Mr. St. Nick (TV Movie 2002) Poster

(2002 TV Movie)

Kelsey Grammer: Nick St. Nicholas


  • Nick St. Nicholas : What if I don't live up to your expectations?

    Nicholas XX : It's not what I want that matters. You have to be the Santa Claus that you want to be. And I trust you'll be a good one.

  • Thug : So, what are you in for?

    Nick St. Nicholas : Generosity.

    Thug : Yeah? Me too. Gave a new client a free sample, he turns out to be a cop. I tell you, man, no good deed goes unpunished.

  • Thug : Hector and Heidi set him up!

    Lorena : I never liked that woman.

    Thug : Tell me about it.

    Nick St. Nicholas : Could you give us a minute?

  • Nick St. Nicholas : For Heaven's sake, Jasper, you know I'm busy.

    Jasper : [sarcastically]  Very well, sir. I'll find a new cook the moment I've finished addressing your cards and doing your Christmas shopping!

    Nick St. Nicholas : Splendid. And don't forget to hang the lights


    Jasper : [under his breath]  I'll hang your lights.

    Nick St. Nicholas : [re-enters]  Jasper, you know I don't like it when you answer back to me.

  • Nick St. Nicholas : Lorena, people can wait their whole lives hoping to find that one person who truly is their other half. Their soulmate. For me, you're that person. Each day, I look forward to seeing your face and hearing your voice. And when I walk into a room, I hope you're there.


    Nick St. Nicholas : Lorena, will you marry me and be my queen?

    Lorena : Yes, of course, I would love to.

    [they kiss] 

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