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Perfect Timing
sassychica98217 April 2003
You would think that it would be hard to get viewers to watch the show, since it's on at the same time as NBC's Must See TV Thursday. Yet, the show that's on at the same time slot is surely on its way to being a flop. Viewers looking for a show that is actually funny will love this show. It's on at the perfect time, you can watch it without missing any of the good shows on Primetime Thursdays.
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SkateBro13217 April 2003
This new television show, brought to you each week by The WB, is simply amazing. It features many guest stars, in addition to the charismatic Tim Conway from the Carol Burnett Show. Also in such a cast are Jeff B. Davis and Chip Esten, who many people may recognize from "Whose Line Is It Anyway?"

The premise of the show is incredible, which may refer back to the live Drew Carey Show episodes. The concept is like this: The cast is put on stage with half of a script, leaving room for clever ad-libs and any other games that the host, Chip Esten, may throw their direction. Also, there is a bell that is sounded off at rather random times, suggesting to the actor that said the last line to create a brand new like... You guessed it, right there, "on the spot."

Even the atmosphere of the Sunspot Hotel (the fictional hotel where the show takes place) is incredible, with the open-ended booths, lots of comfortable seating for spectators, and a tropic-style motif. It is unlike any other show I have seen, mainly because of the clever improvisational moments blended in with a sitcom script. Genius AND hilarious.
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Inventive and Playful
Mike-2488 April 2003
The WB is definitely taking a gamble with "On The Spot." Not only is it a unique mix of scripted material and improvisation, it also features comedy legend Tim Conway, who does not usually come to mind when thinking about the usual WB young demographic audience. I think the gamble has paid off, because "On the Spot" is one of the funniest shows of the year. What I like most about it, is that it doesn't take itself seriously at all. Actors are seen walking around the sets, talking directly to the studio audience, and even interacting with the house band, led by Dweezil Zappa. The result is like a crazy party that we're invited to every week. Besides Conway, the talented cast also includes "Whose Line is It Anyway" actors Jeff Davis and Chip Esten, Mindy Sterling (the Frau from "Austin Powers"), Michael Hitchcock (the yuppie lawyer from "Best in Show" and the theater manager in "A Mighty Wind,"), and Arden Myrin ("Working"). Every week has also featured a surprise guest or two including Jack Black, Cheri Oteri, Andy Dick, Robert Wagner, and singer Lisa Loeb. It's playful and inventive, and definitely worth checking out.
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WB did it again.
Roxburyfunny17 April 2003
Not only has this station given us Smallville (Michael Rosenbaum) Reba (Steve Howey) and Now "on the spot" (Jeff Davis. This show is great it looks like a big free for all party every thursday night. I want to go to a taping but it's hard convincing ten people to go. Either way i love the show not to mention the name above. Great cast lots of laughs and one kick ass good time. More for the Teenage/adult audience not for the kids, hence the time slot 9:30 Pacific time. So put the kids to bed or finish your homework get the popcorn and Pepsi Blue watch jamie kennedy then sit back and have a lot of laugh's with "on the Spot".
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On the spot one of the best shows ever
Alliecat982 August 2011
I absolutely loved this show. I really wish that WB would bring the show back. Get rid of all of them except Chip and Jeff. OK I know the rest of the cast were awesome but Chip and Jeff made it even better.The show just got better as it went on. You have to love some of the audience choices. On the spot was and is one of the best improv shows ever. This show right up there with Who's Line is it Anyway. At times they danced on the line and other times they went over the line. But that's what made it funny. The buzzer made it even more fun. OK my final review of the show is 10 out of 10. I know what your thinking she's going over board on the rating. But this is what the show deserves.
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