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Season Finale: Part 2

Hannah must put everything on the line with her final two bachelors to see if she will be with her soul mate at the end of her journey; Hannah talks to Chris Harrison about her experience; the final two men share their ...

Season 12

23 May 2016
Episode #12.1
Fan-favorite JoJo Fletcher, 25, gets a second chance at "happily ever after," as the season begins with her meeting 26 handsome bachelors. Will one of them be her Prince Charming? Before the evening begins, former Bachelorettes Kaitlyn Bristowe, Desiree Hartsock Siegfried and Ali Fedotowsky offer their support and advice. And it wouldn't be a first rose ceremony without a surprise! Before the ceremony can even begin, an unexpected visitor from the past arrives and pulls the shocked Bachelorette aside, as the other men wonder if this man is new competition for JoJo's ...
30 May 2016
Episode #12.2
Twenty anxious men hope to get their love story with JoJo off to a good start. The first group date gives 10 lucky bachelors a chance to see sparks fly when they head to a firefighting training facility, where one of the guys might need saving himself. JoJo and Derek get to pick their own adventure, and they choose a romantic picnic by the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Six bachelors get a dream date to ESPN's popular show SportsNation, with hosts Max Kellerman and Marcellus Wiley. The hosts are sure they will be able to help JoJo find a perfect match, but Chad ...
6 Jun. 2016
Episode #12.3
The men are still in shock after Chad stays as part of the group of 17 remaining men - despite his aggressive behavior - and begin to feel the pressure as the competition heats up. Chase and JoJo go to a hot yoga class during the day, which ends with a surprise performance by country star CHARLES KELLY. Plus, a group of unsuspecting bachelors is about to come clean about their sexual experiences - in public! Meanwhile, Chad has reverted back to his hot-head ways, almost leading to fisticuffs. James Taylor is treated to a good old-fashioned date with swing dancing, ...
7 Jun. 2016
Episode #12.4
Chris Harrison faces off with Chad about his bad behavior, letting him know that violence is unacceptable, but will Chad make amends with the rest of the men? The pool party continues, but JoJo can't help notice the guys are distracted by the house drama. After the rose ceremony, 14 men leave Los Angeles and begin their worldwide journey to find love, traveling first to the beautiful Laurel Highlands of Southwestern, Pennsylvania. One lucky man and JoJo escape to a surprising romantic date deep in the woods. The night is topped off by a dreamy slow dance at a DAN + ...
20 Jun. 2016
Episode #12.5
SPOILER: The guys go to Urguguy and find a magazine of what says that JoJo is still in love with her ex Chad and she finds out and talks to the guys and after that Alex finds a new enemy and starts blaiming everything on Derek for reassurance. JoJo decides to cancel the cocktail party and goes strait to the Rose Ceremony. She sends 3 guys home.
27 Jun. 2016
Episode #12.6
JoJo and the eight remaining men move on to the beauty and history of Argentina's exciting capitol, Buenos Aires. The Bachelorette hopes to get things back on track this week and make progress with some relationships, but for the first time in franchise history, there will be a second two-on-one date. Wells takes a romantic walk through the city with JoJo and they have the opportunity to participate in a performance art piece, "Fuerza Bruta," which will hopefully ignite their passion. JoJo escorts five men for a day of fun in the La Boca neighborhood of the capitol, ...
11 Jul. 2016
Episode #12.7
The drama of Buenos Aires is behind JoJo, but she still must determine which four men will have the chance to take her home to meet their families. So it is on to the countryside, steeped in Argentinian gaucho culture. There is a crucial date for Alex, who charms JoJo on a romantic day of picnicking and horseback riding. A private jet whisks Jordan and JoJo away for a tryst at an Argentinian vineyard to make wine, but later, he shares a stunning revelation which changes how JoJo feels about him. Bad weather cancels plans for a group date, but Robby, Chase and James ...
18 Jul. 2016
Episode #12.8
JoJo's world tour returns to the United States and travels across the country to visit Chase, Jordan, Luke and Robby. Her resilience is about to be tested by the men and their loved ones, as she tries to figure out from the people who know them best if these bachelors are ready to be married.
25 Jul. 2016
Episode #12.9
The end of the hometown dates rose ceremony, followed by overnight dates with the 3 remaining men in Thailand.
26 Jul. 2016
The Men Tell All
It's an exciting, unpredictable reunion viewers won't want to miss as JoJo faces some of the most memorable bachelors from this season - including Alex, Chad, Chase, Christian, Daniel, Derek, Evan, Grant, James Taylor, Luke and Wells - who have returned to tell their side of the story. A first look at the third season of ABC's highly anticipated hot summer series, Bachelor in Paradise, will be featured, along with a preview of the explosive final days of JoJo's journey to find love.
1 Aug. 2016
Episode #12.11
After a journey filled with laughter, tears, love and controversy, JoJo narrowed down her bachelors to two men - Jordan and Robby. Now, she finds herself in love with both and terribly torn between them. The final days of JoJo's journey are filled with questions. Then, in a surprising, explosive ending, she must do the hardest thing she has ever done. Will she accept a proposal or simply walk away?
1 Aug. 2016
After the Final Rose
Emotions run high as JoJo has a live sit-down with Chris Harrison to talk about her two final bachelors from this season. Both men return to sit with JoJo and discuss the outcome of the show and their relationships. A sneak peek of the highly anticipated hot summer series Bachelor in Paradise also will be featured.

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