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Celebrate Ed Helm's Birthday with His Best Andy Bernard Moments from The Office

Celebrate Ed Helm's Birthday with His Best Andy Bernard Moments from The Office
It's the Nard dog! Today is Ed Helm's birthday and we're celebrating the actor by throwing back to the best moments from his days as Andy Bernard on The Office. From the early days of needing anger management to the later episodes when he was the regional branch manager, his character was one of the funniest on the show, as these moments prove. Pretty soon, Office diehards will be able to watch all of the seasons of the series when it streams on the upcoming NBC service, Peacock. Fans of The Office will also rejoice since alum Mindy Kaling is producing an original show for the streaming service called Expecting as well. The show surrounds a fiercely independent but perpetually...
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The Office: 10 Hilarious Pam Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Pam Beesly is one of the fan-favorite characters of the brilliant American sitcom The Office. Pam started out as a timid receptionist who wasn't really fond of her job neither her quirky boss Michael Scott. But she eventually switched her working position a few times and also found (hopefully) the love of her life in her co-worker and friend Jim Halpert.

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Not bad for a girl who was once afraid to speak for herself. And while Pam may not be so good at trolling people like Jim, she had had her fair share of funny moments... and also super funny memes.
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Jim Jefferies-Suzanne Martin Comedy, Justin Spitzer’s ‘American Auto’ Get NBC Pilot Orders

  • Deadline
NBC has given pilot green light to two comedies, multi-camera Jefferies, starring Jim Jefferies, from the stand-up comedian, writer-producer Suzanne Martin and Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner’s Hazy Mills; and single-camera American Auto, from Superstore creator Justin Spitzer and Aaron Kaplan’s Kapital Entertainment. Both projects hail from Universal Television where Hazy Mills and Spitzer are under overall deals.

Jefferies and American Auto both had a put pilot commitment at NBC — six years apart. Jefferies was pitched this past fall, while Spitzer and Kaplan originally teamed up and sold American Auto to NBC in 2013. The script did not go to pilot back then, and Spitzer went on to create another single-camera blue-color workplace comedy series for the network, hit Superstore, now in its fifth season. With Spitzer stepping down as Superstore showrunner last summer to focus on development under his Universal TV overall deal, he and Kaplan took a new stab at American Auto,
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Comcast Strategy Sees Streaming Cash Boosting All Ships

  • Deadline
Comcast brass made the bold claim that it is better positioned to push ahead in streaming than any other in the world as it leverages its newly announced Peacock service with divisions across the board, and that’s good news for linear TV too.

Peacock’s ability to tap resources from wireless, cable and broadcast, distribution, programming, tech and international through Sky means, “We could make more money in streaming than anyone else,” insisted chairman-ceo Brian Roberts on Thursday during a conference call with analysts after fourth-quarter earnings.

To start, Comcast will be tying Peacock, which unspools in April, to renewal talks with Mvpd players — and said that there are a lot of deals coming up for renewal.

Peacock revenue, Roberts said, will provide a stream of cash that will make more funds available for linear television.

“It will mean more money for the TV ecosystem [and] to invest in linear systems,
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The Office: 10 Things About the Relationships That Haven’t Aged Well

The relationships on The Office were central to the show and its success. Many of the romantic couples in the series made viewers feel quite invested in the story. Jim and Pam were loved by many fans and definitely kept people interested and rooting for them. There were also many other couples such as Michael and Holly and Dwight and Angela that people were invested in. However, when looking back at the show, there are some rather troubling things about many of these relationships.

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Here are the ten things about the relationships from The Office that haven’t aged well.
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10 Funniest Songs From TV Shows, Ranked

Original music and musical moments have been a part of television for decades. Whether the song is featured in a musical-themed episode or used as a plot device, they are always a treat to hear. However, not all comedic songs are jams, and some are either funnier than others or just better-written songs.

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Unfortunately, there are just too many hilarious songs featured on television, and some did not make the cut, including 30 Rock’s “Werewolf Bar Mitzvah” and The Office’s “That One Night." The songs included on this list are not only funny, but they are also catchy musical masterpieces, and some may even make you cry. Here are the 10 funniest songs in television, ranked.
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‘Little America’ Creators on Bringing Life to a New American Dream

  • The Wrap
In the episode of the Apple TV+ anthology series “Little America” written by creators Lee Eisenberg, Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, a man goes to battle with a really, really big rock.

Aptly titled “The Rock,” the episode centers on Faraz, an Iranian man who buys a plot of land in Yonkers with big dreams of building his family a house, only to find that removing the giant rock that sits on the land is a far bigger challenge than he’d expected. It’s an intensely idiosyncratic story — the man also sells quail eggs and keeps bees and teaches rollerblading lessons on the side — but one that the creators hope can speak to something bigger.

“This guy wanted to own a piece of America,” Nanjiani said in an interview with TheWrap. “And he gets this place that has a massive rock on it, and then he has to
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Netflix Executive Team Shrugs Off ‘Friends’ Exit: Impact Is “Nothing We Can See”

  • Deadline
Netflix Executive Team Shrugs Off ‘Friends’ Exit: Impact Is “Nothing We Can See”
The high-profile departure of Friends from Netflix after its run as one of the most-watched shows on the streaming service elicited shrugs from the company’s management team during their fourth-quarter earnings interview Tuesday.

Asked by Michael Morris, the Guggenheim Securities analyst who moderated the earnings interview, whether the show’s exit had affected user engagement, head of content Ted Sarandos replied, “Nothing we can see or we can measure.”

The comment came after the company reported a rise of 8.8 million global subscribers in the fourth quarter. Friends officially went dark on Netflix on January 1 and will resume streaming in the U.S. in May when WarnerMedia launches its subscription streaming entrant, HBO Max.

As the streaming competition intensifies, many analysts and media observers point to avid viewing of titles like The Office, Friends and Gray’s Anatomy — all of which are of leaving Netflix — and questioned how the company will cope.
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The Making of ‘Little America’

The Making of ‘Little America’
The anthology series Little America has turned out to be both the first great new show of 2020 and the first great series from AppleTV+. Across its eight-episode first season (Apple has already ordered a second), the series follows immigrants from all over the world as they experience America in different ways, with stories as apt to generate smiles as well as tears.

One of the key creative forces on the series is Lee Eisenberg, who in his days writing for The Office shared responsibility, ironically, for some of that show’s darkest episodes,
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ABC Orders Western Comedy Pilot From Sherry Bilsing-Graham, Ellen Kreamer

  • Variety
ABC has handed out their first comedy pilot order of the 2020-2021 season.

ABC has ordered the single-cam project “Prospect.” It is described as a comedic western about an idealistic young woman who moves to the frontier to be a schoolteacher. Her ideals are quickly tested when she learns that her students are rowdy ranch hands, not children.

“Prospect” hails from the team of Sherry Bilsing-Graham and Ellen Kreamer. Both will serve as writers and executive producers, with Randall Einhorn attached to direct the pilot and executive produce. ABC Studios, where Bilsing-Graham and Kreamer and Einhorn are currently under overall deals, will produce.

Bilsing-Graham and Kreamer have previously worked together on shows such as “Friends,” “Joey,” “The New Adventures of Old Christine,” “Trial and Error,” and “American Housewife.” They also co-created the Fox series “I Hate My Teenage Daughter.”

Einhorn has previously directed multiple episodes of “The Office,” “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia,
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After Life: Tony’s 10 Best Insults From Season 1

Actor and comedian Ricky Gervais teamed up with Netlfix and released After Life back in March of 2019. The story of a widower, we see Tony (Gervais) try to get on with life after his wife Lisa died from cancer. Tony is filled with pain and is dealing with his grief in the form of anger.

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Normally a funny man (according to his deceased wife), Tony hilariously spews insults left and right. His cruel words seem offputting to the people he's throwing them at but they're absolutely entertaining for viewers. Keep scrolling to see 10 of Tony's best insults.
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The Office: 10 Hilarious Jim Memes Only True Fans Will Understand

Jim Halpert, played by the American actor John Krasinski, is one of the most beloved characters appearing in the legendary sitcom The Office. Playing Jim for nine whole seasons brought Krasinski to stardom, and for a good reason. His Jim is charming, funny, intelligent and he has just the right amount of sarcasm in him to make him very relatable.

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Plus, he truly hates his job which is a feeling a lot of people share with him and can relate to. Almost everybody has worked a boring and unfulfilling job at one point in their life. However, Jim has managed to make even his work look cool. And even though The Office has already ended, these memes are helping to keep it alive in our minds and hearts.
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It's Rainn Wilson's Birthday! Celebrate With His Funniest Dwight Schrute Moments from The Office

It's Rainn Wilson's Birthday! Celebrate With His Funniest Dwight Schrute Moments from The Office
It is your birthday. Today, Rainn Wilson turns 54 years old and we're celebrating the actor with our all-time favorite Dwight Schrute moments from The Office. While every day is a great day for watching one of our favorite sitcoms, it's an especially great time to get excited about the show since it will be on NBC's newly announced streaming service Peacock! We can't believe it's been nearly seven years since the show ended, since it still feels like just yesterday that we were watching Jim Halpert and Dwight's latest prank war, but we're glad that all of our favorite episodes will be on the new streamer. Fans of The Office will also rejoice since...
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2020 SAG Awards TV report: ‘Maisel,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Fosse/Verdon’ lead with 2 victories each

2020 SAG Awards TV report: ‘Maisel,’ ‘Game of Thrones’ and ‘Fosse/Verdon’ lead with 2 victories each
The 26th Annual Screen Actors Guild Awards aired Sunday, Jan. 19, honoring acting and stunt achievements in film and television in 2019. And after two straight years with a host, the two-hour show, produced by four-time SAG Award winner Sean Hayes and Todd Milliner, went back to a hostless ceremony this year.

Nominations were determined by the nominating committee — about 2,500 randomly selected members of SAG-aftra every year — and all 121,000 members of the union, which now includes radio and TV personalities, and other media professionals in addition to actors after the 2012 AFTRA merger, are eligible to vote for the winners.

While the SAG Awards are a major precursor to the Oscars on the film side, it was the last stop for most TV folks, whose awards season began at the Emmys in September. “The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,” which swept the SAG Awards last year, had a field-leading four nominations. “Fleabag” had three bids
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Apple Unveils First British Scripted Original, Imelda Staunton & Rafe Spall Relationship Comedy ‘Trying’

  • Deadline
Apple Unveils First British Scripted Original, Imelda Staunton & Rafe Spall Relationship Comedy ‘Trying’
Apple has officially unveiled its first British scripted original, a relationship comedy starring Harry Potter’s Imelda Staunton and Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom’s Rafe Spall.

The Svod service is set to globally premiere the eight-part series on Friday May 1.

The half-hour comedy has been rumored in the UK for over six months and has regularly been referred to by its working title of Alabama.

Spall plays Jason, while Cuckoo star Esther Smith, best known for starring in the Harry Potter and the Cursed Child play, stars as his partner Nikki. The pair want a baby. But it’s the one thing they just can’t have. Staunton also stars in the series, which was written by new writer Andy Wolton, whose credits include animated series The Amazing World of Gumball and Channel 4’s Lookalikes.

It is produced by BBC Studios, which has previously produced The Office and The Thick Of It
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A Quiet Place 3 Might Be On The Cards Says John Krasinski

“Your father will always protect you. Your father will always protect you. Always.”

Named as Rotten Tomatoes’ best-reviewed horror movie in 2018, A Quiet Place was nothing short of a monumental success for writer-director-actor, John Krasinski. With a huge box office haul of over $340 million, off a budget of around only $20 million, it’s clear why a sequel was ultimately greenlit by Paramount.

And with A Quiet Place: Part II on track for its scheduled March 20th release, questions have now arisen regarding a third outing in the critically acclaimed science fiction horror series. Interestingly, The Office star – who co-wrote and directed the first duo of flicks – says he’s open to the idea of A Quiet Place 3.

Courtesy of Total Film, Krasinski explained that he “set up a couple of tiny Easter eggs” in A Quiet Place: Part II that “would allow for more mythology” and a possible third movie.
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The Office: The Worst Things The Women Of Dunder Mifflin Ever Did

The characters on The Office often get up to a lot of inappropriate and unprofessional things while at work as well as outside of it. These characters are often over the top, with a few who are more realistic and normal, and this leads to a lot of hilarious situations. While most of the main characters are men, so they often get talked about as doing some pretty bad things, the women of Dunder Mifflin also have their bad moments.

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Here are the ten worst things that the women of Dunder Mifflin did.
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Coming to ‘Little America’, As Told By the Apple TV+ Anthology’s Executive Producers

  • Indiewire
Coming to ‘Little America’, As Told By the Apple TV+ Anthology’s Executive Producers
Debuting today, Apple TV+’s latest original offering is the eight-episode anthology series “Little America.” Based on the first-person photo essay feature of the same name from Epic Magazine, “Little America” is a slice of life series that dramatizes real-life immigrant stories. As Apple TV+ describes it, the series goes beyond current events headlines “to look at the funny, romantic, heartfelt, inspiring and unexpected lives of immigrants in America, at a time when their stories are more relevant than ever.”

Born out of an idea from showrunner and executive producer Lee Eisenberg, “Little America” is also executive produced by Alan Yang, Kumail Nanjiani (“The Big Sick”), Emily V. Gordon (“The Big Sick”), and Epic Magazine co-founders Joshuah Bearman and Joshua Davis. How it all came to screen is a tale of how personal histories inevitably intertwine with projects that most resonate with creatives.

“I’ve been a writer for, might as well say 17 years,
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Why Peacock’s Bet on Ad-Supported Streaming Could Be Genius Move

  • The Wrap
NBCUniversal’s new Peacock streaming service is still months away from its attempt to win over viewers in an increasingly saturated streaming market, but it’s already made a strong first impression with Wall Street analysts. Peacock, which NBCU execs like chairman Steve Burke unveiled Thursday at its 30 Rockefeller Plaza headquarters in New York, will launch on April 15 for Comcast Xfinity X1 and Flex subscribers, before rolling out nationwide on July 15 — about a week before the 2020 Tokyo Olympics kick off. NBCUniversal unveiled a deluge of shows and films — both original and classic — that will be available on the platform at launch, and in the year to come. Old titles such as “The Office,” “Parks and Recreation” and “Battlestar Galactica,” as well as new revivals like the “Saved by the Bell” and “Punky Brewster” were already known. What has analysts especially intrigued, though, is Peacock’s multi-pronged pricing structure. A free option,
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Director John Krasinski discusses the possibility of A Quiet Place Part III

  • JoBlo
Although John Krasinski is a multi-faceted talent in the entertainment landscape, I don't think audiences really appreciated that fact until a few years ago. Despite serious roles in films like 13 Hours and Detroit, Krasinski still carried the stigma of being "Jim from The Office." Then A Quiet Place came along in 2018 and blew people away. Suddenly audiences took notice of Krasinski's…
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