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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 

Kidô senshi Gundam Seed (original title)
The discovery of an advanced model of combat mecha on their space colony throws a young man and his friends into involvement in an interplanetary war as the crew of a powerful fighting ship.




2003   2002  
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Series cast summary:
Sôichirô Hoshi Sôichirô Hoshi ...  Kira Yamato 50 episodes, 2002-2003
James Weaver Clark James Weaver Clark ...  Additional Voices (2017 remaster) 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Ted Cole ...  Ray Yuki / ... 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Brian Dobson ...  Martin Dacosta 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Adam Henderson ...  Ledonir Kisaka 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Fred Henderson ...  Ulen Hibiki 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Jocelyne Loewen ...  Asagi Caldwell 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Alison Matthews ...  Ezalia Joule / ... 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Scott McNeil ...  Gerard Garcia / ... 50 episodes, 2002-2003
John Novak ...  Uzumi Nara Athha 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Rebecca Shoichet ...  Mayura Labatt / ... 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Lee Tockar ...  Herbert Von Reinhardt / ... 50 episodes, 2002-2003
Akira Ishida ...  Athrun Zala 49 episodes, 2002-2003
Kotono Mitsuishi ...  Murrue Ramius / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Takehito Koyasu ...  Mu La Flaga 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Houko Kuwashima ...  Natarle Badgiruel / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Megumi Toyoguchi Megumi Toyoguchi ...  Miriallia Haww 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Yasuhiro Takato Yasuhiro Takato ...  Kuzzey Buskirk / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Tetsu Shiratori Tetsu Shiratori ...  Ssigh Argyle / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Michael Adamthwaite ...  Yzak Joule 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Sharon Alexander ...  Erica Simmons 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Lisa Ann Beley ...  Eileen Canaver / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Don Brown ...  Sigel Clyne 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Colin DePaula Colin DePaula ...  Tolle Koenig (2017 remaster) 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Trevor Devall ...  Mu La Flaga 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Michael Dobson ...  Fredrik Ades / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Brian Drummond ...  Andrew Waltfeld / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Andrew Francis ...  Muruta Azrael 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Ron Halder Ron Halder ...  Sutherland / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Simon Hayama Simon Hayama ...  Chandra 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Matt Hill ...  Kira Yamato 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Jonathan Holmes ...  Marco Morassim 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Sarah Johns Sarah Johns ...  Juri Wu Nien / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Andrew Kavadas ...  Patrick Zala 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Carrie Keranen ...  Murrue Ramius (2017 remaster) 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Gabe Khouth ...  Nicol Amarfi 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Keith William Miller Keith William Miller ...  Kuzzey Buskirk / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Vanessa Morley ...  Cagalli Yula Athha 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Chris Niosi Chris Niosi ...  Romero Pal (2017 remaster) 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Lisa Ortiz Lisa Ortiz ...  Natarle Badgiruel (2017 remaster) 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Ward Perry Ward Perry ...  Kojiro Murdock 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Tony Sampson Tony Sampson ...  Miguel Aiman 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Matt Smith ...  Jackie Tonomura / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Tabitha St. Germain ...  Fllay Allster / ... 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Chantal Strand ...  Lacus Clyne 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Brad Swaile ...  Dearka Elsman 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Bill Switzer ...  Sai Argyle 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Andrew Toth ...  Clotho Buer 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Brendan Van Wijk Brendan Van Wijk ...  Romero Pal 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Sam Vincent ...  Athrun Zala 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Tom Wayland ...  Mu La Flaga (2017 remaster) 48 episodes, 2002-2003
Toshihiko Seki ...  Raww Le Kleuze / ... 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Takayuki Inoue Takayuki Inoue ...  Tolle Koenig 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Isshin Chiba Isshin Chiba ...  Arnold Neumann / ... 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Toshihiko Nakajima Toshihiko Nakajima ...  Kojiro Murdock / ... 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Shigeru Shibuya Shigeru Shibuya ...  Jackie Tonomura / ... 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Daniel J. Edwards Daniel J. Edwards ...  Jackie Tonomura (2017 remaster) 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Ben Pronsky ...  Arnold Neumann (2017 remaster) 47 episodes, 2002-2003
Yasuhiko Kawazu Yasuhiko Kawazu ...  Ades / ... 46 episodes, 2002-2003
Katsumi Toriumi Katsumi Toriumi ...  Dalida Roe Laha Chandra II / ... 45 episodes, 2002-2003
Christian La Monte Christian La Monte ...  Dalida Lolaha Chandra II (2017 remaster) 45 episodes, 2002-2003
Rie Tanaka Rie Tanaka ...  Lacus Clyne 44 episodes, 2002-2003
Naomi Shindô Naomi Shindô ...  Cagalli Yula Athha / ... 41 episodes, 2002-2003
Akira Sasanuma Akira Sasanuma ...  Dearka Elthman / ... 41 episodes, 2002-2003
Tomokazu Seki ...  Yzak Jule / ... 41 episodes, 2002-2003
Mami Matsui Mami Matsui ...  Nicol Amarfi 41 episodes, 2002-2003
Kinryû Arimoto Kinryû Arimoto ...  Patrick Zala 39 episodes, 2002-2003
Takanori Nishikawa ...  Miguel Aiman 39 episodes, 2002-2003
Tôru Ohkawa Tôru Ohkawa ...  Uzumi Nara Attha / ... 38 episodes, 2002-2003
Yôsuke Akimoto Yôsuke Akimoto ...  Sigel Clyne 37 episodes, 2002-2003
Minoru Inaba Minoru Inaba ...  William Sutherland 37 episodes, 2002-2003
Yûko Satô Yûko Satô ...  Juri Wu Nien 37 episodes, 2002-2003
Nobuyuki Hiyama ...  Muruta Azrael 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Vivian Hsu ...  Aisha 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Kikuko Inoue ...  Caridad Yamato 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Masayo Kurata ...  Mayura Labatt 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Sachi Matsumoto Sachi Matsumoto ...  Asagi Caldwell 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Shunichi Miyamoto Shunichi Miyamoto ...  Shani Andras 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Ryôtarô Okiayu ...  Andorew Waldfeld / ... 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Michiyo Yanagisawa Michiyo Yanagisawa ...  Erica Simmons 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Hiro Yûki Hiro Yûki ...  Clotho Buer 36 episodes, 2002-2003
Max Mittelman ...  Kira Yamato (2017 remaster) 30 episodes, 2002-2003
Cassandra Lee Morris ...  Miriallia Haw (2017 remaster) 26 episodes, 2002-2003
Chris Hackney ...  Athrun Zala (2017 remaster) 25 episodes, 2002-2003
Lucien Dodge ...  Sai Argyle (2017 remaster) 24 episodes, 2002-2003
Daman Mills ...  Yzak Joule (2017 remaster) 22 episodes, 2002-2003


In the year Cosmic Era (CE) 71, a war between the Earth Alliance and ZAFT (Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty) breaks out. The Earth Alliance catches up in technology after ZAFT has a head start building giant man-piloted robots called mobile suits. Immediately, four of the Earth Alliance's five new mobile suits called Gundams are stolen by ZAFT, with the remaining Gundam falling on the hands of a young Earth Alliance pilot. Written by fml_lopez

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In the end, there can be only one victor.


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Release Date:

5 October 2002 (Japan) See more »

Also Known As:

Gundam Seed See more »

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Technical Specs


(50 episodes) | (4 specials) | (1 episode)


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Did You Know?


Cagalli, Fllay and Lacus, the three female leads of the series, only ever exchange 1 line of dialogue to each of the other two throughout the series' 50-episode run. See more »


Athrun Zala: But you...
Kira Yamato: I know.
[recalls Nicol's death]
Kira Yamato: I killed a comrade of yours. A personal friend. But I never knew him or even met the guy. And it's not as if I wanted to kill him.
[Athrun absorbs Kira's remorse]
Kira Yamato: And you...
[recalls Tolle's death]
Kira Yamato: ... you killed Tolle.
[Athrun gasps as does Miriallia and Dearka]
Kira Yamato: You didn't know him either. You didn't want to kill him, right?
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Crazy Credits

The end credits slightly overlap into the last scenes of each episode, with the song starting a minute or two earlier than the animation ends, before cutting to the credits, without the usual pause or initial credits set that you would associate with this. Notably, On the DVD, This means the first few moments of the text-less credits show an intentionally blank screen. See more »

Alternate Versions

In the DVD version of episode 28, entitled "Kira," the last scene has been completely reanimated to better reflect the vision of Gundam Seed director Mitsuo Fukuda. See more »


Spin-off Kidô senshi Gundam Seed MSV Astray (2004) See more »


Akatsuki no Kuruma
Written, Composed and Arranged by Yuki Kajiura
Performed by Yuuka Nanri (as FictionJunction YUUKA)
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User Reviews

Gundam at its Best
19 November 2004 | by Vera26See all my reviews

This has got to be one of the best Gundam shows out there today. The animation is everything modern technology can offer, amazing choreographed fighting sequence and perhaps, one of the most intriguing plots.

The basic plot to Gundam SEED is a war has broken out between the Earth Alliance (Naturals or normal human beings) and ZAFT (Coordinators or genetically enhanced human beings), and two friends, Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala are pitted against each other. Mobile Suits come into play when the Earth Alliance secretly begin to produce Gundam Mobile Suits, to which Zaft is intent on obtaining. The attack on Heliopolis not only allowed Zaft to capture four of the Alliance's mobile suits, but reunites Kira Yamato with his childhood friend, now enemy, Athrun Zala. Kira like Athrun is a Coordinator and his decision to help the Naturals deem him a traitor and pit him against his fellow Coordinators. Kira must now fight in the Strike Gundam against Duel, Buster, Blitz, and Aegis Gundams as the seemingly never-ending war continues. Casualties will amount on both sides, forcing both Athrun and Kira to battle relentlessly.

One of the first things that drew me into the show was the vibrant colors and the character development. You have the protagonist, Kira Yamato, who is a conflicted and emotional teenager. And though he is extremely skilled at piloting a Gundam, he rather live peacefully rather than fight. Every time a death occurs on or off the battlefield, he feels it's his responsibility, thus the toll of characters that die throughout the show, effect and burden him immensely. He is extremely sensitive to other people's feelings and does not like taking the life of an other. Some may accuse him of crying too often, but I view his breakdowns as human, which is a reason I like his character so much.

His relationship with his old childhood friend, Athrun Zala, is extremely heartfelt, because it is obvious the two don't want to fight each other and care immensely for each other, yet they're forced to fight against each other. Notably, the supporting characters in this show are extremely memorable. Athrun's teammates, Yzak, Dearka, and Nicol have interesting character developments, rare in a lot of anime shows. We see Nicol as an aspiring pianist with hope for a piano playing future. He looks upon Athrun as an older brother and is very kind and supportive of Athrun. Both Yzak and Dearka's personalities are further developed later on in the show when we see them both make surprising decisions and completely different sides to their characters. There are also characters on the Naturals side like Mwu La Fllaga, Murrue Ramius, Sai Argyle, Fllay Allster, that are memorable, especially in their relationship with Kira and how they affect him to fight.

For once, the main female leads are not annoying. Lacus Clyne and Cagalli Yula Attha actually have important roles in the series. Lacus as the emotional and physical healer and supporter for Kira, while Cagalli is the tie between Kira and Athrun. The awesome aspect of this show is that it has characters worth caring about and excellent voice overs. The only disappointing factor is, if you're watching the Cartoon Network version, a majority of the more violent and graphic scenes are completely edited out and makes the events happening in the show, lose it's full potential and true effect.

The music for Gundam SEED is extremely compelling and perfectly accompanies the show. In my opinion the best songs you hear are "Invoke"

by T.M. Revolution, "Meteor" by T.M. Revolution, and "Anna ni Isshodatta no ni" by See-Saw.

Overall, Gundam SEED is an excellent anime show with compelling characters, and fantastic animation.

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