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  • Tenacious D is an American rock band composed of musicians/actors Jack Black and Kyle Gass. Their style fuses rock with other musical styles such as folk metal, comedy rock, and stoner rock. They are known for their upbeat classic rock style and vulgar comedy.

    They are the self-proclaimed greatest band of all time.

    Jack Black: JB, Jables

    Kyle Gass: KG, Kage Edit

  • Tenacious D's first starring screen appearance was in "Tenacious D (1997)", a 1999 HBO TV show named after the band. They also appeared as a band in Bio-Dome (1996).

    Jack Black has had independent success as a comedic actor. In his minor movies such as Saving Silverman (2001) and Shallow Hal (2001), Kyle Gass has cameo appearances, but does not in Black's more major films such as High Fidelity (2000) or Nacho Libre (2006).

    They also appeared in Bio Dome. They were at the college hippy protest performing.

    Jack and Kyle appeared (seperately) in Ben Stiller's The Cable Guy (1996) ( as a co-worker of Matthew Broderick's character, and in a cameo as a TV viewer in the film's final scenes repectively ) and (together) in Tim Robbins' Cradle Will Rock (1999) (as 1930's theatre performers) . Directors Robbins and Stiller both make cameo appearances in Tenacious D in The Pick of Destiny (2006)

    Both actors contribute character voices to Dreamworks Kung Fu Panda (2008)

    Jack Black and Kyle Gass have appeared on Television in character as Tenacious D in Tenacious D (1997) (obviously) and Flipped (2002)

    And they have appeared in the foo fighters video learn to fly Edit

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    EDIT: There IS at least one town in the U.S. called Kickapoo, in Wisconsin. There is not one in Missouri, however.

    EDIT: Furthermore, Jack Black is not from Missouri, but grew up in Hermosa, California, and also he did not grow up in a strict Christian household, but is in fact Jewish.

    EDIT: There are actually 4 towns in the U.S. named Kickapoo. One in Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

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  • That's character actor John C. Reilly, a longtime friend of Tenacious D. Reilly also appeared as the Sasquatch in an episode of their HBO television show. Although he is not credited as playing Sasquatch in "Pick of Destiny", he is listed in the credits as "Sasquatch Researcher." Edit



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