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10 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.1
Karen returns and tries to patch things up with Jamie whilst Mimi,who has called her baby Cilla,tries in vain to find out who the father is. Libby and Frank's wedding plans are interrupted by news of Debbie's death and the arrival of Monica,who in fact had put a friend up to falsely reporting the non-existent death to hurt Frank. Frank enjoys himself at his stag night but then disappears whilst new resident Avril Powell organizes a hen party for Libby,at which Mimi collapses and is rushed to hospital.
11 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.2
Mimi comes out of hospital and tries to reconcile Karen and Jamie whilst Micky takes child care lessons for Cilla and Shane takes over the drug business. He is,however,not ruthless enough and Jamie goes to elaborate lengths to persuade him to hand it to him. Frank wakes in a white room,fantasising that he is Doctor Who and Monica announces that she wants her two youngest. Liam agrees to go if she lets Stella stay with Libby and Patty is involved in a war of attrition with Avril and her husband Jackson over their noisy love-making.
12 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.3
Frank is in a mental ward at the mercy of Monica's lover ,nurse Mildred,but Libby believes he has deserted her and spends the wedding money on a new kitchen. Avril sets out to look after Mimi,causing Mimi to temporarily have 'impure' thoughts about her whilst Shane takes over security at the school where Jackson works. He helps young Jude overcome bullying by his twin but there is still competition between him and Jamie over business. Micky attempts to help his ex-con pen-pal come out to his family but just stops short of outing himself to Mimi and his brothers.
13 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.4
Chesney's cousin Sita fails her exams but her tutor John Cromer agrees to pass her if they have sex,which leads to his being set up and filmed by Carl to compromise him into passing Sita. Patty's great nephew Aidan,an aggressive little brat,comes to stay after his single mother,a drug addict and prostitute,has been jailed. He soon gets into a fight with Jackson and uses Libby's credit card to access Interner porn. Karen and Jamie reconcile,Karen agreeing to out-patient treatment at the local psychiatric hospital,where she sees Frank and tells Libby.
14 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.5
Monica informs Libby that she has twenty-four hours to marry Frank or else she will nullify the divorce and reclaim the house. Recognizing Mildred Fletcher as Monica's lover Frank steals her keys and escapes with a girl called Carly,putting Mildred wise as to Monica's true nature. However,as Libby has broken into the unit he has to recruit the Maguire boys to go back with him to rescue her. At the Jockey the wedding is about to take place,Liam sending a letter to say he will stay with Monica to try and make her a better person. Monica is beaten but Libby and Frank ...
18 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.6
Kelly is angry with Shane for taking money from their joint account for the business and helps herself to two grand,an act which spells danger for Carl on his first day as a courier for the Maguires and though Jamie ensures he has a memorable twenty-first Shane warns him against doing business with his brother. Micky meanwhile persuades a reluctant Chesney to help him set up a gay chat-line and comments about football by Mimi mistakenly lead Jackson to believe she is racist.
25 Jan. 2011
Episode #8.7
Kelly and Shane start a business satisfying people's sexual fantasies. However,whilst helping MP's wife Sandra Brown enact her fantasy of being kidnapped they attract police attention and are soon besieged on the estate. Fortunately Shane has an elaborate plan which will return Sandra without any arrests and make him a pile of money. Sita discovers Chesney's Muslim driving school is a front for wild parties and teaches him a lesson by calling in the anti-terrorist squad,at the same time securing compensation for their ailing shop.
1 Feb. 2011
Episode #8.8
To get money for Cilla and do his bit for morals Micky creates a fake child porn site Skool Dreamz,with no nude photos,to get the credit card details of would-be punters and bankrupt them. Unfortunately the family is arrested for fraud but Micky gives a rousing speech in court which has no bearing on the case being dismissed. Working on a help line Patty meets and marries depressive Trevor but finds he only wants her for a suicide pact,which she is not about to fulfil. Sita gets one over on Aidan,who has been sexually harassing her.
8 Feb. 2011
Episode #8.9
After sleepless nights with Cilla Mimi is starting to feel bad and believes that she is going mad,as one of her relatives did,and that the house is haunted. Finally she believes that Kelly and Shane are trying to kill her and locks them out of the house though she recovers after seeing a vision of Mandy,who tells her what to do. Kelly is suspicious of the power new girl Bonnie exerts over Lillian in the brothel and Avril and Jackson's continuing efforts to spice up their sex life leads daughter Letitia to believe that her father is having an affair.
15 Feb. 2011
Episode #8.10
Micky gets a cat,Dusty,from the pet shelter and,wrongly believing it has Feline AIDs consults elderly gay Lulu,who is HIV positive. When Lulu dies Mimi appears sympathetic to gays but adds that she would feel she had done something wrong if she had a gay child. After Carl is injured minding the shop in Chesney's absence Sita drives the car Jamie wanted him to deliver,only for them to discover it was stolen and a knicker-thief,stealing Mimi's pants off the washing line,brings fear to the estate.
22 Feb. 2011
Episode #8.11
Kelly is appalled to find that Lillian has formally adopted Bonnie and given her the brothel,which she sets about altering. However Bonnie is a very mixed up young woman and,unable to face up to Lilian's love for her,kills herself. Also disturbed is Jennie,the carer Libby hires to look after Patty because Jennie has a pathological hatred of old people,stemming from her childhood,and Libby has to save her mother from her. Carl is upset when Sita tells him she is returning to Pakistan for an arranged marriage though he has a new,unwanted admirer in Letitia.
1 Mar. 2011
Episode #8.12
Micky finds himself with torn loyalties when Shane starts a wheel-clamping business and Jamie is one of his first victims. There is further disharmony in the family when Mimi's brother Bobbi,now a pre-op transsexual,arrives at the Jockey and old sibling grievances are aired before Mimi gives him the money for the operation. Jackson joins a right wing political group to expose them ,in the process placing Chesney in danger as the thugs try to torch his shop though the estate rallies to drive then away.
8 Mar. 2011
Episode #8.13
Following a charity evening at the Jockey Shane resists the advances of wheelchair-bound teenager Tilly Pucker,who consequently accuses him of stealing her chair and the charity collection. When her minders pursue Shane however the entire Maguire clan ,including Jamie,close ranks and family harmony is restored. Increasingly disheartened at Frank's lack of romance,especially after hearing he had oral sex with Letitia's headmistress, Libby invents a fictional lover to make him jealous. He sees through the ruse but she decides to leave him anyway,despite his accidental ...
30 Aug. 2011
Episode #8.14
Paddy's coffin is brought to the estate but it actually contains guns and Aidan steals one,giving the family a fright. Karen starts up as a children's entertainer but a fight with a rival clown girl leads to a new act as sexy strippers. However when things turn ugly at a stag party Karen is relieved that she brought her gun. Frank discovers that Patty can walk and told Libby in order for her to leave him. He attempts to have her done for fraud but she is ahead of him.
6 Sep. 2011
Episode #8.15
Avril starts living above her means,sending Letitia to a private school and Jackson is horrified to learn she has been financing it by embezzling the Jockey's holiday fund. Vilified by the estate she goes to work for Lillian but Jackson's overtime and Letitia's scams pay off the money owing. Mimi meets fellow jogger Neil and is soon enjoying a sexual relationship but dumps him when she learns he prefers her to gain rather than lose weight. Chesney is concerned that delivery driver Gorky,separated from his wife,is abusing Bean,his 12-year old daughter and sets out to ...
13 Sep. 2011
Episode #8.16
Jackson over-reacts when he sees Letitia kissing her boyfriend Dee and goes to Dee's house to complain,only to discover that his mother Alyah,is an old flame of his and Dee in all probability his son so he persuades Carl to help him break the couple up. Frank,drunk as usual,accidentally gets onto a mini-bus and eventually wakes up in a synagogue where a man named Isaac believes he is an angel sent from God though Frank's response is to steal the candelabra. With Jamie having legally taken over the Jockey during her breakdown Karen feels it is time to get her share of ...
20 Sep. 2011
Episode #8.17
Handsome,charismatic lay preacher Jesue (real name Eric) O'Toole and his busload of acolytes invade the estate,picketing 'immoral'businesses and leading the Maguires to consider violence to get rid of them,only Aidan finding romance with young disciple Grace. However Kelly and Micky have a better solution,tempting Jesus with the flesh and causing him to renounce his faith. Patty,having fallen downstairs and been genuinely invalided,does a deal with Frank to stay in his house whilst Marty Fisher,on the run from the CSA,causes discord between Kelly and Shane.
27 Sep. 2011
Episode #8.18
When pensioner Cynthia Feltz is attacked in her home,Frank,whose DNA is found all over the place,is arrested. Carl calls former resident Kev who confirms that he and Frank once did work in the house and CCTV footage shows Frank,out of it as usual,being a reluctant drug courier for hard man Growbag MacReady, a fact witnessed by Cynthia. Frank is released but scared to cross MacReady.Fortunately D.I. Carroll,the officer in charge of the case,is an old flame of Kev's and helps him bring the real attacker to justice. Micky rows with Mimi and moves into a squat with Marty,...
4 Oct. 2011
Episode #8.19
Aidan's bad behaviour has landed him in court, but it's Patty who'll decide the outcome. Cilla's abduction forces Mimi to face her past and her family, and Mickey helps Marty do up the flat
11 Oct. 2011
Episode #8.20
When the Maguires see CCTV footage of Marty's inept attempted robbery Shane realises the robber is using his clothes and gun and calls the police,sending Marty on the run. Kelly's affections are torn and when Shane tells her that Marty's wife and children died in a mysterious fire in Spain and the arsonist has yet to be caught she is unsure what to believe. Billy tries to get back into Mimi's good books but very nearly fails when he attempts to kill the annoying local priest who is conducting Cilla's christening.
18 Oct. 2011
Episode #8.21
Micky has landed in court and been given community service,helping supervise a social group for people with Downs Syndrome and autism. He notes that one group member Ray is brilliant with numbers and takes him to hit the casino but he is rubbish there and only interested in Kelly - who admits to Karen she is pregnant by Marty. When the unpopular group leader Michelle gets pushed downstairs Micky takes over organizing the annual play,a Nativity,which he stages at the Jockey and it is a huge success. Mimi gets Billy to 'man up' by joining her on a burglary. Escaping the...
25 Oct. 2011
Episode #8.22
Kelly admits her pregnancy,telling a heart-broken Shane that she no longer loves him. After doing nothing while witnessing a mugging in a park Carl finally champions old school mate,constable Simon Wexford,accused of injuring a robber,and ends up being accepted for police training. Despite her sons' efforts to scare Billy off Mimi proves her devotion to him by turning down an offer to join Paddy in Bangkok and soon Mimi has become Mrs. Billy Tutton.

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