and Jim's pranks on Dwight,and even Stanley's grumpiness is even hilarious! The show not only makes you laugh, there are some heartwarming moments, and there are some moments where you didn't see coming. And you know another way how 'The Office' is an fantastic show? The show was still good when Michael left! An huge part of The Office left, and it still was great! I've seen the ending of the office, and both times cried (And proudly so), because during the show, you fall in love with the characters, you relate to them. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, it's worth the 21 minutes.
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In the end, I'm really glad I took the time to watch the series in its entirety...
sportscarft27 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
For the past several months since I dropped my cable company and picked up Netflix I've been watching The Office. Practically everyday after work and after finishing what needed to be done I'd watch several episodes and have done so from start to finish. I have been captivated by every character and to watch their personalities develop I almost had to ask myself if this was really a TV series or a real documentary. Even though the characters were slightly dramatized, I had coworkers or friends that had similar traits to 'almost' all of them so that made it even more personal. Having just watched the last episode I was surprised on how sad I became to not be able to come home and see what new adventures the office was going to go through. The show was very captivating and really pulled you into their lives. I think the people that don't like the show probably didn't start from the beginning and only watched several episodes because, to be honest, after the first several episodes of the 1st season I was going to stop watching it but I'm glad I didn't.

Having watched a 9 year 'documentary' in several months really puts a perspective on life and just how short it is. Watching the last episode and seeing everyone's reaction to seeing each other again really hit home, and how you should appreciate the time you have because it goes by so fast. You could even see how the characters aged slightly over the years although the makeup probably made it seem less than it really was I would think.

In the end, I'm really glad I took the time to watch the series in its entirety...between the bouncing relationships, clever/brilliant pranks, it was all very enjoyable :)
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kellypaul11 May 2011
I'm from Scotland and loved the British "Office". But I adore the American version! Steve Carell leads a great cast and I'm not surprised it has lasted so long. I'm working my way through Series 3 and have series 4 and 5 to look forward to. It's amazing how much the writers can get into 20 minutes. I like it when there is a double episode. I too am so glad there is no laughter track (which has stopped me watching quite a few comedy shows). I have noticed in this third series that the camera can be very annoying when it whizzes from character to character - far too quickly. Completely unnecessary. Steve's "Michael" conveys so much about the character - he's full of himself but so vulnerable and anxious for friends. Rainn Wilson's "Dwight" is just brilliant. And I love the company name - "Dunder Mifflin"!
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The Office- The Best
itsmaryyyahx1228 March 2011
I do not have a single negative thing to say about The Office. It is by far my favorite show. I eagerly await a new episode every week.

All the unique characters have depth and are well developed.

As to all the people who don't like it because its based on the U.K. version, get over it. It has been taken to a completely different level. The characters in a spin off are not supposed to stay the exact same, otherwise a spin off would be pointless.

The characters are constantly evolving, and they are never constantly the protagonist or antagonist, so they are all at some point endearing. The characters are wonderfully bizarre yet real.

If you don't find this show funny, then you need to get a funny bone. Writers, keep em coming.
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My favourite sitcom EVER!!
nigeljoy23 August 2014
Honestly, I thought show as 'boring' even before I watched a single episode. Seriously, what interesting could happen in an office environment? I remember first scene I saw from this show. It was from an internet wallpaper with Michael Scott with a white board behind him saying "You miss 100% of the shots you don't take".

Then after years from that, I somehow started watching "The Office", I don't really remember why I did that. What I love most about this show is it's raw nature. The camera is kind of shaky yet still brings the best scenes...something that I had never seen before in a TV sitcom. It may seem less professional but adds real life, personal touch with the TV show and the characters in them.

Obviously, Michael Scott is one of my favourite character. Jim, Andy, Dwight, Pam, Erin, Kevin, Oscar, Angela, Creed and even the camera crew include in my favourite list.

What I learned from this show is that it's okay to be weird and different ,that you won't be welcomed as you wanted it to be ( remembering Michael Scott attempts ), that you can't wait and expect things to happen for you, that it's okay to be hated and feel hate to's all dependent on time. People change, feelings change, situations change. All you got to do is be yourself and be true to your heart and everything will fall into it's place.

I love every minute I spent on this show <3
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Bravo to the show and its creators.
gaurav-deshpande516 January 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Wow...I know I am probably quite late to this show..but really WOW...

First of all bravo to this wonderfully written and amazingly talented cast. I just finished watching the last season and and I am longing for more. Initially I kept away from this series watching the first season, somehow was not in favor for its recording style, what they call it as the mockumentary. But few weeks back running out of good shows to watch, I thought may be I should give it an another chance. And so GLAD I DID.. Am absolutely in love with this series, the characters, the writing, its a wholesome pack, especially the character played by Steve Carell - Michael Scott, man he is a pure genius. Steve Carell can take the scene from funny to palm face to pity in matter of seconds, he was like an emotional wheel.

Also the characters PAM, Jim, Dwight and Andy played respectively by Jenna Fischer,John Krasinski, Rainn Wilson and Ed Helms were the life of the show, even after Steve Carell left they managed to keep the show lifted and to its standard.

I am so glad I never saw the original UK series and now probably I would never end up watching it, for the pure reason of not to end judging either of the shows.

I think the two most emotional and heart touching moments were the one where Michael says goodbye and the second being the finale.

If I had to rate the top three episodes they would be:

1) Good bye Michael. Well this episode will make u leave a river of tears. What a well written episode,and a perfect way to say good bye to Steve Carell and his character Michael Scott.

2)Finale: Again wonderfully written, played with our emotions and brought all the memories of the shoe back.

3)Business school: I rate this episode merely for the scene at the art gallery where PAM was about to leave with her paintings and Micheal comes and appreciates her and her paintings for how good they were. I think that was an amazing Scene.
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well what can i say really!!
temporary_fault22 November 2009
This show really is outstanding, in fact its the only show i think i can rate as a 10.

From watching the original uk series back in 2001 on bbc TV, i never thought an American remake would stand any ground whatsoever. When the first series aired in the uk it did'nt really make its mark, and unfortunately never caught on. I was disappointed when it disappeared from our screens, and then quickly forgot about it. I thought it had 1 series and crashed and burned. Then one day i was checking out the reviews for evan almighty on IMDb and noticed that steve carel had still been making this show. I had to get hold of it and see it, And to my joy there was 5 series waiting for me. I never get into TV like i have done with this, i ended up watching 10 episodes in a day, i think i did all 5 series in just under 2 weeks. This show is funny, its acted brilliantly, its over the top, totally crazy but totally entertaining. If your ever down just bung on a couple episodes from good old dunder miflin in scranton and you cant go wrong.

Gervais said that 2 series of the office in the uk was enough. And that he did'nt want to take it further. I know he helps on the US version, and i sure he is surprised to see 6 series already of what i can only describe as the best American sitcom of all time!!
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They made the impossible
PauloNA17 April 2010
I watched the British version of The Office and became a fan - as almost everyone. So I decided to see if the American version was as good as the original. A doubt feeling emerged at the first episode, since I still was with the original - and awesome - characters in mind. They were not just funny, but peculiar, inimitable. I didn't let this impression ruin my experience, though. Gladly. The American version is obviously inspired in the British version, but they are not the same. Simple like this. The American characters are not mere counterparts of David, Tim, Gareth, Dawn... They are hole new versions of the kind of people we can easily find in any office. And equally inspired versions of these workers. Since I've lost several episodes when they aired for the first time, I'm now at the third season, and I will surely see all the episodes through the end. More than one time...
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wooxr_pt7 June 2010
I only started seeing this series on this year and i'm on the 6th season already. on the first season i couldn't understand how this could be a good series, the actors were charismatic and the acting were very good but there was almost no story that i could follow and Michael seemed like a very hateable person. on the second season things started to pick up a bit but nothing so special. from the third season to the sixth i got completely hooked because after all there is a story to follow, a very interesting one, and Michael is in fact a genius and that is more evident on the fifth and sixth seasons. if someone believes that Michael does something that goes against the objectives that he has inside the company (even if a lot of times it seems that he does), i'm sure that that person isn't really understanding what's the main philosophy behind Michael's character. it took me 3 seasons to understand Michael Scott and it was because of that, that i didn't liked the series very much, after that, i loved it, and it's my favorite series now. When you do understand all the characters, besides being very entertaining and delightful to watch, it is going to blow your mind sometimes.
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Surpasses the brilliant original.
yfguitarist15 January 2007
After reading all of the horrible reviews coming from the UK, I felt the strong desire to comment. I learned that most of the reviewers bashing it have only seen a few (at most) episodes from the first season - many haven't seen it at all, and are simply bashing it because of an overwhelming sense of pride in the original. I'd be surprised if this review isn't skimmed over and marked unhelpful by them. Obviously I'm not speaking to all the British, but the majority that unfairly judge this show with little to no basis in the truth.

This whole fanaticism is juvenile and petty. The casts of the US and UK versions love each show. Ricky Gervais even wrote and executive produced a few episodes of the US version. Open your minds, people! Most of the US fans KNOW that it's based on a British version. It has gotten the credit it deserves for being a brilliant and hilarious show.

But the American version is also brilliant and hilarious. I've read comments ranging from 'bad acting' to 'direct copy', neither of which are true. The first season may have had its borrowed bits, but that was to get it on its feet. The second and third seasons have proved that it is a show entirely on its own, with scenarios and characters having NOTHING to do with the UK version at all. The acting is just as convincing and real as the UK version.

I've even read that Michael Scott is devoid of David Brent's humanity! In actuality, Michael Scott is shown as far more human than David Brent, who was more manipulative (albeit, poorly) and heartless. The US version still has the cruel elements of the UK version, but it balances these awkward, painful moments with tender, human moments, which makes it more enjoyable and watchable.

As for the humor, each show has its own moments of subtlety, detail, absolutely outrageous moments, awkwardness, pain, cuteness, ridiculousness, and vulgarity. The UK version was groundbreaking. But instead of blindly basing your opinions on bias and arrogance, see the US version for what it is - a brilliant, brighter version that, in its first season, simply used the framework of the original (the characters and basic situations) to get started with.

This is the funniest, smartest American television show in recent history besides Arrested Development. Not since Seinfeld has a show made me laugh so hard and smile so much. These three shows get better with each viewing and are great because there's so many levels of humor, from the apparent outrageousness to the minute details that are noticed after repeated viewings and are often funnier than the surface material.
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A pleasant surprise....six years later.
inkster-98 March 2010
I am a huge fan of the British version of the Office. I remember looking forward to the American version when it first came out and being disappointed immediately to the point that I refused to watch it after the first episode. Almost 6 years later I gave it another go as people were telling me that it was actually quite good. I took the advice that I should start from season 2. This time around I enjoyed it more and gradually warmed to the characters that were basically copies of the British version. I can't believe that I would ever say this, but this show is as good as the British version. The bonus is that there is a lot more of it. It was certainly a knee-jerk reaction to give up on it so quickly, but it seems that a lot of people did. The Jim/Pam relationship is a clone of Tim and Dawn, but some of the pranks that they play on Dwight(Gareth in British version) are quite brilliant. There are certainly differences between the two versions, but generally the American version stays fairly true to the original.

If you loved the original, definitely give this a go.
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The Best Show of All Time
J49afc13 April 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Where do I begin on this wonderful show?

A mockumentary on a group of people working 9-5 jobs in an office seems, on paper, extremely boring and lackluster. The Office however is quite the opposite. It is this relatability- the fact that the characters are ordinary people with ordinary jobs- that forms a personal connection with the viewer and makes it seem as if you know Jim, Stanley and Phyllis in real life.

It does however mix this with outlandishness in the form of, for me the two best characters in the show, Michael and Dwight. Dwight's eccentric behaviour and Michael's frequent shenanigans and misquotes never fail to entertain. Equally entertaining are Jim's pranks on Dwight.

The show is hilarious even without a laugh track- the perfectly written jokes, conveyed by clever camera movements and frequent fourth wall breaks (mainly by Jim), generate laughter without the use of a can.

Despite the shows hilarity, it does throw up some incredibly moving human moments, mainly from the Jim and Pam story, which still remains as my favourite part of the show. A simple story about friends with crushes on each other goofing around at work, throw in a few genuinely heartwarming moments and you have, what I believe is the best romance story of all time. The romantic tension between the two is the key reason the early seasons are so great and watchable.

So many important Jim and Pam scenes are what I consider the best moments in the show- the 'Dundies' episode, the 'Casino Night' scene, the 'Weight Loss' proposal scene and especially when they are wedded in 'Niagara'. By far the most poignant scene and my personal favourite moment of the entire show is the final scene of the season 3 finale 'The Job'. To see Jim and Pam overcome the odds and finally get together is a really satisfying moment.

The fact episodes are 20 minutes long means episodes never drag and you never find yourself bored or burned out when binging The Office, as I so often do- it perfectly encapsulates the saying 'quality over quantity'.

Whilst season one is admittedly a slow burner, the producers clearly learned their lesson when making seasons two, three and four. All of the jokes hit their mark and it does throw up some heartwarming and genuine moments. Hilarious, yet equally moving- in my opinion, some of the best television ever made.

The Office does however slightly tail off towards the end, with seasons 8 and 9 being the weakest seasons. Losing comedic genius Steve Carell at the end of season 7 was a major blow for the show as it meant losing one of the main sources of entertainment- Michael Scott. However, these seasons were still solid overall and provided hilarious and amazing moments albeit more sparsely when comparing them to earlier seasons.

The one saving grace from losing the character Michael Scott was his send off. Series 7, episode 17, 'Threat Level Midnight' is undoubtedly the best episode of the entire show. It's hilariously funny and overall a lot of fun. Seeing the cast act as characters acting as other characters shows the talent of the show's cast. By contrast, the episode 'Goodbye Michael' is one of the saddest moments of the show. A great send off for a great character did what little other television shows or films manage to do- put a tear in my eye.

Despite The Office's weaker finish, the Finale was nothing short of perfect. It tied together the show perfectly with the characters reminiscing about 9 years of their lives together before going their separate ways. It too left me reminiscing about the time I had spent following the lives of Kelly, Kevin, Meredith, Oscar and the other employees of Dunder Mifflin and thinking about how I'd never see them again. It is the relatability with these characters that really made me feel like I was giving my final goodbyes to friends I was never going to see again. This accompanied with Creed's song, footage from earlier seasons, poignant closing quotes from Pam, Creed and Andy and the final shot of the Dunder Mifflin building meant I did something a television show or film had definitely never made me do before- cry floods of tears. And this has happened every one of the 4 times I have rewatched this glorious show. It was the perfect end to the perfect show.

I would love to be patriotic and stick up for Ricky Gervais' attempt at an office mockumentary but I find it very hard to when this show smashes it out of the park in every way possible. There aren't enough superlatives to use and there isn't enough time to write about how great this show is and why I love it so much.

The Office has made me happy, sad, laugh and cry simultaneously. When I'm sad, I put on The Office. When I'm bored, I put on The Office. Whenever I watch it, it never fails to put a smile on my face. I am forever grateful to Michael Schur, Greg Daniels and the entire cast and crew for creating such a wonderful show. Quite simply, my favourite TV show of all time.
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British Haters
steven-elia5 March 2010
Stop with the nonsense. This show is hilarious. If they used the same cast or facsimiles of them, it wouldn't be a remake. It would be the British version. I've seen both versions, and each has its own charm, style, and tense scenarios. Ricky Gervais, who created the series, is a co-producer and writes some episodes, which is ironic considering he took the biggest part in the first, three episodes (to get it off its feet) and they have been trashed the most.

It's clear that Steve C. (I don't want to butcher the spelling of his last name) either took tips from Ricky Gervais or studied his performance. They even readjust their tie the same way. Albeit, the first two seasons were a little weak as the show gained steam and attempted to match its predecessor, but that's no reason to shrug it off. From the third season onward, the "American" Office has come into its own with story lines that introduced new characters and shook the formula of a nerdy boy awkwardly pining for a pretty girl.

Every fan should be happy to have new episodes of a great show that would otherwise be off the air. For a true fan of the Office that should be enough, but since it's labeled "American" some immediately set out to find the wrong. Cheers to the people that were capable of giving the remake a chance and didn't base their opinion on what country it's filmed in. All I ask of those whom originally ripped the "American" version is to go online and watch the seasons with Ed Helms as Andy, a kiss-ass with anger management issues. The feud with Dwight and he (once the branches merge) has become my favorite storyline of the show, culminating in a duel. It's classic.
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Blasphemy! A Brit who likes this version as much as the original!
rebel6612 January 2007
As a fan of the original "Office" I was, of course, skeptical about the American remake. We have many shining beacons to shows that have bombed badly when transferred across the ocean. However, pinch me I must be dreaming, this version of the show is actually very good. I should also point out that I'm British and, as blasphemous as it might be to my fellow countrymen, I believe that the US version to be every bit as good as the original with excellent casting and smart writing throughout.

The first season was a little spotty, especially when translating the British show verbatim. However, once the writers came up with original story lines and situations the, American, office really took off. The second season was an incredible achievement and is just carrying on where it left off in the third season.

Steve Carell is well suited to the role of Micheal Scott, lending his character a certain pathetic quality that even Gervais's David Brent did not have at times. The supporting cast is equally as good, especially Rainn Wilson as the assistant (to the) general manager, Dwight Shrute. Wilson deserved, at least, an Emmy nomination for his troubles.

If you dismiss the show out of hand then you will definitely be missing out on one of the best shows on TV right now.
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Not as bad as I thought it would be, but...
sourcery-124 March 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When I found out that they were making an American version of The Office, one of the most heart-stoppingly good situation comedies, I thought, "Why?" I thought that it would be simply awful, like many Americanised shows. I found a link for the Myspace pilot. I started it, and it actually wasn't too bad. It really wasn't. I really enjoyed it. It was really good. One of the funniest bits was where Mr. Brown got the little card that said "black" (I won't go further than that, and the show didn't go too far into that anyways, but it was really funny just seeing that). To be honest, it was one of the most excellent Americanisations of a British shows. There were some great moments, like the east Indian woman coming back into the room and the boss going "Hallo! Welcom to my stor! Vuld yu like sum gooki-gooki? Tri my gooki-gooki!".

However, I felt much of the time that the characters were rather lifeless. You couldn't really feel for them. They weren't as deep or real as the original BBC characters, to whom you could relate even if you'd never been in an office. The boss just wasn't good enough for what the original set the bar as (the David Brent character going down in history as "most annoying boss"), although he tries, really hard. One never really gets into Jim, who was originally Tim (good one, NBC). Pam (aka Dawn) isn't quite as well-played as Dawn's character. And the hideous syncophant (Gareth) has been replaced by a simply-annoying Dwight.

But what really makes the show a lifeless slug is the running time, which is barely twenty minutes. The whole thing seems far too rushed, and there just isn't enough material to satisfy the typical BBC-Office-watcher. The jokes aren't quite as good as the original, and there are so few of them. The pilot never really goes into anything, although the real show may prove different. However, a good feature in The Office is that NBC didn't spring for a laugh track, which would've ruined the show.

All in all, The Office is a feeble shadow of its British counterpart, but it still manages to please.
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Humour is a funny thing . . .
BobbyUK18 June 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Admittedly I absolutely adore the UK version (got both seasons on DVD) so was intrigued to find out what the US were capable of and, as of yet, only got to see the first three episodes of the US version.

First the good points, the US version avoided the laughter track (which would have been the kiss of death) and still retained the dodgy camera-work (some people who hated this style seem to misunderstand that the comedy is supposed to reflect a fly-on-the-wall documentary and slick camera work is not a priority). At least, to some extent or other, the show retains some integrity to the original.

However, I think one of the differences of the two shows (comparing is inevitable sorry)is how human these characters are. They are clearly flawed characters trying to get through life which gives an understanding as to why they are who they are. See, in the UK version of The Office, despite the ego and the manipulation you can almost feel the amount of pain David Brent goes through in his effort to impress people and feel comfortable being himself in his own skin. We can see Gareth Keenan's social inability and how his botched attempts at frustrated flirting end up as sexual harassment, Dawn Tinsley's stoic long-suffering, unsatisfying love-life and unfulfilled ambitions and Tim Canterbury's lack of confidence and fear of change to push forward to try and better himself are all poignantly on show in very subtle ways.

The US version seemed to reduce itself to a set of stock characters. For example, Michael looks too conventional and his part is played too one-dimensionally for his role to work so he appears just stupid and nerdish rather than looking beyond the eager to please ego to find a man constantly seeking validation underneath the delusions of grandeur. Jim seemed far too cool and confident and in control of his surroundings to really endure the pangs of anxiety when office chaos occurs and Dwight just seems like a nasty piece of work as with Gareth you could tell he was overcompensating for his own insecurities. Yes, different shows perhaps but some things needed to stay the same for the humour to work.

I also think the Pam/Jim romance was overdeveloped too soon. There didn't appear to be internal struggles going on between them so when they were to realise each other's feelings for each other the pay-off would be considerably smaller (in the first episode alone Pam was humorously embarrassed by Jim's ability to guess her favourite yoghurt flavour - corny at best, lol).

The fact that the US actors seem like they are acting badly rather than normal everyday people acting up in front of the camera doesn't go in it's favour either.

The UK version thrived on the fact that you were going to feel very uncomfortable watching the show, that was the genius behind it. The long protracted silences, the embarrassing events, the over-inflated egos getting their bubble's pricked time and time again all completely lost in the US version. The pace was also deliberately quickened too (probably to keep time with adverts) so hitting the pain barrier was kept to a minimum and therefore the effect was lost. It gives me the impression that the US producers were scared that if it got too uncomfortable to watch that the audience couldn't handle it and therefore would be turned off...a shame really.

All in all, at least the US are attempting to make a show that isn't frightened to deal with everyday average people in an everyday environment but it has a long way to go yet. I still can't decide whether we English overall are too sadistic as a nation or whether the Americans have accepted mawkish sentimentality as the norm but one thing for sure, this show in both versions displays how a situation can be interpreted in two entirely different ways by two totally different countries.
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My Favorite TV Show
franciscoraposo7219 November 2011
Warning: Spoilers
This is not just a funny TV show, it's my favorite TV show. Steve Carell is awesome and super funny, Rainn Wilson too, Jonh Krasinsky is very good as an actor and Jenna Fisher has a very interesting character. If you watch just an episode, you might think the show is a bit boring, but if you watch five more episodes, you're going to love it, that's was exactly what happened to me, in every episode there's always something amazing, someone's birthday, a romance, a problem to be fixed but there is no episode that I don't laugh about something, this TV show is a fake documentary, what makes the show even more funny. There's a lot of good actors in this show and all the episodes are funny and entertaining, this is definitely my favorite TV show and by the way, watch Dwight (Rainn Wilson) fake crying in the episode that Jim (Jonh Krasinski) leaves.
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A Highly Unique, Original Series
t-dog81 April 2010
With so many jobs taking place in office buildings, this television series that is based on the Ricky Gervais created BBC series, takes aim at that and other aspects of the modern American workplace. Steve Carrell leads a large cast of talented actors that succeed in creating a smart, silly comedy that works.

Carrell is Michael Scott, the dim-witted boss of paper company Dunder Mifflin's Scranton, Pennsylvania branch. Rainn Wilson is Scott's odd second in command Dwight Shrute, a man who prides himself on knowledge of survival techniques and bears. Jim Krasinski is Jim Halpert, a salesman who has a crush on Pam(Jenna Schafer), the receptionist. These are only a few of the major characters in the ongoing, hilarious saga of Scranton at work.

Several story lines can take place in the course of a single episode, giving the show more chances at laughs. In one episode, for example, there are conflicts between members of the Party Planning Committee, Michael's usual antics of procrastination, and the secrets of two characters's affair. These just make the show more original than ones that have a single narrative.

Funny and intelligent, The Office is one brilliant spoof you should not miss.
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Give this a chance
PencilNeckedGeek30 March 2005
I haven't seen the British show upon which this is based, so I'm daring to judge this show by its own merits.

Boy, do I like it. This is the best mockumentary comedy since The Larry Sanders Show. Steve Carell is fantastic, and everything is wonderfully underplayed. I just worry that the show is too intelligent for American audiences, and won't last long as a result.

I'm hoping the network will foster this one like Fox has with Arrested Development, pushing it where it can, not expecting big audiences right off the bat, and allowing it to grow. I doubt if the show will grow beyond a cult hit, but hopefully that will be enough to keep it on the air for at least a few years.
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Great as usual
pushearth25 September 2010
You cant compare UK version with US version. they are completely different. If you liked the UK Office it doesn't mean you will like the US show. The first season of US version can be compared to the English version because they were trying to use the same formula, but they couldn't do it well enough. From season 2 they reinvented the whole thing and did a completely new show, totally different from the original.

So if you like season 2 of US Office you will like all following seasons just the same. My favorite season is the fourth but that doesn't mean the others are not as good.
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Loved this more than than the British version
SkayM872 April 2014
As a Brit and a massive fan of the British version of The Office, I was very apprehensive about watching the US version. After watching it in its entirety, I can now say how much of an idiot I was, to be so sceptical.

The Office is just fantastic! The casting, the dialogue, the script, the character development... I cannot fault any of it! Best of all it had me in stitches! I loved every single episode and even cried a few times along the way. It's just brilliant.

Even though I didn't want to series to end and will miss not watching any further Office shenanigans, I think it was the right time for it to finish.

I would definitely recommend this to any apprehensive Brits out there! You don't know what you're missing!!!!
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Really guys?
rmestas13 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
Usually I don't feel compelled to comment on these things but I just had to say that most of the people I saw who left negative comments on this show only watched ONE episode! The first episode wasn't my favorite. But you become attached to the characters so quickly! It is hard to say that Michael is just an idiot, he has so much heart and just wants to be loved. I don't care what anyone says, Dwight is hilarious. And the show can be so easy to relate to sometimes. Don't tell me you have never had your Jim or your Pam. I mean, there are so many human moments that sometimes it leaves me feeling emotional (though they are rarer). And it definitely has its uncomfortable moments (especially when Toby starts to get creepy). There is so much good to this show, and it is so unlike so many of the terrible shows out there. I can understand loyalty, and I know America and Britain are different countries. But if you get past the FIRST episode and really give it a chance, there is a lot to love here! I have never seen the original Office, and I intend to watch it someday. And I promise I will keep an open mind.
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The Best Tv Show I Have Ever Seen.
jake-2051121 October 2019
This is THE best show I have ever watched. Period. It's hilarious, heartwarming, and unbelievably addictive. It left me satisfied and smiling (that's what she said.).
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Truly Magical.
Konp17 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I was introduced to this show while i was bored at night and as i was bored, I opened the the television to look for something that will pass my time. I switched channels until i came across "The Office". I've seen a random episode, it made me laugh, and the rest is history.

"The office" talks about the every day lives of employers in an office which works for the Dunder Mifflin paper company. It is being shot by an documentary staff that want to record the lives of the American people who works in an office, which make it shot as a mockumentary.

The first season is fine, I admit it wasn't very fun to watch, but luckily it's only 6 episodes. Season two to season nine was the best thing i have ever seen. The show is full full of humor that you don't hear every day, and that's why it make "The office" such a great show. Besided the humor, the show made me very emotional in particular episodes even though it wasn't really that sad, for instance when Jim finds out that Michael leaves a day before he said he would. I was crying even though it wasn't that sad.

All the fictional characters are so fun to watch and make you feel empathy to them. Even though the actors aren't really famous, they act so good that it made me feel The show "The office" is a real thing and they are really selling paper. A great example for that is the relationship between Jim and Pam which is truly beautiful, romantic and so realistic that it makes you wonder if they are married in real life.

The show is truly magical and makes you feel you're part of it, very fun to watch and I recommend to watch it. 10/10
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One of the All-Time Greats
ernorman11 August 2014
Warning: Spoilers
The Office is one of those shows that will make you laugh, make you cry, and make you fall in love with each and every character along the way. From Michael Scott (Steve Carell), the complicated, attention-craving, naive manager to Dwight Schrute (Rainn Wilson), the tenacious, sci-fi watching, beet farming, top salesman to the timeless love story that Jim and Pam (John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer) share, there is no limit to the magic this show has created.

The Office takes one of the most common places, the workplace, and transforms it into a melting pot of a show that everyone can find a way to relate to. The way the characters grow and their relationships evolve is the core of the series. Much of that can be attributed to fantastic writing throughout the series. The acting is also superb, led by Steve Carell as Michael Scott. The brilliance of the show is that you are able to see yourself in every character.
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