Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd (2003) Poster

Derek Richardson: Harry Dunne



  • Harry : You found my treasure? Why didn't you tell me?

    Lloyd Christmas : Three words: I did.

  • [Harry is about to throw away Lloyd's chipped tooth] 

    Lloyd : No! Wait - save it for the Tooth Fairy.

    Harry : I happen to know for a fact that my mother is the Tooth Fairy.

    Lloyd : No way! Your mom's the Tooth Fairy?

    Harry : Yeah, she flies around at night while I'm asleep.

    Lloyd : Well nice to meet you. I'm Lloyd Christmas.

    Harry : Well, I'll be. Here I am bragging about how my mom's the Tooth Fairy and you're dad's Santa Claus!

  • Mrs. Dunne : Hey, fellas, it's getting kind of late. Come on.

    Lloyd Christmas : Can I be on top?

    Harry Dunne : Only if I can be on bottom.

    Lloyd Christmas : All Right!

  • Lloyd Christmas : Somebody chipped my tooth!

    Harry : How do you think I feel? Somebody bit me in the forehead!

  • Harry : I like your flight suit.

    Ray : I'm a custodian.

    Harry : Well then...

    [salutes Ray] 

  • Lloyd Christmas : You know, you're the first person I ever brought here, Harry.

    Harry Dunne : Is this your special place?

    Lloyd Christmas : No, I just usually eat in the crapper. Yeah. Saves time. Out with the old, in with the new.

  • Principal Collins : You know, Honey... I think I've finally figured out a way to bilk this school out of enough money to get us that condo in Waikiki.

    Ms. Heller : How, Sweet Baby? You've done it all.

    Principal Collins : Small potatoes. This is the big one. This is visionary. This idea is genius.

    [Ms. Heller giggles] 

    Principal Collins : Look at this. The "Richard Moffitt Special Needs Grant".

    Ms. Heller : Mm-hmm.

    Principal Collins : This Moffitt guy used to be in a Special Needs program, & then he learns to string a couple of sentences together and now he's some big hotshot. Anyway, the State is giving 100 Grand in his name to every school that has a Special Needs Class.

    Ms. Heller : This is fantastic!

    Principal Collins : Mm-hmm.

    Ms. Heller : All we have to do is *kill* this Moffitt guy, & we get all the money.

    Principal Collins : No.

    [Ms. Heller sighs] 

    Principal Collins : No. What we need is to set up a *fake* Special Needs Class.

    Ms. Heller : We start our own class.

    Principal Collins : Problem is, where do we find kids... we can pass off as "Special"?

    Lloyd Christmas : O.k., that's high enough! Thanks, Turk.

    Harry Dunne : I'm flying! Woo-hoo! So this is what a flag sees all day.

    Lloyd Christmas : Yeah.

    Harry Dunne : And your friend Turk is totally great.

    Lloyd Christmas : Yeah, he's Aces, huh?

    [to Turk, below] 

    Lloyd Christmas : Hey, thanks, Turk! We're so high!

    [Turk laughs] 

    Principal Collins : Bingo.

  • Harry Dunne : [Harry is covered in mud and hit by Jessica's dad's car]  Charlie!

    Jessica's Dad : Oh, my God... it's you... you're the guy that crapped up my house! What are you... you're covered in *shit*! My car's covered in *shit*!

    Harry Dunne : No, no, no, no... It's not that?

    [gets off the hood and starts to walk off] 

    Jessica's Dad : There's crap all over my hood! You got feces all over my mercedes! It's in my grill! My car's covered in shit!

    Lloyd : Who's that?

    Harry Dunne : That's Jessica's Dad. She says he's really anal.

    Lloyd : [Winces, disgusted]  Ew... ugh, that's gross.

    Jessica's Dad : [as they walk off, fading out]  Get back here! I'm not cleaning this up! I'm gonna have to have this towed! Are you out of your mind? What is it with you and *fecal* matter?

    [Fade out] 

  • Turk : So were you held back two years like Lloyd?

    Harry Dunne : No, I was held back three.

    Lloyd Christmas : By your mom?

  • [Lewis is getting his mascot's head taken off] 

    Lewis : Aah.

    Harry Dunne : Whoa! The half boy / half horse.

    Lloyd Christmas : Oh! That's more of what we're looking for.

    Harry Dunne : He's *super* special.

    Lewis : Well... I mean, I got to get a job anyway. So if I - if I sign your thing, I can just come and go whenever I want to?

    Lloyd Christmas : You were born free, and free you shall remain.

  • Turk : [after Harry and Jessica and Harry finish talking]  Hey Harry, did Jessica give you that banana in your pocket?

    Harry Dunne : No, my mom did!

    Turk : Gross!

    Harry Dunne : [pulls out of pocket] 

    Harry Dunne : Want some?

    Turk : [saying discustedly]  NO!

  • Harry Dunne : Yeah. I like a woman with some meat on her bones.

  • Jessica's Mom : [Jessica's Mom notices Harry is digging into the dinner rolls she has prepared]  I see you like my rolls.

    Harry : [Stares at Jessica's Mom]  Yeah. I like a woman with some meat on her bones.

  • Lloyd : Whoa! Look at Jessica, look at her milk bubbles, and her shorts are really short!

    Harry Dunne : I know...

    Lloyd : Yea, last time I wore shorts that short, I got beat up!

  • Harry Dunne : I like your outfit, Mr. Polar Bear.

  • Harry Dunne : No wonder we both struck out with her. How can we compete with the sexual power of the man who occupies the highest office in the land!

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