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The movie works fairly well as a pitch-dark comedy, and very well as a dead-on satire of upward mobility and its discontents.
The laughs tend to come in fits and starts, built around individual set pieces rather than being generated organically out of the storytelling.
L.A. Weekly
Even the relatively successful pairing of neckless maestro of anxiety Stiller with the indomitably effervescent Black gets bogged down by Steve Adams' aimless screenplay. Would the Barry Levinson who once made "Diner" please wake up and pull himself together?
TV Guide Magazine
Levinson, who has directed enough films to know better, should recognize a stinker of a script when he smells one: Instead clever laughs he serves up sloppy schtick, dead spots filled with lame ad-libbing and Walken crooning "The Happy Wanderer."
Chicago Tribune
Envy is a shaggy dog-poop story that'll make you wish you could spray something at the screen to make it disappear.
Envy makes a pretty entertaining three-minute trailer. If only they'd left it at that.
Washington Post
With all the dog dung in Envy, it's almost too easy to generalize that it stinks. But it does, unfortunately, despite the big-name actors in its cast.
Entertainment Weekly
Leaves you with the dismaying sensation that Levinson, who should probably be off making his own version of ''The Player,'' has instead crafted a comedy of self-loathing, burying himself in a movie that deserves to be Vapoorized.
It's remarkably appropriate that Envy is about turds, because that's what the movie is.
Environmentalists are up in arms. "Where did the shit go?" they want to know. The answer is painfully obvious: into the screenplay.

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