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13 Apr. 2005
Episode #9.6
Special about Belgian beer. Mik Schack and Jan Haugaard team up with brewer Henrik Damgaard and travel to Belgium to investigate the secrets of beer.
20 Apr. 2005
Episode #9.7
Actor Peter Larsen helps Mik cook an Asian version of an 'ugly duckling'. Live music by MC Andersen.
27 Apr. 2005
Episode #9.8
French chef Francis Cardenau joins Mik in the kitchen. Ronald Andersen's jazz trio Swing Strings provides the live music.
4 May 2005
Episode #9.9
Gastronomy on a molecular level. Chef Jacob Mielcke Hansen and professor Thorvald Pedersen visit Hjemmeservice.
11 May 2005
Episode #9.10
Special about soft drinks. Experts from Einar Willumsen, the leading supplier of flavors and compounds for foods and beverages in Denmark, visit Hjemmeservice.
18 May 2005
Episode #9.11
Mik Schack and Jan Haugaard investigate Danish retail food chains.
25 May 2005
Episode #9.12
Mik Schack and Jan Haugaard visit the poor and hard working students at one of Denmark's oldest hostels, Regensen in København, investigating the kitchen facilities.
1 Jun. 2005
Episode #9.13
Swedish chef Rikard Nilsson visits Hjemmeservice. The Real Group provides live music without their instruments.
19 Oct. 2005
Episode #10.3
Mik Schack travels to Moscow, investigating where Danish products can be found.
26 Oct. 2005
Episode #10.4
Mik Schack in Moscow, Part 2: Mik investigates the Russian kitchen.
2 Nov. 2005
Episode #10.5
Shopping with Jeppe Juul from Danmark Aktive Forbrugere (Active Consumers of Denmark).
9 Nov. 2005
Episode #10.6
During the time of Denmark's Caribbean colony of slavery it was called 'The White Gold'. Mik Schack investigates how sugar was refined then and now using modern technology, visiting Danisco Sugars at Nykøbing Falster.
16 Nov. 2005
Episode #10.7
Balkan Special. Dejan Cukic and Carmen Nitescu explain Balkan culture.
23 Nov. 2005
Episode #10.8
Greek Makedonia Special. Mik travels to the outer limits of the EU to see what's so special about the Greek part of Makedonia.
30 Nov. 2005
Episode #10.9
Two young chefs from Krog's Fish Restaurant at Gl. Strand visit Mik Schack. Live music by pop star Jon Nørgaard.
7 Dec. 2005
Episode #10.10
Mik Schack travels to Tuscany, Italy.
14 Dec. 2005
Episode #10.11
Mik Schack and the chef Jakob Rasmussen switch roles. Junior Senior provides live music.

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