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12 Jan. 2004
Celica/Jet Car
The team builds the fastest Monster to date, using a Rolls Royce Viper MK22 engine in a 2003 Celica body, with top speeds over 200 mph!
26 Jan. 2004
Jet Boat Car
Taking parts from land, air, and water vehicles the team turns a 2004 Picklefork Ultra Boat into a racing machine!
16 Feb. 2004
Box-Truck Wrestling Ring
Professional wrestler Bill Goldberg guest stars as the team turns a 1988 U-Haul 16 series truck into a hydraulic powered wrestling ring.
15 Mar. 2004
Old-School Chevy
With 393 years of customizing experience under their belts, a team of legends converts a 1954 Chevrolet 2-door sedan into a custom cruiser.
12 Apr. 2004
Rock 'em Sock 'em Scions
In the second installment of this two-part episode, teams finish transforming XA & XB Scions, into deadly Monsters and pit them against each other.
Quarter-Mile Cadillac
The garage is used to turn a 1981 Cadillac Fleetwood into a drag racing machine.
7 Jun. 2004
Miata/Personal Watercraft
This time around Jesse and his team "embark" on an endeavor to transform a Miata into a watercraft.
The team turns a 2001 Toyota Tundra into Koko the Gorilla's personal transport vehicle.
26 Jul. 2004
Pikes Peak Hill Climber
The Monster Garage crew converts a 1988 Chevrolet Blazer into a vehicle capable of climbing Pikes Peak.
Firetruck Brewery
The team converts a fire truck into a mobile brewery with the help of a professional brew master.
Army Tractor Pull
Jesse, and his team of Army gear-heads, modifies a vintage World War II Willys Jeep into a twin-engine tractor-pulling beast.
29 Nov. 2004
All-Girl Build: Dirt-Track Racer
This episode features the garage's second All-Girl team as they attempt to convert a 1975 Chevy Camaro into a Super Stock dirt track racecar.
15 Sep. 2004
Belly Tank Lakester
Jesse has the toughest challenge yet, when he attempts to build a vehicle from just the fuel tank of a Phantom F-4.
17 Oct. 2004
Jesse James and Monster Garage take off their crash helmets and toss on a lumberjack wool cap... they're making a log-splitter out of a Zimmer.

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