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Hilarious short!
Spencer Dickson27 April 2003
Little vignettes such as this are what make awards shows tolerable to watch. Jack Black is fantastic. Being the exact antithesis of Spider-man, it is hilarious to watch him parody the web-spinning super-hero.

This and the "Lord of the rings" spoof were the show highlights of The 2002 MTV Movie Awards.

Considering the general decline in the quality of our motion pictures, it would be wonderful if the theaters would stave our hunger for entertainment by playing shorts like this intermittently through the barrage of advertisements preceding the actual movies. Great work! Keep it coming Jack Black!
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Late Opinion: Loved it
bellini9712 July 2003
Tenacious D and stuff like this short show us all why Jack Black is going to be huge. As a big fan of the movie, Black made me laugh a lot. Gellar, not much, but this is all about Black. From his reenactment of Tobey Maguire discovering his new self in the mirror to the webbing gags to the modified CGI Spider-Man (with a slightly bigger gut) to the kiss at the end with the odd Yoda reference, Black was at his best. Could've done without Gellar, but I guess you still needed a female for the parody (could've done without Wonder Woman; not funny and no Marvel). The shorts for this particular MTV Movie Awards show were top-notch and better than this year's.
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Another funny one
rbverhoef2 July 2003
This is another one of those short movies made for the MTV Movie Awards. In this one Tobey Maguire becomes Jack Black as Spider-Man after he is bitten by a spider that had Jack Black's head. Sarah Michelle Gellar is the 'love-interest'. Some very nice jokes including one with Yoda make this a hilarious short.
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Jack Black Spider-Man: Fitting MTV movie award stuff
Platypuschow24 April 2019
Remember when the MTV Movie Awards were entertaining? Remember when Jack Black was still funny?

Well this embraces both of those things and is a lot of fun.

A let's say "Adaptation" of a few scenes from Spiderman (2002) featuring archive footage, Jack Black and Sarah Michelle Gellar this is really quite funny stuff.

Around this time the MTV Movie awards would frequently do these skits of current top (And usually nominated) movies and generally they were really funny. Standing at 5 minutes in length this is no different. Full of crude, slapstick and traditional "Jack Black" style comedy I enjoyed it and wish they'd continued with this annual tradition.

Sure it's goofy and somewhat flawed but for what it is this is fun take your brain out stuff.

The Good:

Black and Gellar are on top form

Funny stuff

Utilizes the material well

The Bad:

Somewhat lacking in some regards

Silly ending
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Funny but overrated
MovieAddict201622 July 2004
First of all this is very short, which is the point. For that reason it is quite good and acceptable at what it's trying to do. However, it is NOT as funny as Jack Black/Sarah Michelle Gellar's spoof of THE LORD OF THE RINGS. This is a bit lamer and more immature with the whole upside-down-kiss/Yoda reference.

Jack Black is a funny guy and as a short this is pretty funny, but let's be reasonable: This is nothing great and I've seen funnier pre-show skits for the Academy Awards.

That's not to say this isn't any good, but people are claiming it's better than it really is. At least...I think so.
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Shouldn't spoofs be funny?
Horst_In_Translation29 September 2013
Warning: Spoilers
Because this one really was not. It was more of a reenactment with Jack Black taking Maguire's part and Sarah Michelle Gellar (back during her Buffy days when she was a huge star) Dunst's role. I know the MTV Movie Awards are particularly aimed at a younger audience, but they could have come up with something better than Black's face on the poisoned spider, gay jokes, the Star wars reference or Gellar turning into Wonder Woman at the end. The only part which put at least a bit of a smile in my lips was when the whole apartment looked as if nobody's lived there for a hundred years with all the spider-webs hanging around. As a whole, it's a rather disappointing effort, also compared to other spoofs from the MTV Movie Awards like the Panic Room parody for example.

These five minutes are really only worth a watch for the biggest Spidey fans and even they may wonder what the heck they were doing.
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This Makes Me Wish I Watched The MTV Movie Awards Of 2002
WakenPayne4 June 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Jack Black Made Me Split Sides With Lord Of The Piercing So I Decided To See This. This Is Not As Funny But Still Good.

This Is All About The MTV Movie Awards & Sarah Deciding Who Would Host Them For 2002 & Tobey Maguire Takes Photo's Of Sarah & Gets Bitten By A Jack Black Headed Spider.

After The Night Tobey Wakes Up...Only To Discover That He Has Turned Into Jack Black & He Now Calls Himself "Hot" He Drafts Costumes Looking For The Gayest One & Then He Finds Out That He'll Be Spiderman. Then He Goes Past A Burning Building & Finds A Woman With A Baby In The Building Still...He Takes A Pass & Goes To Find Sarah & It Knocks In A Star Wars Gag & Sarah Becoming Wonder Woman.

Overall I Actually Found Myself Laughing At Only A Couple Of Gags Wheras The Overall Film Is Just Okay. The Reason That I Would Tune Into This Award Ceremony Of That Year Is Because Of The Short Films...You Have "The Flying Car" "Lord Of The Piercing" & This.
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Inconsistantly Funny.
Evil_Magus19 July 2006
Warning: Spoilers
When I heard that there was a Jack Black spoof of Spider-Man I found a copy as soon as I possibly could. I was hoping for a repeat of The Lord of the Piercings, and in the first third of this spoof I got just that. Footage from the movie was used brilliantly with a hilarious performance by Sarah Michelle Geller (definitely stepped up from her minimalist role from The Lord of the Piercings). Jack Black's face on the radio-active Spider was ingeniously funny.

Then came the second third of the short, where "Peter" awakes the next morning. When it was Jack Black I simply could not stop laughing. And his performance was brilliant. But then, in the latter half of this section, things began to unravel, and the humor that they'd thus far been doing degenerated into the baseless and juvenile. That joke about Black's hands went entirely too far. It, however stepped up from this at the end, with "Peter" choosing his costumes.

The final third was funny, but far from the hilarity of the beginning half. There were some funny gags, but nothing at all special.

This is, again, recommended for Jack Black and Spider-Man fans. A younger audience will definitely appreciate this more than an older one, but most people should still enjoy this.
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