Thirteen (2003) Poster


Brady Corbet: Mason Freeland


  • Mason : [to Teen]  You stupid fucker!

    [laughs and looks ahead to a girl] 

    Mason : Oh, sweetie, back that ass up.

    Teen : [walks up to the girl]  I'd like to see how that thong looks on my bedroom floor.

    Tracy : [turns around]  Too bad you'll never know.

    Teen : [while walking up to the girl]  I'd like to see that thong on my bedroom floor.

    Mason : Tracy?

    Tracy : [glances over and sees Mason; Mason looks down and sees Tracy's bellybutton ring]  Aw, shit. Fuck it.

    [starts to walk away] 

    Teen : [grabs the Cokes and stops her]  Hey Tracy. Here's your Cokes.

    Teen : Didn't have to with your fine ass.

    Tracy : Fuck you.

    [walks off] 

  • Tracy : [to Mason]  Should we talk about how you get stoned every night with Rafa?

    Mason : She knows I smoke pot, Tracy. Look at your pupils. You're so fucking busted.

  • Tracy : Hey, Mason. Just out of curiosity, who do you think is the hottest girl in school?

    Mason : I guess, um, Evie Zamora.

    Tracy : Guess who I hung out with today.

    Mason : Bull. Melrose Avenue.

    Tracy : Melrose Avenue.

    [Mason looks at her in awe] 

    Tracy : What? God, it's that hard to believe?

  • Mason : Go ahead. Hit me, Tracy. You'll go to jail, you fucking slut!

    Tracy : Mom, Mason just called me a slut!

  • Melanie : [to Tracy]  Have you been drinking?

    Tracy : No!

    Mason : She's always fucking drinking!

    Brady : Oh, like you never have!

    Melanie : Hey, hey, hey. Come on. You guys!

    Brady : Hey, Kayla. What's going on?

    [Kayla starts crying] 

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