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15 Jan. 2005
It Begins
Five girls: Will, Irma, Hay Lin, Taranee and Cornelia discover that possess magic capabilities. They meet with lord Cedric.
29 Jan. 2005
The Key
Caleb must return the key on Meridian. Guards help him.
5 Feb. 2005
Happy Birthday, Will
Will have a birthday. Irma promises not to throw party her, but other prepare Will surprise. Cedric gets to the earthly archive in search of records about birth of sister of Phobos.
12 Feb. 2005
A Service to the Community
There is "Day of service to society" at school. Guards decide that their new teacher of history is a monster from Meridian.
19 Feb. 2005
The Labyrinth
Irma, Hay Lin, Taranee and Cornelia get in the trap of Cedric and appear in a labyrinth. Caleb and Will set out in the searches of friends.
26 Feb. 2005
Divide and Conquer
Guards leave on a ski resort.
5 Mar. 2005
Ambush at Torus Filney
Girls participate in a theatrical competition. Caleb gets in the trap of Cedric. Guards rescue him.
12 Mar. 2005
Return of the Tracker
Girls go to the premiere of film, but Hunter is declared in city.
19 Mar. 2005
Trying to organize a School medieval fair, girls get trapped into a Meridian artists picture, where they once again fight Cedric and his Ghouls, to save the world in the picture...
2 Apr. 2005
The Stone of Threbe
Prince Phobos' Grunts uncover The Stone of Threbe, a mysterious and long lost artifact that possesses a power to bring home a person that is lost, and he decides to use it to find his sister, the Princess. But the Guardians soon discover that's not all - the Stone renders powerless all those who try to stop the person from returning home!
16 Apr. 2005
The Princess Revealed
Prince Phobos finally found out who is the Princess, and Vathek, a Rebellion Spy overhears him, and so runs of to inform the Guardians of her identity. So the race begins. Who will win her favor?
29 Apr. 2005
Stop the Presses
Irma and Taranee appoint the editors of school newspaper. In school a guest perches from Meridian.
30 Apr. 2005
Parent's Night
At school celebrate the "Paternal day". Caleb knows a beast in Ric. Cedric takes away Elyon on Meridian. Guards get in the trap of Phobos.
7 May 2005
The Mudslugs
Cornelia abandons the command of Guards. Phobos sends after the girls of grease irons from Meridian.
20 May 2005
Ghosts of Elyon
To hide Elyon from Guards Phobos creates her clones.
23 May 2005
The Mogriffs
Cornelia steals a crystal and leaves on Meridian. But Elyon no longer wants to know former friends.
13 Jun. 2005
The Underwater Mines
Caleb knows that his father living. He in a conclusion on submarine mines. Guardians leave to rescue him. About it Phobos hears and prepares a trap to them.
20 Jun. 2005
The Seal of Phobos
Blank finds printing of Phobos. The heart of Kandrakar takes in printing. Now guards can open portals.
27 Jun. 2005
Escape from Cavigor
Guards and Caleb try to save Elion's parents .
11 Jul. 2005
Caleb's Challenge
Elyon offers to the insurgents the peace. But it is a next trap of Phobos.
25 Jul. 2005
The Battle of Meridian Plains
Cedric finds the cherished city. An insurgent has to be begun attack on a lock before.
1 Aug. 2005
The Rebel Rescue
Guards and Caleb try to save insurgents. They find a new friend among the guard of Phobos.
8 Aug. 2005
The Stolen Heart
An evil Passling, named Jeek, steals The Heart of Kandrakar, from Will, leaving Will to think it was Blunk, who had stolen it! Meanwhile, curious about his girlfriend's strange disappearances, Matt follows Will, the other Guardians, and Caleb, through a "portal", to Meridian - and discovers their secret...
17 Aug. 2005
The Final Battle
Phobos showed the essence. He took Elyon and takes away her forces. Guards rescue Elyon. Phobos will overturn. The world established on Meridian.

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