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Wiegel's Couple's Therapy

Wiegel needs someone to join her in couple's therapy because her insurance for personal psychiatry ran out. Raineesha Williams gets stuck with her.

Season 3

14 Jun. 2005
Released from Prison
Reno's finest start out the third season in the pokey where they spend their time getting kitten tattoos and trying to clear their name.
21 Jun. 2005
Revenge of Mike Powers
All the ex-deputies continue on their new jobs, but they all keep getting threatening messages from Mike Powers that they don't pay much attention too. All of them meet up later and learn that Mike Powers got them all together to kill them.
28 Jun. 2005
Cop School
Now that all the Reno deputies have their jobs back for somehow cuffing Mike Powers, they begin to test new recruits to have a spot in the Sheriffs department. All the deputies have a different favorite recruit, but the new addition to the force is definitely a unique one.
5 Jul. 2005
SARS Outbreak
The host of the children's show, Reading Ron, brings his own camera crew into the Reno Sheriffs Department to learn about the day of an officer. Reading Ron goes cruising and out on missions, and he begins to learn that Reno is not a very kids friendly place. Weigel, Dangle and Jones get trapped in a SARS outbreak. They have to be contained and have only a two days to live.
12 Jul. 2005
Fastest Criminal in Reno
The Reno Sherriffs Department have their hands full with a criminal who is in fact the fastest criminal driver in Reno. Kimball and Weigel give psycho Mike Powers a visit.
19 Jul. 2005
The Prefect of Wanganui
Dangle and Kimball go to escort the leader of Reno's sister city on an official visit. Junior and Wiegel represent the Department at the high school's career day. Garcia and Jones fall over themselves helping two young women stranded on the highway.
26 Jul. 2005
...And the Installation Is Free
Jones becomes the voice over for a carpet company which earns him a lot of money which makes him consider quiting his job at the Reno Sheriffs Department. Weigel and Dangle go to a crime scene to try and solve what happened. Junior and Garcia find themselves in a competitive paint ball gun match.
2 Aug. 2005
Clemmy Marries a Dead Guy
The department assigns Williams and Garcia to guard Liberace's piano and Williams begins to think that if you wish for something by the piano, it will come true. Clemmy is dating a 74 year old man who is very rich. He proposes to her, but he dies before she can tell him yes. Clemmy later decides to have Junior, Jones and Weigel help her put on a fake wedding so she can be a widow and get all of his money.
9 Aug. 2005
Garcia's Secret Girlfriend
It's Garcia's birthday and the Reno Sheriffs Department want to celebrate it with him, but Garica says he already has plans. The deputies later discover that Garcia is with a woman and they think that he could have a secret girlfriend.
16 Aug. 2005
Dangle's Son
While Dangle spends time with a beautiful young man who might be his son, the other deputies enjoy the new Sheriff's Department Humvee.
23 Aug. 2005
CSI: Reno
The Reno Sherriffs Department prepares for the arrival of the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. They have to let citizens of Reno know that they are coming to film and they also have to do security for the actors. Garica and Jones have their hands full with 'The Water Heater Lady'. They find her running around in the middle of the street with a row of carts.
30 Aug. 2005
Naked Stake-Out
After a drug sting gone wrong, Dangle and Junior have to make it back to the station on foot. Naked.
6 Sep. 2005
Wiegel and Craig Get Married
Wiegel has good news and bad news: her boyfriend has finally proposed, but his appeals have also finally run out. He's going to be executed for multiple murders.

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