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Great Show for Young Girls (and boys)
douglas-k-keller16 November 2006
I have to strongly disagree with some of the other reviews of this show. I am the father of three young girls and they all love W.I.T.C.H. The show revolves around five girls (the first letter of each of their names makes up the team name, W.I.T.C.H.) that have been selected as Guardiens of the Veil that protects Earth from a parallel universe (Meridian) and the evil (and some good) that resides there. Each girl has one power over the elements (Water, Earth, Wind, Fire) and additional powers they develop as the show goes on. The strength of this show is that it shows girls as powerful and capable. It also stresses teamwork and how to treat other people. Each character is developed to the point girls of many different backgrounds can relate to one of them. The character development is better than what you see in most movies nowadays! My girls even dressed up as W.I.T.C.H. this Halloween! There is some teenage "drama" (crushes, homework, parents, etc) in the script, but most of that blows right over my preteen girls. One character, Irma, has some great one-liners that usually only the parents get but they are hilarious (Q:"Why is it always so dark here on Meridian?" Irma's A:"It's time zones. Evil is five hours ahead of us!"). The girls parents have different jobs: Chinese Restaurant owner, Policeman, Judge, Divorced Mom-Executive, and one you never see but her parents are obviously very rich. There are a series of books and comic books that are based on the show and I read them to my girls...they love them. Boys will like the Rebels in the evil world who are fighting against the evil prince and his Henchmen. The rebel leader (also a teenager) has a sidekick that is kind of half-human, half-frog that never takes a bath and always smells...boys'll like him too. The animation is great, the music is catchy and the website can show you a lot more about the show. I love it. You will too!
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Brilliant show!
charleswright80521 April 2005
W.I.T.C.H. is a brilliant show and I highly recommend it.

First of all there are the main characters, Will, Irma, Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin (hence W.I.T.C.H.) are interesting and likable, each with a distinct personality that works well with the others.

Another thing I like is that the characters are fallible. Too often in shows like this, the characters get their powers and instantly work like clockwork. In W.I.T.C.H., the Guardians can and do make mistakes. We get to see how they practise with their abilities to get better at them. Additionally, it's very good that when they transform into Guardians, they do actually transform, in that they become slightly older and sprout wings (compare that to shows like "Power Rangers" where all that happens is they get a change of clothes.)All these help lift it above most other shows.

The episodes are good, with a fine balance of humour and drama. What I enjoy is that unlike say, "Teen Titans", the show takes itself seriously, even when it's humorous (plus it doesn't have the ridiculous 'exagger-mation' or whatever it's called). That is, it's funny without being silly. The animation and artwork are also very good.
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Simply The BEST Disney Series Ever!
Cringer21 February 2006
This is the first truly magical show that I've seen in years from Disney and now it appears to be canceled. I am sick and tired of Disney canceling good shows and renewing shows that aren't even remotely close to being as good as W.I.T.C.H. I am very selective about the shows that I watch and W.I.T.C.H. is on the top of my list as my favorite. This series is full of action, adventure, a superb storyline, well developed characters, and excellent humor that keeps you coming back for more and more. The animation is very vibrant, detailed, and colorful.

If Disney wants to do justice to this series, then they should make season 3 and season 4 of W.I.T.C.H. and release it in the US. Then, I will have something to praise Disney for, rather than my disgust with them throwing away my favorite series.
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Disney at its best
dragon946620 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I never expected Disney to make such a great show. When I first heard about it, I thought it was a girlie, Sailor Moon wannabe. Then I watched it and realized how stupid I'd been.

Well, I read the comics first, so obviously I had a bad opinion. The comics are crap. They're exaggerated and girlie and the romances are overdone (especially Caleb/Cornelia and Will/Matt).

But the show is another thing altogether. It has dark undertones, without becoming too tense. It has its light and funny moments too. Its storyline is original. The characters and couples are well-done and believable. Some great characters that were not there in comics are present here (Blunk, the Mage) and the villains are more realistic. In the comics, Phobos and Nerissa are pure evil, but here, you can see that they aren't that bad - note how Nerissa regrets killing Cassidy and how she let Caleb and Julian go.

But best of all are the surprises and twists (that the comics lacked). Over the episodes, the characters are developed and more is revealed about them (Cornelia and her sister, Matt and Shagon, Caleb and his parentage, Elyon, etc).

All in all, this is a funny, thrilling, magical and wonderful show. Two thumbs up!
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Magical and fun but needs to be watched with the mind of a child
CountVladDracula23 October 2007
W.I.T.C.H has a lot of qualities similar to Sailor Moon, Labyrinth and a hint of Captian Planet. I think it's a great show for kids. As far as children's shows go it's pretty good. It doesn't talk down to children and yet it has life lessons about team work and friendship without being obnoxiously preachy.

For a children's show the plots are surprisingly intricate and complex and the villains have enough depth and sympathy where you can understand their points of view. You have to watch it with an innocent mind, with the heart of a child. Yes, there are similar shows but when you're a child this sort of thing is still very new and very fun.

The main idea is there are five girls, each with power over a specific element. They are guardians, protectors of this world and a magical other world called Miridian, ruled by a wicked, immortal sorcerer named Phobos. The title is the initials of all the five heroes.

Of course good triumphs over evil and there are some fun and fantastic moments. It's perfect for all children and people of any age for that matter.
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Not Sailor Moon, Not Winx Club, & Not Harry Potter
wishwryter18 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I read a lot of reviews saying how it's coping Sailor Moon, but the thing is, that its not. W.i.t.c.h. is it's own show with its own characters and plot and the genre is that of a magical girl series, which is very common in Japan, so why not Italy & Disney?

However, there are some changes from the comics that I like. For example, in the comics it didn't take Cedric that long to bring Elyon to Metaworld, but in the series, it was a while before it was even revealed that Elyon was the Princess of Meridian & went with Cedric only after feeling betrayed by her friends & family when she witnessed the guardians transformation and her parents true forms. Also, Elyon was nicer in the series then the comics.

Another one of my pet-peeves that I had while reading reviews was that someone compared W.i.t.c.h. to Captain Planet just because the powers are the same. They're called the four elements of magic or alchemy. ALso Will's power is the fifth element called Quintessence.

Lastly, I would like to say to all of you who say that it's a Winx Club copy or Harry Potter copy, have you ever seen an episode of W.i.t.c.h.? Because if you have you would see that W.i.t.c.h. has nothing at all to do with either of them as it doesn't take place at a school of magic, but 5 teens battling evil in another world. Sure they transform like Winx, but the guardians grow older after words.

All in all W.i.t.c.h. is one of the best shows by Disney, a 10 out of 10!
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Not what I thought it would be
nightshade_belle19 October 2005
I love this show because of that! I thought it would be another anime rip off of Sailor Moon, like WINX, but it wasn't. There was an interesting, unpredictable story, with lovable funny characters who can really fight well.

My brother was laughing at the show because he said their powers were like the kids in Captain Planet. So I watched Captain Planet to investigate. I realized yes the WITCH characters have the same powers, Earth, Wind, Fire,Water but they are so creative with it. I love that, that's why I love X-men too. Will and her friends are so clever. I remember an episode where Hay-Lin used her wind powers to hear a sound from far away. I was really impressed by the ingenuity. The Planet Brats don't even compare. Cornelia controls Earth and that means she can control everything to dealing with Earth, but all the guy in Captain Planet can do is throw dirt in the air. If u ask me Gaia the Spirit of the Earth really screwed those kids.
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One of the coolest shows I've ever seen...
Daguon13a25 May 2005
I've been watching cartoons and anime for pretty much my whole life but I have to say this is one of my personal favorite shows. It's right up there with Batman: The Animated Series, Justice League, Justice League Unlimited, Transformers, G.I. Joe, Jem and pretty much any other cartoon or anime that I've ever seen. The books are a lot more detailed, yes, but being exactly like the books would be boring. The animation is great, the storyline is great and the artwork is very cool. That makes this the number one cartoon on TV right now right up next to Justice League Unlimited. I think that people saying this is a Sailor Moon ripoff should also be aware of the fact that Japan itself has more than one Sailor Moon type show and the fact that W.I.T.C.H. has a passing resemblance does not constitute it being a ripoff. Not that I don't respect people's opinions but, give it another shot. I think you'd be pleasantly surprised. Take it from me.
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As a fan of animation, I love this show
TheLittleSongbird30 October 2011
I am as I say a fan of animation, there are films and shows I love, some I hate. W.I.T.C.H is one of those shows I actually love. I don't quite put it up there with the best, but it is one of the better animated shows of the past decade or so.

The animation is done with lots of detail. The backgrounds have an ethereal quality to them, and the colours are both vibrant and atmospheric. The character designs are also believable, as are the transformation sequences.

I love good music. W.I.T.C.H has that. Not only in the fitting background music, but also the theme tune is catchy, cool and sets the tone of the series very well.

Also W.I.T.CH is very well-written. W.I.T.C.H has humour without it ever becoming slapsticky or clichéd, but there is also room for the dramatic and tense parts which are done effectively without overdoing it.

W.I.T.C.H benefits from engaging stories with relateable themes and interesting characters with personalities that don't grate and are unique.

Voice acting is also strong, the lead quintet consist of five very promising voice actresses who couldn't have been more perfect for their parts, and the support roles are dynamic.

Overall, love it. 10/10 Bethany Cox
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Witch is a great show in it's own right and doesn't compare to Potter or Winx
shamrys7 November 2007
I have read some reviews comparing this show to Harry Potter and Sailor Moon among things. That is entirely untrue. I don't see anything resembling a magical school, and that in itself is refreshing. Not that there's anything wrong with that concept, but Witch doesn't fall into that category and I like that. These girls are real girls tackling real life issues alongside having to deal with learning a new side of themselves as Guardians with extraordinary powers. The tassling Blunk being described as a Dobie type character is also wrong. He is not a house elf or servant of any kind, but as with many animated shows for kids, fills the role of comic sidekick or mascot quite nicely. The only similarity I see with Sailor Moon is some of the transformation sequences where the girls turn into their slightly older, guardian forms, but that is where it ends. You do see that in some newer cartoons these days, inspired by Sailor Moon and others like it in Japan, and there is nothing wrong with that so long as it's not a blatant rip off. Witch is no such thing.

I also enjoy Winx Club, but noticed someone mention that Witch is girlier than Winx? I do believe Winx to be much more girly than Witch could ever hope to be, since the girls in Winx fuss over themselves and their clothes a bit much, their costumes are also extremely geared that way and a bit too revealing for very small girls to want to emulate in my opinion... kinda like Brats. I love the Witch costumes, and they vary in style from girl to girl to show a little individuality, even if they share the same overall elements and color scheme. Think of some (not all) superhero groups that have the same type of costume theme within their group and you'll get that from Witch. It's also nice they look good without being overly revealing. Another thing I've noticed is the storytelling is a bit rushed and stiff in Winx and lacks good transition between scenes at times. I feel Witch has better overall animation and production value in those areas.

Plus I can think of some guys not being too embarrassed to admit they like Witch, since it has some good action scenes with the guy characters and a darker atmosphere, where not too many guys would admit the same with Winx, with it's elements of glamour, sparkly stuff, mushy romance, and girls acting and talking - well - very girly. I think it's all well and good for girls, and I am one who enjoys the girly stuff just as much as the more boyish stuff (GI Joe, Transformers, and more), but I can spot a show that caters to both genders a little better in the long run, and Witch does just that. I know a guy personally that would sit and watch Witch and enjoy it but wouldn't touch Winx with a 10 foot pole for all those reasons, as well as a lot of other cartoons I watch. That's saying a lot.

I am also a big fan of animation, having watched everything from anime to animated movies, and all sorts of cartoon shows, and I find the animation in Witch to be very nice. I've seen some very weird or crappy looking animation,but this is far above that. Some of the action scenes alone and the way they are executed would blow your mind.

As for difference between the show and books, I have yet to read the books series to form an opinion on that. But I know I love the show and would tune in to watch another season if they ever release one.
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Loved this show! Not sure why it received so much hate.
lamareikan2 June 2012
I loved this show as a kid, I've always been into magical girl type shows. The show definitely has that unique, pseudo-anime flavour most shows of the mid-2000s have. While many criticise this, this feels awfully nostalgic for those like me who were preteens in this era. The show is creative, yes maybe it takes inspiration from those like Sailor Moon, but in it's own unique self it is it's own great show. If you think Sailor Moon is better, go watch Sailor Moon, enough said. I like Sailor Moon, but stop trying to compare everything to something else, and let it be it's own thing. I can never seem to get why people hated this show so much, a lot of the times their reasons seemed shallow (I don't like their voices, their outfits are ugly, etc etc). While I don't disagree that these can be valid points, they don't attack the main point. Also, anyone who says that Winx Club has better animation and calls themselves an "animation lover" needs to get their eyes checked. While I never go into the Winx Club, let me say the animation looks quite cheesy and reminds me of animated Bratz films, while W.I.T.C.H. looks much more professionally done. Interestingly however, the book series happens to be from the same country as WC (Italy). The animation, however, reminds me of shows like Totally Spies (which happens to be from France, same place the animators behind W.I.T.C.H. happen to be located).
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This show is excellent!
pike14521 January 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I am a boy, I watch almost any show thats anime due to the fact that I might one day write and create my own! To do this the first step is one must be open to all shows before judgment. "WITCH" is a show that has a lot of humor and a great cast of characters. Its comical, serious and shows the importance of friendship, trust, team work and how important strategy and knowledge helps in even the most simple situations. My favourite character I would have to say is Haylin, She is almost like me creative but its her attitude and bubbly personality which makes her my best character. All and all WITCH is outstanding and does put Captain planet down especially when it comes to the girls using their elements: Fire, Earth, Air, Water, in battle. A Great Job on this series brilliant!
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5 girls, that battle evil on a daily basis
notpreppyinpink24 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Not to bash the comics or any other shows, but this is one of my fave action cartoons, THIS IS NOT A SAILOR MOON SHOW, i hate sailor moon, and love this show. I started reading the comics after i had seen the whole first season, and the second seasons first few episodes. This made the comics less easy to understand, but i liked the show a lot more. Really, i don't know why, so many people like the comics more. This show is about 5 girls that learn they are the guardians of the veil, later to become infinite dimensions, they have defeated the evil Prince Phobos prince of meridian, and his guard, including head guard, a snake/lizard like beast, Cedric. Caleb, the rebel leader, and the rest of the rebellion help them to defeat Phobos, and his servants. The rebel leader is dating one of the 5 guardians, Cornelia, earth guardian, and is often hanging around a horrible smelling, trading creature, a passling named Blunk. The other Guardians are... Will - Who holds the heart of Kandrakar Irma - The guardian of water Taranee - Fire and hay Lin - Air After overthrowing Phobos, his sister Elyon took reign, she had once been Cornelias best friend, but then turned against them when she found out she was princess of Meridian. Elyon is again friends with the guardians. Meridian is a fictional place, which is in another dimension, originally known as metaworld in the comics. Now they face a new threat, the sorceress and one time Holder of the heart, Nerrisa. The show also portrays the girls personal life in their town Heatherfield, friends, family, and boyfriends. So far in the show, the only people on from earth besides the guardians that know about Meridian is Will's boyfriend Matt. While dealing with school, family issues, and normal teenage problems, these girls also have to save the world on a daily basis.
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W.I.T.C.H -- A Review
heartlessmoon25 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
In a world of Sailor Moons, Tokyo Mew Mews, Wedding Peaches and Winx Clubs, it really is no wonder that Disney decided to jump onto the bandwagon as well.

W.I.T.C.H could have easily become lost in this sea of magical little girl programs, but it doesn't. Due, of course to the success of the writing and characterization.

Characters are not seen as flat, one dimensional cut outs of what they once were in the comics. Each of these girls is seen with at least some depth and personality and therefore come across identifiable with the show's target audience. The relationship between these girls is also realistic, they don't always get along, but the friendship is still present.

The humor is there, and it works, it's not at all overbearing or annoying, but is present and very well done. All in all, the show is enjoyable for fans of all ages.

But of course, there are flaws, the most obvious of which is the changing of certain character's behaviors in the transition from graphic novel to television show. Which, truly, would not have been a problem until the writers decided to maintain these character's relationships from the comics. Because of the change in personalities, these relationships simply do not work, and feel awkward and distracting when used in the show.

In short, most of the key romances on the program come off as forced. For example, the coupling of Cornelia and Caleb, comes across as being the most superficial, contrived union to have ever been written into a script. To make up for the lack of a decent foundation on the character's part, the writers seem to resort to "sparkly" backgrounds and cheesy background music by means of actual chemistry. When it really wasn't like that in the books.

Also, Will's behavior around her love interest Matt are a disgrace to her character, and often painful to watch. The once strong, awkward Will, turns into a stereotypical teenager at the sight of her crush. Making this too seem rushed and well...stupid.

In short, the show was/is better without the couples. But hey, if Tokyo Mew Mew has taught us anything, it would be that couplings never turn out right.

These issues aside, W.I.T.C.H is still a very enjoyable ride. Which I personally would recommend to anyone.
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The Second Season Needed At Least 52 episodes
rumblinglove1 September 2009
I found the first season of WITCH to be amazing and exciting and so did I found the second season to be. But for the second season, I've noticed that the writers wrote the events so fast as if they wanted to finish from the show quickly. The second season was great but if it just was written a little bit slower that would've been great. Also I wanted more seasons and episodes; why did they stop from producing this show after all it was well received so why not keep on the good work. I watched this show firstly on Arabic on children network MBC3, and I was so impressed; although I have to admit that the English version for this show was the best next to the French version (original), but I never said that the Arabic version was bad it was good.
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Season 2 hit a brightness button.
LEXHENthefuzzy4 March 2007
W.I.T.C.H is a show adapted from the Italian comic. (?) Already a huge fan of the comics I decided to give this a try. And I was glad I did.

The first season was great in animation process. The girls who were given magic powers where enchanting and gothical. I loved the setup and the drama that took place between the characters with the shocking episodes 11 and 12. The ending didn't exactly disappoint either. And with that I waited for months on end for season 2.

So It arrived and well....I didn't like it. Yes, it is meant to be more cheerful but somehow, it had lost its rich colours and came out quite bland. But it seems hat all animated shows had lost that rich colour that you see within the scenes so I rather forgot about and focused more on the drama and storyline. When I realised that my biggest letdown where the characters. Especially one called Cornelia. In the comic, she is a strong and powerful character. But in the cartoon, she has come across as dumb and ditzy. Showing that all blonde's are dumb which is utterly untrue. Another problem I had with this series is the storyline itself. A great start, a bland middle, then suddenly a whole bunch of shockers thrown together at the end, which unsettled me so I didn't enjoy it at all.

If you were to put the two seasons together , they are both utterly different to the max. Its only the first season that keeps me watching for season 3.
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um, not what I was expecting.
Queen_of_Shadows20 April 2005
WITCH was originally a book series from Italy which has grown very popular in Eurpoe.Meridian is a separate world from Earth ruled by the evils of Prince Phobos and unfortunately,Phobos is breaking the line that separates Meridian from Earth.Now that Earth is threatened once again,the five guardians are needed to seal the one veil protecting Earth but now the next generation of guardians are called.Meanwhile Will,a timid yet honest new girl in town has made new friends with Irma,a feisty and funny girl,Tarane,a quiet and shy girl,Cornelia,a high-strung and independent girl and Hay Lin,a friendly and creative girl.After school,Hay Lin invites them all to her parent's Chinese restaurant and that's where the story begins.Her grandmother tells the story of Meridan close to invading Earth and that they're the next generation of guardians blessed with special powers.Will holds a necklace with the ability to transform her and the others into their battle costumes and open and close portals called the Heart of Kandrakar.Will also has the power of energy allowing her to communicate with household objects with her energy powers.Irma has the power of water allowing her to manipulate seas and stop flowing water in it's tracks.Taranee has the power of fire allowing her to summon fire and control existing fire.Cornelia has the power of Earth allowing her to rapidly make plants grow and bore holes in walls.Hay Lin has the power of Air allowing her to create a gust of wind and fly unlike the others.Together,the five call themselves WITCH because of their initials and casually save the world day after day while having to deal with their own teenage problems. When I heard the WITCH series were being made into a TV series,I decided to do a little research on WITCH.It really caught my attention when I found out about the characters and their witch costumes were pretty cool.The storyline shows true talents of a writer.Unfortunately the WITCH series was different from the books which is a huge disappointment to me.Disney did a little makeover on the costumes and made them look sort of ugly.In the series,I liked how Will's hair looked in the books but in the series,they make her hair look more shaggy than it did in the books.Disney also made Cornelia more of a cold-hearted dumb-blond when in the books she stood up for Will when some guys were teasing her.Instead,she doesn't want to be friends with Will just because she's new.Disney doesn't even make episodes of the books which was what I was looking forward to the most.Other than that,it can be okay.The lines are cleverly written and it's really great to have something like this on TV and very good for a girl to watch especially younger girls.I give this series a 5/10.
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Differences between books and shows
greatgal24_717 February 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I don't think the show series is a very good interpretation of the books I waited a long time to watch the show because I wanted to see it instead of just reading them. I realized they might have to change a few details to make it TV compatible but they changed the whole time-line and the basis of the story. For example in the book Taranee had only been at the school like one day before Will came and in the show she had been there for a year and in the books Cedric found Elyon in the first book and turned her against the Guardians right away. Also in the first book Hay Lin, Cornelia, and Irma were already friends; Will and Taranee bonded at as soon as they bumped into each other on Will's first day, and Cornelia was nice to them and offered to hang out with them and the Halloween dance which is how the five of them became friends but in the show it was like the magic made them be friends.
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ajreal957 March 2006
There are differences in the W.I.T.C.H. cartoon and the magazine and it makes me so annoyed when I always watch the mistakes. But still W.I.T.C.H. mag rocks, not the animated one.

First let's start with Hay Lin, my favorite guardian. When she's transformed (in the mag) she wears socks not tights (like the animated one). If she were tights, it doesn't look good but with the other guardians it does.

Then let's have with colors of the hair. Hmm, let start off with Matt in the animated W.I.T.C.H., he has blue hair but in reality he has brown hair. Even the twins (I can't remember it was shown on the episode, 'The Stone of Threbe'), they had brown but actually they have blue hair, same color as Matt in the animation series. Such as Elias Van Dahl, he has shaggy hair and had blue hair, but actually in the comic book it's not shaggy and it's brown or black (I can't remember).

The Heart of Kandrakar or Candracar (I don't know how to spell it). In the cartoon it's just a locket that Will carries round but in the comic book it's really the true power inside Will is the Heart of Kandrakar/Candracar.

What happen to the fashion statements of some of these girls?

Will = Sporty

Taranee = Seventies

Cornelia = Elegancy

Why do the girls wear the same thing every time (except for a few episodes where they've changed)? Will's clothes aren't that sporty, Tara's isn't that seventies looking and Cornelia's aren't that elegant. They should fix those clothes up and be like the ones in the mag.

How 'bout Caleb? The animators forgotten something in his face. The green lines in his face to show he is a meridian person. To tell the truth, he's better without the lines in his face.

I wish the animators would correct these. I really want to correct these I've just explained. Do anyone agrees?
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I love this show. Please renew for more seasons! Two isn't enough!
mischievouslyradiant10 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I used to be an avid Disney Channel viewer, and rarely of Toon Disney, but I never heard of this until now. I love, love, LOVE it! I love Winx Club equally, and maybe a little more 'cause it is lighter and more of a fairytale tone or whatever; I love fairy tales and lighter/family-friendly stuff.

This show is dark, but awesome! Sometimes, it's a thriller 'cause it makes me scared or something. I'm really into it.

To "Cringer": You may be disgusted by Disney for canceling it, but it disgusts me when fans blame the makers for it instead of the people who criticized the show. Their criticism is what canceled it, and there are still a lot of people who think that "complaints are what makes a huge fan." My only complaint is that they canceled it, not because of the show itself. People just need to enjoy it, and write fan-fiction if they wish something were different. Fanservice is what destroys a lot of shows MOST of the time, and other fans don't wanna see either of them.

Anyway, this show has been getting a petition for Season 3 and Disney really should listen. They need to ignore haters and shouldn't focus on ratings.
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Classic animated TV show
meganphipps24 August 2015
Warning: Spoilers
I LOVE THIS ANIMATED SHOW. This was one of my favourite programmes growing up and I still love it to this day. It's unique in both aspect and in character as each character is different but they work well as a team. The effects in this was awesome and also the plot lines for each season continued through the entire series with episodes connecting to each other. One of my favourite moments has to be when they first change into the guardians and test out their power. My favourite character has to be Erma as she is the sassiest in the bunch and also has a cool power. If you like classic kid's TV shows or just like power themed shows then this is for you. it's guardians unite.
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The greatest TV series by disney
alirahimiar1 January 2018
It was a very good TV series but unfortunately ended very soon. There're so many petitions even now for the third season.
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A Must-watch
sagniashvili17 October 2017
Before i start, as others have already mentioned, the W.i.t.c.h is frequently accused of copying Sailor moon, harry potter and even Winx club (which aired alongside the subject), this is an absurd..

The W.i.t.c.h is a very original craft, that children of both gender can watch and enjoy, it has teen drama, magic and well-made action scenes. From regular schoolgirls, that have to fight evil from another universe as faeries, down to brave rebels that fight along side the aforementioned girls. The characters are diverse and well-crafted. From a shy nerd, to a snobbish rich-kid, with playful artist in the middle. I just don't want to spoil anything. I advise you watch this and enjoy. I loved it as a kid, i love it now, as an adult.

This is also based on a comic of a same name, that deviates from the TV-series in some details and is definitely worth reading, if one enjoys seeing similar concepts extended and shown with a bit some different details, and if one finds the fact that the cartoon has only two seasons to be a bit of a letdown.
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You know what, this magic show sucks...
pip-719 May 2006
And it is! Anime is everywhere these days, even some of our most beloved American cartoon/comic characters have been revamped into something that are no longer recognizable and are adopting strange features that they are not supposed to have! In this case, Disney too now focuses on that genre, disregarding their natural talents and hire an animation company called Jetix (the same company that creates the truly awful Super-Monkey-Robot-Yada-Yada-Wha? show) to produce another abomination that is sure to attract fans of the kids magazine called W.I.T.C.H (obviously initials for the characters' names, which you can see on its opening title. How lame and cumbersome).

Basically, I have no idea what the main story is about, but it's a bit like Harry Potter (since the first movie, everyone begins to imitate J.K. Rowling's success, but nevertheless fails to generate everlasting appeal) and a dot of Winxclub (which seems of plagiarize the former, plus lots more from other original anime preferences), which results in a badly mixed barf bag which older audiences have to consume to imagine its horrible taste (think of one event in Fear Factor where contestants are required to pick up garbage from the road and eat it!). First of all, animation is, well, what do you expect from conventional studios these days, Americanized Anime. Only more yucky. The character designs are equally generic and stiff as well (probably the most uninspiring is that little goblin who is obviously derived from Gollum/Dobbie). The costumes for the so-called Guardians are the worst I've seen in recent memories; with dull colors, poor choice of design and dreadful little wings, my interest begins to wane too quickly. I mean, c'mon, even little 'trick-or-treat' Halloween kids have better appearances than these 'pixies'! Plotwise, it's just like any other teen shows you have seen ranging from Sabrina to Ginger, so there's nothing to explain here. Basic magical elements such as water, fire, water... erg ... I just wonder if the writers of the show are capable of extracting their own bits of creativity instead of referring to the text books...

No matter what the 'fans' say about the show in this section, true lovers of animation like me may agree with some of my statements, so please I beg you all to STEER AWAY FROM THEIR MAGICAL INFLUENCES!
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IcePhoenix10128 December 2005
I've seen a bit of this show and this is what I have to say: I don't hold an interest in it.

The plot is like a "superhero" type of cartoon. The characters have magic powers and they use them to save the world from destruction while at the same time, struggle to cope with schoolwork, friends, family and crushes and to keep their powers secret. It's almost like Winx Club, but Winx is way better than this. The style of Winx is different. Sure, the girls have magic powers and they use them to defend to Magic Dimension from Lord Darkar, but they don't struggle with schoolwork because their schoolwork is just to train their powers, all of them are friends (for this WITCH is the same example), their families are far away, their boyfriends (not crushes this time)are in the next school, and they don't have to keep their powers secret.

WITCH is about saving Earth from this evil prince who wants to break some kind of barrier that separates this other world called Meridian from Earth, and Earth will be in danger, so five girls have been chosen to stop the evil prince from breaking the barrier to attack Earth. This is what I think the plot is like, from what I've heard. There is realism in the show, and for this type of genre, it's wrong. Realism doesn't take us away to another world where everything is unrealistic and anything is possible. It's uninteresting.

The events are confusing, and the show has extremely dark points. If a little kid were to see this show, he or she would think of it as a horror movie rather than a cartoon about five girls saving Earth. There's no creativity in the show. The basic air, water, fire, earth and energy. Can't they think of a better powers that are non-elemental and are more creative? And the "Guardian" outfits. They are all of the same colour: purple and blue-green. And their wings are all of the same type. This isn't unique. The outfits and wings should be different for each girl, to show how each girl is unique, instead of the same thing.

The animation is also like that of Japanese anime, except that it's pseudo-anime animation. It's really horrible. The voice acting is lousy too.

I think girls are better off watching Winx Club, the girls kick way more butt than the WITCH girls. Winx has much better animation and better ideas and a better plot. WITCH was not made for me.
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