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  • O'Ryan loves Julia. Julia loves Istvan. Istvan loves Julia. Julia falls in love with O'Ryan. Julia falls out of love and ends up hating O'Ryan. O'Ryan hates Istvan. Istvan hates O'Ryan. O'Ryan hates his mother. His mother hates everyone!

  • Julia is a hard-working girl with two jobs and a boyfriend, Istvan, who is a rock musician and always in trouble. When cocaine dealers threaten to kill him over a debt, she tries to help him come up with the money. This starts an unfortunate chain of events at her daytime job at the hotel, and brings her and the hotel manager, O'Ryan, closer together, or so it seems. Then, in his unrequited love for Julia, O'Ryan goes a step too far, way too far, and from there, things get very ugly.


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  • The film begins with Julia (Fiona Horsey), and Michael (Paul Conway) going about their daily lives. Michael lives with his elderly bed-ridden mother (Jessica Barnes), and she demands that he removes her waste from the room because it is disgusting. Michael tells his mother he believes they should hire a nurse, but she moans about it to him. Julia gets on her bike and rides to work at a hotel, where she is late and Michael chastises her for being late again. She tells him she has to work 2 jobs and she needs another chance.

    She goes to get changed, and Michael spies on her. While she is cleaning, a businessman offers her money for sex. Julia's boyfriend Istvan (William Rowsey) is ambushed by some gangsters who demand money. When he cannot give it to them, he is beaten up. He goes to a nightclub, where Julia works her second job and asks her for the money. She gives him all she has, and he leaves. She tells her colleague that she loves him even though he uses her for money.

    Meanwhile, Michael is in a chatroom, talking to a woman. He arranges to meet her the next night, so he can sleep with her. The next day, the businessman accosts Julia again, and she demands money up front. His wife arrives and catches them together, so Julia takes the money from them. She reports Julia to Michael, and they argue. Julia tells him he is a hypocrite, and he fires her.

    She goes back home and Istvan tells her not to worry. While she is riding her bike that night, she spots Michael and follows him on his date. She sees him being thrown out of a car, and helps him back home. The next morning, he wakes up next to her, and she convinces him that they had sex. After they have breakfast, she tells him that the businessman tried to rape her. Michael believes her. and tells her she can keep her job before throwing the guests out. Julia thanks him.

    He goes to visit his mother in hospital, and she tells him he was drunk while she had an accident. Istvan visits Julia at her second job, and they row before he is thrown out. Michael comes in and flirts with her, but she tells him she cannot see him after work. She goes home and cries.

    The next day, he buys her some new clothes, which she likes. She goes home to find that she has been evicted, and has nowhere to take her stuff. Michael agrees to let her stay with him. He cooks her a romantic meal and she tells him she is now single. They go to bed but she refuses to have sex with him again, giving him an excuse.

    The next morning, on her rounds, Istvan arrives and they go to bed together, but Michael sees them on the CCTV. He enters the room and overhears Julia telling Istvan that she lied about sleeping with Michael. He doesn't tell her he knows about what she has said, instead pretending it never happened. When Julia finishes her second job, Michael drugs her and rapes her.

    She is unaware of this, and Michael takes her to the seaside and tells her about his father. Istvan calls her and tells her that he needs money. Michael then tells her he loves her and they should have children together. He then videos himself raping her that night. He calls her work and tells them she is ill and takes her to a cheesy dance club.

    The next morning, Istvan calls again, telling her he misses her. While she is getting changed, she finds the tape, and watches it. When Michael gets home, she attacks him, and tells him she knows all about his tricks. She calls him the most perverted creature she has ever seen, and tells him she is pregnant. She makes him spend lots of money on new clothes, and runs away with his wallet.

    He returns home and shouts at his mother before beating her to death with the phone and throwing her down the cellar. Julia goes to her second job and tells her colleague that she will be rich soon, revealing her scheme. Michael hears a noise and finds Julia has brought Istvan back to the hotel, where they are rude to him and disrupt his life.

    When Julia leaves, Michael offers Istvan money, and he refuses to take it, letting slip that Julia is not pregnant. Julia arrives back later to find that Istvan has been garotted, and Michael then injects her, putting her to sleep again. She wakes up chained to a mattress in the cellar. Her colleague arrives to find out where she is, but Michael tells her that she has gone away. He goes down to the cellar and hits Julia after she makes a nasty comment.

    That night, he is accosted by the man who wanted money from Istvan, who threatens him, wanting money. He drugs Julia, and rapes her again, and her colleague arrives with the police, who search the building. She tells him that she knows that he raped Julia, and he tells the police it was all a vicious lie created by Julia.

    In the cellar, Julia finds Michael's mother with a bottle of the drug stuffed in her mouth. She knocks it free, and grabs it, She fills up a syringe with the drug, and sets a trap for Michael. He returns with a briefcase full of money, and prepares to rape her, only for her to drug him. She searches his pocket and finds the keys, managing to get free. She douses him with a spirit and sets him on fire, before leaving the hotel with the money.

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