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Wiegel's Couple's Therapy

Wiegel needs someone to join her in couple's therapy because her insurance for personal psychiatry ran out. Raineesha Williams gets stuck with her.

Season 5

16 Jan. 2008
Did Garcia Steal Dangle's Husband?
Dangle's marriage ceremony is interrupted by Garcia who stops the wedding by stating the law that same sex marriage isn't allowed in the state of Nevada. Weigel gives birth to a boy and decides to sell him for $10,000. She also knows who the real father is.
23 Jan. 2008
Bounty Hunter Tommy Hawk
While out on a warrant arrest, the Deputies run into Tommy Hawk on his reality show. Hawk makes the Deputies look really stupid without really trying. Weigel goes to the local community home to take care of a man who seems to like being taken care of a little too much. The Sheriff's department hires a sex slave to work as a receptionist.
30 Jan. 2008
Super Knockers!
The department's new, women's specific bullet-proof vests have an unexpected side effect: Super Knockers.
6 Feb. 2008
Mayor Hernandez
Mayor Hernandez visits the Reno Sheriffs Department, and he asks the Deputies to have his back because he is in trouble with the law. This begins to effect the job when Dangle and Junior pull over the Mayor's wife and don't give her a DUI.
13 Feb. 2008
Coconut Nut Clusters!
The Reno Sherrifs Department begins to sell Coconut Nut Clusters for the sheriffs athletic league, and whoever sells the most gets two tickets to the play "Our Town". Kimball and Jones have the hardest time selling the candy because it seems every time they try, something really horrible happens.
20 Feb. 2008
Dangle's Secret Family
Dangle's estranged father has died and his half-siblings come to town to settle the will with him. Before they come, Dangle ask Williams to be his fake girlfriend so his relatives wont think he is gay.
27 Feb. 2008
Undercover at Burger Cousin
Jones and Garcia go undercover at Burger Cousin because it has been robbed eleven times in the past month. When at the job the Deputies find out that they have a very crazy, mean and rude boss.
5 Mar. 2008
The Wall
Junior and Garcia volunteer to build a wall on the border to keep Mexican immigrants out of America. Dangle and Wiegel go on an underage sting only to completely mess up the whole thing.
22 May 2008
Death of a Pickle-Thrower
The Reno Sheriffs department visit Jackie in the hospital because she is dieing of Lupus. They all begin to feel that they don't care if she dies. Dangle and Junior go over Terry the Taco Guy's parole hearing. The Department becomes a drop off for parents who don't want their new born babies and the deputies find themselves with their hands full.
29 May 2008
Baghdad 911
Officers of the new Iraqi police force comes to the Reno Sheriffs Department to be trained. The Iraqi officer begin to take advantage of the stupidity of the Reno sheriffs. Deputy Johnson gives some pretty bad advice to teens about drinking and driving. Weigel and Dangle have to cut stuffed animals open that are actually stuffed with cocaine.
5 Jun. 2008
The Tanning Booth Incident
Deputies begin to show their true sides when they think they won the Lotto, but it appears the their was a misprint and no one won. The Deputies of Reno get half off on tanning at the new local tanning booth and Dangle gets completely burnt.
12 Jun. 2008
Strong Sister
Raineesha Williams is the center of attention when a reporter from Strong Sister magazine drops in to do an in-depth profile on her.
19 Jun. 2008
Wiegel's Dad Returns
A Native-American man comes to the Reno Sheriffs Department claiming he is Weigel's father. Weigel recognizes him from his mug shot and is very happy to have him back in her life. However, the rest of the deputies feel that their something is not right with Weigel's new dad.
26 Jun. 2008
Junior Runs for Office
Junior finally finds a job he wants more than Sheriff's Deputy: Commissioner for Animal Carcass Removal.
3 Jul. 2008
Undercover Acting Coach
In order to boost arrest percentages in undercover operations, the officers take acting lessons from Sergeant Clift from LAPD.
10 Jul. 2008
The Parade
The Reno Sheriff's Department have to decorate a cop car for the local parade, but they are having a hard time deciding on what theme they want to do. They later decide to go with a 9/11 theme, and on their way to the parade they are involved in a horrific accident.

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