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filmbuff197422 November 2006
I saw this movie on a fluke.I was standing on 42nd street waiting for a bus to go home and a sister started passing out free tickets for a preview of this movie.I gave it a chance not expecting much.The promotional movie posters I've seen on the subway station walls do not give this film justice at all.

The movie is about a young rocker who goes on a journey to learn the craft and art of heavy metal.I'll leave it there.The movie is a heavy comedy and lot's of fun.If your are old enough to remember when Heavy Metal dominated the music scene in the eighties you are going to love this film.Jack Black is an amazingly talented comedian and actor and assuming he really wrote and performed the songs in this film he is also a talented musician.

Tenacious D is definitely worth a look!
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Pick of Destiny Is So hilarious, it hurts!
higfilm0727 October 2006
Just saw it at as closing film of Austin Film Festival. Going in, a had seen a few snippets of their act at Alamo Drafthouse, and thought the trailer was amusing but I wasn't expecting such an epic theme music and the use of tarot cards is genius in the title sequence. Watch out for cameos from Ben Stiller and Tim Robbins, and the dark lord himself (who has a fetish for KG). So much over-the-top fun and the songs are so catchy. The car chase was by far my favorite scene. I know this will earn cult status right away and win over some new Tenacious D fans, just like me. I hope this does well in the theaters. "Follow me, we are the shadows"
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Greatest movie ever made
9sam123 November 2006
Probably the best comedy in a long time. keeps you laughing nonstop! the acting is good and there are a lot of hilarious cameos such as Ben stiller as the guitar store guy. The plot wasn't as good as i had hoped but the comedy makes up for that. I can only hope for a sequel cause it seems like they can still do so much more. Even though it was 1 hour and 40 minutes long i still wanted more at the end :) also there is a scene after the credits which is actually one of my favorite parts of the movie!! I suggest this to anyone who loves a good comedy and Definitely suggest it to fans of The D or Jack Black. You should buy the album also, the songs are so damn catchy and hilarious, the music on it is Top Notch as well.
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Takes The D To The Next Level And Succeeds (It Will Rock Your Socks Off)!!!
hinfinityl9 November 2006
I saw The D's new film tonight at a special advance screening, and I was so blown away by its sheer greatness that I felt I had to come onto IMDb and get the word out. Admittedly, I was already a huge fan of the D's work - I loved the HBO series and listen to their music weekly (there's nothing better to sing along to), but this appreciation actually made me more apprehensive going into to tonight's screening (for we've all been disappointed one time or another by something we love when it attempted to make the jump to the big screen). With Tenacious D's "The Pick of Destiny," this is not the case.

Simply put, this film rocks harder than anything I've seen and is funnier and more majestic than anything Peter Jackson, Pixar, and Will Ferrell together could produce. It tells the story of the D before we came to know them, setting up intriguing histories of Kage and Jables' upbringings, their comings together, and how they were inspired to write songs about such things as Lee, Sasquatch, and Dio. Most importantly, they reveal the true inspiration to the Greatest Song In The World, "Tribute," and how it came to be (which is different than the HBO Series' version). After you've witnessed it you probably won't be able to remember it (hence the Tribute), but your mind forever be changes by its genius.

I don't go out to movies very often anymore due to the high ticket price and the hassle of getting parking, paying outrageous concession prices, etc., but I usually make exceptions when it's starring someone I really love or concerning something of the the same variety. "The Pick of Destiny" was so good that I have no qualms going back to see it again when it releases nationwide, and I plan on convincing all of my friends to go, too. Last week we saw "Borat" and loved it, but this is honest to goodness TEN TIMES BETTER. For anyone who truly loves rock music and comedic brilliance, see this film. These guys' talent is so great you should have no hesitation supporting their cause. You will not be disappointed, and the Rock Lords will smile upon you favorably.
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Tenacious D preview
greatfox-17 November 2006
I was able to see a preview of this movie through UCLA's pre-screening program, and let me tell you: THIS MOVIE IS UNBELIEVABLY GOOD!!!! I have seen many movies, but few have made me laugh so sincerely or talk about the movie afterward as much as this one. I had a decent respect for Tenacious D before seeing the movie, and now I am MAD about them. I will most definitely buy their album when it is released on the 14th and will see this movie again.

If you were on the fence about seeing this movie, GET OFF AND GO SEE IT!! It is worth the extremely expensive price of movie tickets these days, as you will surely bust a nut laughing during the whole thing.

Aside from the comedy, the glorious and divine music that flows from KG's guitar and JB's voice is awe inspiring. The audience is left in a stupor that such beautiful harmonies and amazing riffs can be created in conjunction with such ridiculous (and hilarious) lyrics. If for nothing other than the music itself, this movie is worth the price of admission.

With a wonderfully coherent storyline tying in almost all aspects of the traditional "D" history and hallmarks, great new songs, hilarious comedy, and some pretty awesome cameos, this movie ranks up there with the best! Go see it!!
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so entertaining to watch!!!!
hnofer1722 November 2006
This movie was amazing!!!! From beginning to end, the movie is packed with fun, laughs, music, enjoyable rock music, hot chicks, more music, action, drama, and the f-bomb.

Although some scenes are entirely bizarre and unfitting, they were fun to watch and enjoyable. All in all this movie left you feeling great and happy. Especially those that love rock music.

The soundtrack is great, the laughs are plentiful, and the storyline is simple, entertaining, yet complex. You have to see this movie if you love rock music!

Overall Vote: 10 out of 10!
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This movie will rock your socks off!
abraxas36531 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I managed to see the MTV premiere of this movie last night and I needed to tell everyone that this movie brought the thunder. Obviously this movie will be most enjoyed by fans of the D as it has plenty of in-jokes for those that have seen the HBO series and has more than enough D for newer fans and the mass of soon-to-be converts. The music really shines with the new songs "Kickapoo" (which is much better than it sounds), "Master Exploder" (possibly the 3rd best song in the world) and "Dude (I totally miss you)". There are a load of excellent scenes (the car chase, the rock-off, the meeting) and cameos (including Dave Grohl as Satan!). I really could go on for hours but I don't want to give the movie away. Go see it. You won't be disappointed.
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Tenacious D: In The Greatest Motion Picture of All Time
redsoxmb545-124 November 2006
Tenacious D: in The Pick of Destiny tells the fictional tale of the formation of the band Tenacious D and their quest to find the Pick of Destiny, a guitar pick with supernatural powers made from the tooth of Satan himself (played by Dave Grohl). JB (Jack Black) and KG (Kyle Gass), joined together by fate, must travel to the Rock N' Roll Museum and steal the Pick of Destiny to become the greatest band on earth. The movie is hilarious and delivers non-stop laughs. Jack Black and Kyle Gass work perfectly together, having been real life friends and co-workers for over 20 years. The film is in part, a musical. All (or most) of the music was written and performed by The D. All of the songs are new material and many of them are classic. The soundtrack is definitely worth checking out. This film will be mostly appreciated by fans of Tenacious D, but if you are not a fan of The D, I still think you will enjoy the movie. If you are a fan of the D, then you must see this movie. The acting isn't as bad as you may think, and the laughs and crudeness never stop coming. I highly recommend this movie to anyone looking to get their socks rocked off and laugh as hard as they have laughed in a long time. Look out for cameos by Dave Grohl, Ronnie James Dio, Meatloaf, Ben Stiller, Amy Poehler, Tim Robbins, John C. Reilly, and Neil Hamburger. Also, stay tuned for an extra scene after the credits.
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Best Movie Ever
berky1125 November 2006
I am a HUGE Tenacious D fan, and I think this is not the funniest movie in the world, but the most entertaining. It's not laugh-a-minute but that's not what the D intended it to be. I went into the movie seeing all the HBO shows, memorized both albums, and that made it even more enjoyable. Plenty of inside jokes from past Tenacious D albums, and HBO shows. Since I knew the new album already, I knew 40 minutes of the movie because it is a musical comedy. I would say it has the best first 5 minutes of any movie and the best last 5 minutes of any movie. Hands Down.

See This Movie Now!
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Rather brief review
happy_skull8 November 2006
This movie is very silly and very funny. You can't ever criticize it for taking itself seriously. If you've heard their previous album or seen their HBO videos from the album, you can imagine the extremely foul-mouthed, rocking good time that is this movie which tells the fable of how the group Tenacious D came to be formed.

Full of cameos, it not only gives a fictional account of Tenacious D but is a send-up of musical history as well. The humor reminds one of Something About Mary in that they often "go places you'd thought they wouldn't," but it lacks the scatological humor of South Park. This movie contains no nudity, except for mooning.
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The double-dipped cream dream thrill ride of a lifetime!!!
llucifer1425 November 2006
This film rocks...so hard...

The cameos...the drug references...the sharing...the love...the ROCKING!!! When Jack and Kyle first met in Tim Robbins' "Actors' Gang" theater company years ago, who knew that such a legacy of awesome music and hilariousness would ensue?? All that door to door rocking paid off...

Although anyone who enjoys classic rock will get a major kick out of this film, I would definitely recommend renting the original 6 HBO episodes at your local video store before going to see the film in the cinema. They're on the Tenacious D Masterworks DVD, which is available for rent at pretty much every video store. There are some inside jokes in the film that refer to these earlier episodes that will add something more enjoyable to the overall viewing experience...
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A really good movie but still I'm disappointed!
gregory668929 January 2007
When I first heard that Jack Black and Kyle Gass would make a movie about their band I was freaking out! I love their music and I hoped that this movie would be really funny! Now that I have watched it I can't really say that these hopes weren't satisfied but I think I expected more. The movie is full of Tenacious D's great music and I really loved listening to all of it. There are a lot of great jokes and I just love the story, at least the first bit. I don't like the way the movie ends. The ending is very abrupt and in my opinion they could have extended that a bit more.

Overall I think it is a good movie to watch! Everyone who likes rock music should watch it! It'll give you a good laugh!
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Solid, keeps a grin on your face...
desturbd112 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
(Very mild spoilers; a basic plot outline, no real details)

IF you go into this movie with sufficiently low expectations. I saw this film at a free screening a few days ago in Maryland, and the only reason I agreed to go...was because it was free. I expected a few chuckles, but as I have never been a huge fan of Tenacious D, not much more then that.

The first ten minutes of the film are hilarious, as we are given a look at Jack Black's humble Christian origins in a Midwest American town. The film then takes us years into the future, to the first meeting between JB and Kyle Gass, the second half of Tenacious D. We see the formation of the band and the genesis of its name. Finally, as the title suggests, the second half of the film details their quest to obtain the fabled "Pick of Destiny." Again, the beginning of the film was laugh out loud funny, and most of the movie at least kept a smile on my face. That said, there were times it felt a bit long; it's only 100 minutes, but it still felt like it should have been a bit shorter. The story is every bit as absurd as it sounds, and this is not a film you see if you want a real plot. Which is fine, except it means that many of the jokes are very hit or miss...and when they miss, they miss bad. Same thing with the songs; it is a musical, but many of the songs lost their appeal after the first minute or so...then kept going anyway.

I will say that the R-rating really saved this movie from bombing; The D's humor simply couldn't work without cussing, sex, and drug references. But unless you're a real fan of the band, or at the very least know you appreciate their style of comedy, I would recommend you save yourself some money and rent. "Pick" will make you giggle a bit...but is it worth 9 bucks? I don't think so. I was tempted to rate it a 6, but since I do think that many would enjoy it enough to justify seeing it in theatres, a 7 seems more appropriate. Just be sure it's your style.
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It will rock your socks off!
your-favourite-accident2 December 2006
I absolutely loved every minute of this film. Jack Black and Kyle Gass most definitely brought the thunder in this epic tale of friendship, hard rocking and destiny.

Filled to the brim with unnecessary swearing in every sentence, toilet humour and the general rule breaking attitude, this movie is a must see for the hard core tenacious D fans of the world.

We follow the journey of young Jables (Jack black) and Kage (Kyle Gass) as they try and recover the pick of destiny, to win the open-Mic night, and to become the greatest band on the planet. The duo have to overcome obstacles such as a room full of lasers, a man with one leg and the devil to accomplish their task. I'll let you see whether they make it or not.

The soundtrack itself is awesome enough, and now we see the D in person, making the experience even more magical. A must see for anyone who calls themselves a tenacious D fan. Watch out for the inside jokes from the first album!
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Yes it is the Greatest movie ever made!
Azrael_2001 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I loved this movie!! Jack Black and Kyle Gass have probably made one of the best comedies since Up in Smoke. This movie has something for everyone: rock, drugs, and Satan. What more could someone want? I suggest this movie to anyone that wants to sit back and forget all the trouble in the world and have a good laugh. Even if the movie does not do well in the theaters it is sure to become a cult classic. I do suggest anyone going to see the movie pick up the D's first album because a lot of the jokes are made only funnier if you have heard the songs( such as JB's obsession with Sasquatch and the epic battle against the devil.)The movie still is guarantied laughs even if you have not heard their music but the songs are so great you can't pass them up.
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The greatest movie in the world
azdh8522423 November 2006
This is the greatest movie in the world, made about the greatest band in the world - Tenacious D. Jack Black is the King. Kyle Gass is the pomp. Ben Stiller makes another great cameo. The Pick of Destiny is probably a movie written while they were high..... but aren't most movies written that way??? What can you say? I put this movie right up there with the greats - apocalypse now, raging bull, and school of rock.... Well Jack Black is a genius... I can't wait to buy the DVD and see the outtakes.... I have to get back to playing my guitar now, with my pick of destiny... More rocking from the greatest band in the world. The D do it again. Go see this movie. Rock on!
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Love it or hate it, Black and Gass return to what they do best
pyrocitor25 July 2007
Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny

The concept of writing a film review for the Tenacious D movie may seem slightly unnecessary, as just about anyone upon hearing about the film most likely already had a sense of whether or not it would interest them. Fans of the duo's rock-comedy album and cult classic television show, or the incessantly energetic Jack Black will have jumped at the prospect of an hour and a half of unfiltered Tenacious D madness, and those who generally would not gravitate towards such forms of entertainment will have already uttered a groan, and discounted any possibility of seeing the film. And while the film will prove highly entertaining for those who would normally take to this sort of thing, it falls short of being strong enough to win any fans outside of its existing demographic - those who were fans of Tenacious D already will be satisfied, but those previously unimpressed are unlikely to change their opinions very drastically after experiencing the film equivalent.

Director Liam Lynch seems for the most part content to sit back with a camera rolling, leaving Black and Gass free to do what they do best - namely pull the infectiously energetic and likable slacker rocker schtick which exposed them to the public eye in the first place. What is unfortunate is the consistent feeling that the material feels too watered down to really excel as a film and reach the full comedic potential the premise originally boasted. While the occasional comedic gem may float along, for the most part it feels like these occasional high points are too inundated in mediocre sequences to be truly memorable. It's hard to pinpoint exactly where the problem lies; in terms of content the film plays upon the same themes and plot points which made Tenacious D so crudely enjoyable in the first place, but the material feels a touch too familiar by this point, coming across as still enjoyable, but merely cute or chuckle worthy, rather than the real belly laughs which should have been evoked.

Another crucial component of the band's charm, the music, also sadly falls short of the duo's previous material. While the film boasts a superb opening sequence and song, explaining Black's oppressive religious home life, and his determination to break free and become a celebrated rocker, after the opening credits, the music sadly never rises above anything more than satisfactory. However, the orchestral music backing up the band's music at crucial plot points was an inspired touch, adding to the faux 'epic' feel to the pair's overzealous quest, as do the tarot card transitions between plot points - another clever touch. Traits like these are what make the film ultimately rise above mediocre, and add style and class to what otherwise might have fallen apart at the seems if not packaged effectively.

While the film is unquestionably centered around Black and Gass themselves, while both are sufficiently entertaining to carry the film even though its weaker points simply by their raucous charm, neither can boast the film to be among their most comedic or entertaining performances to date. And while none of the background players have very much to do whatsoever, it's in the wonderfully in-jokey cameos that the film really excels. Tim Robbins in particular is flat out hilarious as a mysterious and unsettling 'Stranger' also in search of the fabled guitar pick, and Ben Stiller is the funniest he has been in years in an excellent bit part as a guitar store employee, equipped with garish amounts of rocker hair. It's also nothing less than a scream to see the legendary Meatloaf poking fun at his hard edged persona by playing Black's vehemently religious father in the film's opening scene, as well as singing on screen for the first time since Rocky Horror Picture show. Foo Fighters musician Dave Grohl is memorably badass, reprising his role as Satan from the band's music video, and John C. Reilly makes an almost unrecognizable appearance as a flying sasquatch in an unsettling drug induced hallucination sequence.

While the film may not win Tenacious D many new fans, for those who previously enjoyed their work it is still easily worth a watch. There may not be a whole lot of new material, and the songs may not be quite as caustic and catchy as in the past, but Black and Gass's collective enthusiasm is enough to guarantee that the legend of Tenacious D will keep on rocking for quite some time. Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny may not live up to its boast of being "the greatest motion picture ever made", but it does certainly guarantee a highly enjoyable, albeit forgettable hour and a half of inspired madness and head banging rock music.

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Best Movie of The Year :)
videogamer93921 November 2006
Tenacious d in the pick of destiny was not only the best Music movie I've ever seen but one of the greatest movies of all time I recommend this movie to anyone that loves Jack Black or Kyle Gass or just the D in general also seeing the foo fighters signer being the devil was priceless GOO SEE IT YOU WONT BE DISAPPOINTED I PROMISE Unless you don't like funny movies then go see Saw or something, But this is definitely one of the best movies I've seen all year way up there with Click which was also a great movie i would tell you more but i don't wanna ruin the movie, also the movie music is a lot better than the first album because not only is there rock music but it also goes classical for all you oldies and, Some hardcore metal


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Critics were Wrong, greatest comedy/cult film for years!
ethanrunt18 November 2006
A film which starts perfectly, using the animated Kage and Jables seen in such classic videos as "FHG" and "Classico", spoofing THX with the power of Farts.

As much as i hate fart jokes, gosh darn it, when they are done by slackers and not by animals, damn they rule. From this we get into an ultimate rock opera named "Kickapoo" with young JB rocking out about Christina family and his uptight father, played by Meatloaf, who really wails on the song. And when Sabbath's Dio sings to JB to keep him informed of what to do via a poster, wow, it's ultimate classic rock, no Nirvana in sight, well, not for an hour and a quarter, because, of course, Dave Grohl, the Nirvana drummer, reprises the Devil for the film.

After a brilliant start, the music keeps going as the credits are done using Tarot Cards, some which i have, due to the deluxe version of the soundtrack. I rule, hee hee. And then, we enter the story with young JB now being JB and meeting KG on Venice Beach, where JB interrupts KG's brilliant guitar work with an improvisation over Bach, and there they hate each other, and we see Lee for the first time.

Now, if you have never seen the show, Lee is their fan, he's the person who really likes them, has a website for them, but fears them when they become obsessive and fears for his life. Lee here is just a simple Pizza dude, but heck, he's not too important in the film, it's just, it's Lee, he gets recognition.

KG soon tolerates JB after a parody of what seems to be getting as hip as Scarface, A Clockwork Orange, but i can't see how a lot of people will recognise the spoof, rather think it's just a skit, but nonetheless, the comic disturbance of seeing Jables being beaten by Americans pretending to be English in white suits is nice, and with a Training Montage following it to level the pace, any uncomfortableness is forgotten.

I haven't talked much about the music of a lot of it, mainly Kickapoo, but the music is top notch, rude, crude, classic, and also you rehear songs from the series, mainly History and the opening tune, and the first strummed part of Explosivo, but it's still amazing, especially on a huge screen.

The story of the film is just crazy, to pay the rent, JB and KG, after finding their band's name, Tenacious D, on their arses, try to make a song that will win them the cash at Open Mic Night. It starts off like Episode 1: The Search For Inspirado, but teeters onto crazy classic ness when they spot that every great rock band had the same Pick, forged from the tooth of the Devil in the Middle Ages, as we are told by Executive Producer Ben Stiller's Guitar Store Dude, and that the Pick is in the Rock and Roll museum in Sacramento.

From this they travel to Sacramento, where they meet Tim Robbins' brilliant Tramp character, as perfectly done as anything, complete hilarity. From this we get into the greatest call back to the TV series during a drug trip, in which JB finally meets Sasquatch.

It's a road trip of a lifetime with less road, less trip, and more guitars, but it's pitch perfect, continuing the brilliance of the TV series the film gets every joke it wants to in, and has more laughs than Black claimed, there were more than 1 Orgasmic jokes here, and just watching KG and JB on the big screen is epic, but wait, there's the amazing ending to talk about.

Having had to re film it as test audiences didn't recognize the Blues Brothers parody, yet Clockwork Orange was noticed?, it had to be re filmed, and, as much as i'd love to see the original, this is fantastic.

Dave Grohl reprises his role as a Demon, here the Devil, from the video "Tribute", he is offered KG if he wins a rock-out, but otherwise would have to stay in hell AND pay their rent, we get an amazing song to end it. Grohl lays it out in a harsh voice that's piercing to the eardrums as we get KG and JB making plans, and a synchronized, and held very long, "Fuuuuuuuuuucccccccc*****" and hilarity ensues. Great lyrics to a brilliant song reveal what is the best song in the world that Tribute is based on, and believe me, it's pretty much there in my eyes.

1:34 minutes long, starting and ending with fart gags, and including C*ck push ups and laser deactivation with genitalia scenes, Tenacious D is obviously not a film for the whole family, nor for Commercial Black fans, but for Fans of the series, it's the ultimate movie, clever, stupid, brilliant, rocking, and has great cameos. Fast, fun and pitch perfect, i urge every fan to see it, not so much the rest though, you won't get it.

One more thing, they even mention Rocket Sauce, that's how special it is. 10/10 easily, and the best cult and comedy movie in the last 20 years!
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Redeeming social value is overrated
ks_voyer24 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This movie is absolutely hilarious for any fan of half-baked comedy, rock and roll, and particularly, the Greatest Fans, but will be lost on most of the populace. Fortunately, those people probably won't be watching it, and so the rest of us debauched fools can enjoy to our hearts' content.

Fans of the D, especially those who watched the original HBO specials will appreciate the parts of the film that are extremely self-referential, including the origin of "Tribute", the obligatory openmic cue cards, and Sasquatch. Meatloaf's performance is brief, but extremely well done and delightfully ironic. As for KG and JB, they are unapologetic about their hedonistic love of the rock, and if nothing else can be taken away from the film, there is the message that pursuit of dreams, however ridiculous they may seem to others, is always worthwhile.
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Best movie of 2006. Best music of 2006.
exmx29 December 2006
This is the best movie in 2006. I had goosebumps throughout the whole movie. The music is just fantastic. And the comedy was.. well, it's Jack Black. :-)

If you like Rock music and good comedy, this is an excellent movie for you.

It's actually the fist movie EVER i wanted to watch again right after i saw if for the first time. Only wish it was 3 hours longer..

Never seen Kyle Gass in any movies before, and i was kinda worried he wasn't a good actor. Well, i was wrong. They both did a great job!

Buy their album, buy the DVD. They deserve it! I know i will.

More Tenacious D please!
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The D leads as Two Kings.
SOAD_Guy25 November 2006
Calling all D-sciples! Grab your friends, hit the theater and see the hell out of this movie. From the opening sequence until after the credits you'll be laughing your self breathless.

This movie is a wild ride through the history of the D, and not just some bull-crap list of the things they've done, but a chronicling of their rise to power. I am a huge fan of Rage Kage(Kyle Gass) and Jables(Jack Black), so naturally I loved the movie.

It helps to know about the show they had, and their first CD, but it's just as funny if you don't. From the hilarious and vulgar lyrics, the rocking rhythms, the massive amount of pot smoking, and the cameos, down to the outright insanity that is the story line, this is a movie for D-sciples and newbies alike.

Many of their songs are referenced, such as Two Kings, Tribute, and Kielbasa to their many audio tracks like Cock Push-ups, every fan in the audience will be saying I remember that as well as new comers saying "That's F'ing hilarious!." I highly recommend this movie to any body that's ever rocked out. This movie is certainly in high competition for being the next "This is Spinal Tap." One of the best ever.
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better than Citizen Kane? yes!
cabezadeknuckle17 March 2007
this movie will not just change the way you see film, it will change the way you see life. i am watching the DVD for the 6th time. it gets better every time. it was definitely worth camping out overnight at the best buy. the extras are amazing. i can't believe this movie was shut out of the Oscars. there is obviously some sort of conspiracy going on. maybe jack black p.o.'d some studio head or CAA big shot because pick of destiny is funnier than little miss sunshine, better directed than the departed, has a better story than babel and i saw the queen- no c@c% push-ups. the special effects are great as well as the make-up. people need to go out and buy this movie so that there can be a sequel. i am already counting the days for the 10th year anniversary reissue. the story moves like an out of control freight train. the sound track is great. if this movie doesn't blow your mind there was nothing there to blow in the first place.
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Funnier than I imagined, but way too random and ridiculously unbalanced
DonFishies18 November 2006
I randomly entered a draw for free tickets to see Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny, and after winning, was unsure of what to do. I was sure I was not going to like the movie as I was never a big fan of the band, and am fairly indifferent to the work of Jack Black. But I went anyway, if for any reason, just sheerly for fun. And what I got was a fair mix of bad and good, but I was most definitely surprised at both how the film was so much better than I expected, and just how terribly random it is.

After a short musical interlude about the sad and rock-impaired childhood of JB (Troy Gentile, the spitting image of Black) followed by a kickin' credits sequence, we move onto him as an adult (now Black himself) and his meeting with Kyle Gass (as himself). He had wanted to become part of a group, and is instantly attracted to Gass as a fellow band mate. Gass is reluctant at first to do anything, but after witnessing a chance encounter where Black is beat up by a gang straight out of A Clockwork Orange, he takes him under his wing and lies to him about being a major player in the music business. Eventually Black finds out the truth, but decides against making his new friend hit the road.

I have already said too much, but suffice to say that the newly formed band needs to create their "masterpiece" and sets out to acquire the 'Pick of Destiny' in order to do it.

The film stays on course for the most part with a healthy dose of humour and musical interludes. Other than one scene, every song used is from the band, and plays along excellently alongside the film (of course, the lyrics tend to also be about the certain scene, but their elaborateness really makes for an excellent combination). But while it does stay on course, it does feel unbalanced. In some instances, everything that is said or done is just hilarious specifically for the fact that it is so ridiculously random. But in others, the randomness really just ruins the audience's suspension of disbelief, and just becomes downright stupid.

I do not think I have ever seen such a random film in my life, and while some of it feels very well thought out (Black, Gass and director Liam Lynch wrote the screenplay), other parts just feel thrown together and out of place. It is obvious that the film knows its genre (very broad comedy), and knows its ideal audience (fans of the band and Black, and of course stoners), but almost wants to steer onlookers away by throwing in these atrocious and awful scenes. Yes, a lot of them make for smirks and a few broad laughs, but mostly out of the fact that they just do not feel right here. It knows exactly what it wants to be, and in a way that is great. But in another, it really segregates the audience, and makes for anyone not feeling the jokes to feel completely awkward while everyone else laughs. The whole film works on this good and bad principle as a give-and-take type of thing, and sadly never attempts to move away from it.

Black and Gass work off of each other quite well, and make for an interesting pair. Black clearly steals the show away, as he actually knows what he's doing when he is not standing beside Gass, whereas Gass seems very confused without Black. I realize that Black is the popular comedic personality, but despite all the jokes and laughs he delivers, Gass just seems DOA without him. They have a solid chemistry, but Gass just cannot do it on his own. The music is also a big highlight, as it is both vulgarly original and disgusting vile all at once. It is a bit hard to take in some instances, and in others just feels like total overkill. But for the most part, it works, and adds a very distinct extra layer to the film. As a sidenote, I do not think I have ever heard the word for male innuendo that starts with the letter 'c' used so frequently like I did here. It is clever at first, but just becomes annoying after a while.

Going along with the randomness is the cameos. Meat Loaf, Tim Robbins and Ben Stiller are just a few of the recognizable faces that show up here, and they help add to just how wild the film becomes. All of them play ridiculously over-the-top one-dimensional characters, but there is something to be said for how frequently they pop up and how funny their small amounts of time are on screen. And really, what is Robbins doing here? He did the same thing in Anchorman, so I really am beginning to be a little curious as to his random presence, especially so fresh off of his Oscar win.

Another interesting thing is the subtitles and animation that pops up to show the various transitions (and of course, the history of the Pick or 'POD' as they call it). This same style is used during the credit sequence to great effect, and it looks pretty good during the film too. It works well, and feels seamlessly branched right into the film without problem.

For the most part, the long-awaited Tenacious D film is a lot better than one would expect. Yeah, it is ridiculous and so terribly random, but it does have a few genuinely funny moments too. Just do feel forewarned that not everyone will enjoy it.

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