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Joan Cusack: Rosalie Mullins



  • Spider : You're hot, you're so hot...

    Miss Mullins : What? Are you warm?

  • Rosalie Mullins : [to the crowd of angry parents]  I've just been informed that all of your children are missing.

  • Miss Mullins : [about the teachers]  They hate me.

    Dewey Finn : No they don't.

    Miss Mullins : Yes they do, I can see. I wasn't always like this, you know, I wasn't always wound this tight. There was a time where I was fun. I was funny! I was. But you can't be funny and be the principle of a prep school! No, you cannot. Because when it comes to their kids, these parents have no sense of humor. No. And if something goes wrong its my head in the smasher. And these parents will come down on me like a nucular bomb! I can't make a mistake! I gotta be perfect! And that pressure has turned me into something that I never wanted to be!

    Miss Mullins : [silently mouthing the words]  A bitch!

    Dewey Finn : No you're not.

    Miss Mullins : Yes I am. I am a big one!

  • Freddy : I'm just saying, name two great chick drummers.

    Katie : Sheila E.? Meg White from the White Stripes?

    Freddy : [Freddy winces]  She can't drum!

    Katie : She's a better drummer than you! At least she has rhythm.

    [Miss Mullins passes and realizes that Freddy has rolled up his sleeves and spiked his hair] 

    Miss Mullins : Freddy! Where are your sleeves? And what have you done to your hair?

    Freddy : It's called punk.

    Miss Mullins : Well, it's not school uniform.

    [She pulls his left sleeve down, and he turns away with a rebellious expression. Frankie, Michelle, and Eleni have observed this] 

    Frankie : Miss Mullins, you're the Man.

    Miss Mullins : Thank you, Frankie!

  • Dewey Finn : [alerted that Miss Mullins is approaching, Dewey starts writing on the chalkboard]  ... And therefore, E=MC2. Oh, Miss Mullins, come in.

    Miss Mullins : I'm sorry to interupt but Miss Lemmons said she heard music coming from the classroom.

    Dewey Finn : Music? Uh, music. I haven't heard any music. Uh oh, you know what, Miss Lemmons must be on crack, right, kids?

    Miss Mullins : Uh, well, what's that?

    [Points at guitar] 

  • Dewey Finn : Ms. Mullins, would like to get a cup of coffee with me?

    Rosalie Mullins : You'd like me to get a coffee with you?

    Dewey Finn : Yeah, I would.

    [Cuts to a waiter holding beers] 

    Rosalie Mullins : Are you sure you don't sell coffee here?

    Waiter : [In squeaky accent]  Uh-huh, I'm quite sure.

  • Michelle : Mr. S? We came up with some names for the band.

    Dewey Finn : All right, hit me.

    Eleni : The Bumblebees?

    Dewey Finn : No, it's too sissy.

    Eleni : The Koala Bears?

    Dewey Finn : No, what are you talking about? It's too sissy.

    [Dewey sees Miss Mullins] 

    Dewey Finn : Hey, Miss Mullins.

    Michelle : How about, Pig Rectum?

    Rosalie Mullins : Michelle!

    Dewey Finn : It's a science project.

  • Rosalie Mullins : The thing is, Mr. Schneebly...

    Dewey Finn : Please... call me Dewey.

    Rosalie Mullins : [confused]  Dewey?

    Dewey Finn : [Realising his mistake]  Ned. Ned. I was thinking of my other name. My middle name.

  • [Dewey plays the song in the jukebox] 

    Rosalie Mullins : I LOVE THIS SONG!

    Dewey Finn : Really?

    Rosalie Mullins : Yes! Stevie Nicks!

    Dewey Finn : Yeah... Stevie!

    Rosalie Mullins : You know, she came to town and she did a concert and she was just so... wild! Oh my gosh! Oh!

    Dewey Finn : Yeah, she put on the best show I've ever seen. And she is so much better live than she is on the album!

    Rosalie Mullins : Yes, oh my gosh! No comparison!

    Dewey Finn : You know, I'd like to take the kids to a concert.

    Rosalie Mullins : Concert?

    Dewey Finn : There is one at the end of the month... but you have a policy about field trips.

    Rosalie Mullins : Would it be... educational?

    Dewey Finn : Would it be educational? It would be VERY educational. They play Beethoven and Mozart and stuff.

    Rosalie Mullins : Maybe we can make an exception!

    Dewey Finn : YES!

    Rosalie Mullins , Dewey Finn : [singing the Stevie Nicks song while doing a high-5]  Sings a song, sounds like she's singing whooo! Baby whoo! Said whooo!

    Rosalie Mullins : Well I went today, maybe I will go again... TOMORROW!

  • [backstage] 

    Female Security Guard : Sorry. To get in, you've got to be in a band or have a pass.

    Miss Mullins : I am principal of the school's band.

    Female Security Guard : Oh, right on.

  • Dewey Finn : Uh, how long is the job?

    Miss Mullins : My guess is, as much as a few weeks, but we do need somebody to start immediately.

    Dewey Finn : Mm-hm. So how much are we talking here?

    Miss Mullins : We pay our substitutes $650 a week. Now, do you know when Mr. Schneebly will be back?

    Dewey Finn : Hold on a sec. Oh, you know what? I think he's just coming in right now. NED! PHONE!

    [Dewey plays with the phone cord for a few seconds, as though he is handing it over] 

    Dewey Finn : [impersonating Ned]  Hello, this is Ned Schneebly.

  • Miss Mullins : [confronting Dewey after their 'Battle of the Bands' performance, aggressively hugs him and screams both her anger and adulation]  That was INCREDIBLE! Oh my gosh, the light shows, the guitar solos and... What it REALLY you playing?

    Dewey Finn : So are you not mad with me?

    Miss Mullins : [venting her anger and adulation]  MAD? I'm FURIOUS! I'm HORRIFIED! But your show and performance was so INCREDIBLE, SPECTACULAR and Sooooooooo AMAZING! I can't believe it

  • Frankie : Miss Mullins, you're The Man.

    Rosalie Mullins : Thank you, Frankie.

  • Rosalie Mullins : I must say, I find your methods of teaching very unusual.

    Dewey Finn : Well, I did study with Dr Errol Von Sraussenburger... becken.

    Rosalie Mullins : Who?

    Dewey Finn : Oh, you don't know him? Oh, he's, like, one of the leading leaders in... unusual methods.

  • Dewey Finn : Oh man, I would love to take the kids to a concert.

    Rosalie Mullins : Concert?

    Dewey Finn : Yeah. There's one at the end of the month that would be perfect. The philharmonic. They do the classics. They do Beethoven, Mozart... Enya. That kind of stuff.

  • Dewey Finn : Ros... I'm not a teacher.

    Rosalie Mullins : Oh, Ned. A substitute is a teacher.

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