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This show would be depressing,if it wasn't so funny
DarkVulcan2922 June 2006
A cool edgy puppet show, which is made so well detailed. A real life prank phone call show created from the insane minds of Adam Carolla, Jimmy Kimmell and Daniel Kellison. The puppets are used to give the calls more liveliness. This show created some memorable characters since Family Guy. The bitter war vet Dick Birchum(Adam Carolla), Mean spirited Hadassah(Sarah Silverman), Drunk pot smoking slacker Bobby Flecther(Jim Florentine), The Incredible nauseous Danny(David Alan Grier), OCD Ken(Kevin Nealon), sex crazed Cammie(Lisa Kushell) and The one who seems to be the most memorable is Special Ed(Also Jim Florentine). It is the magic of the comedic voices, and the puppeteers,that give the show its magic touch. I'll understand if it is cancelled, I mean how long can you on with a prank call show. But it is still fun to watch.
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Crank Calls + Puppets = Funny in my book!
syllavus29 May 2003
How can someone not find this show funny? The complaints about "lack of plotlines" are just ludicrous. Since when are crank calls supposed to have plots? The whole premise of the show is a wide range of comedians call up unsuspecting individuals and crank call them in a variety of hilarious ways, these calls are then acted out with puppets playing the roll of the cranker and the crankee. Some of the bits are funnier than others of course, but the same thing happens with any type of comedy program with sketches, and it doesn't stop the funny sketches from being fall-on-the-floor-hold-your-buns-in-place funny. Some of the crankers are completely hysterical in their dead-pan delivery of the crank calls. Kevin Nealon's performance as a man suffering from OCD who is looking to join a dating service and Wanda Sykes who calls someone to try and free her ass from her toilet are two of my personal favorites. One has to wonder if the people who received these calls ever heard themselves on Comedy Central afterwards and slapped their foreheads in agony. Crank Yankers definitely isn't for someone who has a problem with low-brow humor, as most of the jokes do hinge around making fun of other people or toilet humor. But if you're someone who enjoys a good laugh, even if it's at the sake of someone else, give Crank Yankers a try.
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It was a show of its time
stefstars26 October 2019
I don't understand why they brought this show back. I remember when it had first come out, back in the early 2000's. Those were very different times. The show was funny and yes it wasn't keen on political correctness; many comedy shows and movies from this time weren't. This is why the show should've stayed as a show from the early 2000's, it doesn't work in today's world. Not even because it's politically incorrect, if anything it's so obvious how careful they're being with not crossing the line too far - which doesn't do the original version of this show any justice. I've watched 2 episodes and it's just not funny, I haven't laughed once. Whereas in the original series they had me laughing, most of the time - mind you I was an elementary school child so that's probably why I found it so funny. If you want to give this show a try, I'd visit the original series from the early 2000s. Going from the latest season wouldn't be fair because it isn't what it used to be at all.

On a side note, I don't understand how the character that's an old eccentric rich guy with a trans-Atlantic accent was considered funny by some people, enough to bring him back on the reeboot. He wasn't funny then and he's not funny now, his calls were boring and trying too hard to push the envelope.

Just cancel the series and leave it as it was, a memory from a time gone by.
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Special Ed......Yay!!!
I_luv_BradPitt21 October 2004
Actually not a really big fan of Crank Yankers, but some of the characters make it worth watching. Special Ed is absolutely hilarious even when he's obnoxious. The special guest appearances by people such as Wanda Sykes, Dennis Leary, and a few others are worth watching. And of course any show with Tenacious D has to be worth seeing. Mushoo is an awesome character as well. I guess it's kinda like an adult version of muppets. Definitely not something for the children and something to watch when there's no one around to question your sanity! Comedy Central puts it out there and the child in all of us adults enjoys it. Have a stressful job? Watch Crank Yankers and it will all go away. Or maybe not, depending on why your job's stressful. Customer service workers can imagine the people they speak to and really relax. What more is there to say? I've said it all.
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My thoughts on the show
Vermin_Empire7 April 2004
IT'S ABOUT TIME someone made a crank-call show. The Jerky Boys have been around since the early '90s and it's taken this long to put the premise to a show. Jimmy Kimmel and Adam Corolla have pulled it off brilliantly. Using puppets to add visualization to the phony phone calls is a stroke of genius. This way, the producers can add to the "story" by personifying the victims and extrapolating possible reactions to the calls, or simply by poking fun at the "prankee". I can't stop laughing every time I watch this show. I especially enjoy the varied "celebrity yankers" who make the calls. It's interesting to try to put the voice to a name, and see if you were correct at the end of the show when they list the "yankers." Bottom line: if you liked The Jerky Boys albums, you will love Crank Yankers.
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maggagie111 July 2002
This show is funnier than you would think it would be. Real phone calls with some well known comedians with real people on the other end of the line. It is one of the funniest shows I have seen in a long time! The puppets they use to animate the callers are hilarious. Comedy Central scores another hit in their line-up of shows. You have to watch it to see just how great it is!
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Still boring
HorribleDrBones30 September 2019
This show wasn't funny at all back in the day. It comes back 12 years later and is even less funny. Number of times I laughed: 0.
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iamerror22 September 2004
I remember this show looking really funny when it was first advertised. "Crank calls, puppets, and comedians," I thought. "How could you go wrong?"

The first thing that went wrong with this show was the Special Ed character. Because we all know how funny mental retardation is, right? There's not many things funnier than mental retardation, except maybe repetitive jokes that weren't even funny the first time. But this show has tons of those so I guess I really lucked out, huh? "Hey, this guy burps a lot. Isn't that funny?" "This guy was in Vietnam and he's craaaaaazy. Are we funny yet?" "Oh, wait. We got an unfunny English character, too." "We also got a guy that throws up. Throwing up is funny, right? No? Well, maybe if we do it over and over it will be."

Of course, there's been some funny calls on here. Most of them are pretty terrible, though. All of the returning characters seem to reach some sort of turbo-charged level of badness. Even comedians that are normally funny (David Cross comes to mind) seem to lose their funny powers on here.

All in all, this show is pretty bad. But what do you expect when it was created by Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel, two of the unfunniest people on the planet. The Man Show was one of the most pathetic shows ever put on TV. "Well, we could make a whole show with midgets and fart jokes. Maybe we could do a whole episode with midgets and then we could do one with fart jokes. Then, maybe we could do a whole episode with farting midgets."
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Very Funny Prank Call Show
michael_the_nermal7 July 2006
This is one of the few Comedy Central shows I like. There's no rhyme or reason to this program, except to bug people with prank calls. Unlike the prank calls you might make, these guys are actually talented and skilled comedians, and the characters they have crafted are memorable. This stuff is far superior to the prank call phenomenon that likely inspired it, "The Jerky Boys." My favorite is, of course, Special Ed, whose voice and mantras are simply hilarious. Other good characters include the perverse yet exaggeratedly upper-crust Niles Standish, the old man Elmer, and Birchum, the Vietnam vet. Kimmel, Carolla, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, and even "Family Guy's" Seth McFarlane lend their voices to these roles. All of these guys are gifted mimickers and put their acting talents to the fore for a simple childish game of prank calls. If you want to watch a funny Comedy Central show, watch this.
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How could you hate this show?
FerrisBueller7 October 2002
This show is so amazingly funny. It's done by the Man Show people, but even people who hate the Man Show love this show.Even my grandparents like it. The calls are really funny and the celebrities who do the voices(Adam Corolla, Jimmy Kimmel, Denis Leary, Dave Attel, Sarah Silverman, Wanda Sykes, Tracy Morgan, Kevin Nealon, etc.) fit perfectly. There's a really great CD of some of the calls.

Moral: Watch The Show!!!!
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This has to be the worst show ever made
vinnied-2788314 December 2019
You will not laugh once. Not even chuckle. Not even crack a smile
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greg-goremykin12 December 2019
I loved the original series, there was barely a call that I didn't laugh watching, and I was so pumped that it was coming back. But through this entire 2019 series I only laughed once (one of the Niles Standish calls), a single laugh from an entire series. I don't think it's just me as I still watch the originals once in awhile and they are still hilarious. It feels like hooking back up with someone you used to love and finding out how disappointing that can be as well... once the magic is gone, it's gone.

This format just doesn't work well with out edginess, and that's what's been missing. I don't chalk that up to poor writing as much as the fact that they just couldn't get away today with the calls they did in the original run because the climate is different, political correctness has to be a huge consideration without creating a scandal (which, honestly, probably isn't a bad thing in general, but is terrible for a show like this specifically).

I'll still watch it if it comes back in 2020 hoping it improves, but I think maybe this is one of those shows that only worked in a certain time period which is now long gone.
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Cancel This Show
RickSC1374 December 2019
This is a great show for anyone 12 years of age or younger but not for adults. Comedy Central could put any show on instead of this and would be funnier.
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Whoa, this show sucks.
dootuss9 June 2002
Oh my god! Why must Comedy Central continue to bring us all of these god-awful shows anymore? This show has to be the worst one I've ever seen on the network. The crank calls aren't even funny, and they don't seem to connect. Besides that are these crank calls for real as they say they are? No they aren't! I hope this piece of crap gets canceled quick because it just plain sucks 100%! If they do that, they should bring back "TV Funhouse" which is a puppet/live action/animation show which is funny, and a gazillion times better than this pile of garbage.
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The show that makes me laugh the hardest!
chrisuab25 March 2004
There's never been a show like Crank Yankers before, ever! I don't even think there has been a show based on prank calls, let alone adult-humored puppets! So the originality of the sure is refreshing. I try to tape every episode. My favorite characters are Hadassah and Cammie. But all of them are great, EXCEPT I can see how Special Ed can be annoying. BUT, he is the cutest of the puppets which makes up for it. I would love to have a puppet of him for my room. Maybe I love this show so much because I'm a pranker myself. I make prank calls all the time to different businesses. I need to start recording them and make my own show!! :) I hope that Crank Yankers stays on Comedy Central for a long time!
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A Waste Of Time
paulbrec10 March 2003
This show has recently been released in Canada. I saw a couple of episodes, and thought it was a total waste. I think about these hard working, busy people, and these "comedians" calling them, and wasting their time. I think its terrible. I will never watch this garbage again. I work in an environment where I get outside calls all the time, and the last thing I need is someone messing around on the phone. I have better things to do. This is a very inconsiderate concept for a TV program.
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Totally inappropriate
ibarrio24 June 2002
Funny or not (and it's not) I can't believe anyone can think it's a good idea to make a television show about harassing people as they go about their lives.

This show is juvenile in the worst possible way, and has about as much entertainment value as watching someone commit property damage, or a mugging.

I'm reminded of a line from Dennis Miller, talking about another show but certainly in the same spirit as Crank Yankers: "Their next project: kicking grandma hard in the stomach."
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Not all it's cracked up to be
tangarang16 June 2002
I was disappointed when I saw the premiere for Crank Yankers. I was expecting it to be hilariously funny, but I barely even giggled. The calls would be funny if the "innocent" person on the other end of the line would react to the call and not just sit there and take it. I had to give it another chance, but the second episode was just as bad as the first one. I may occasionally watch it again to see if it gets any better, but for now I can some up Crank Yankers in one word - boring.
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Absolutely pathetic
Zigg-327 July 2002
So Comedy Central is betting the farm on this one, eh? They shouldn't. I made the mistake of leaving my television on past "South Park" last night (which has become a waste of time in its own right, far from the comic genius it once was) and "Crank Yankers" came on. I figured, hey, I'll see what Comedy Central is advertising so incessantly. Maybe, for once, it'll actually be something funny.

Boy, was I wrong. The puppets are poorly puppeteered, the calls entirely uninspired and completely unfunny, and the little "animation" sequences poorly done and with no humor value whatsoever. The whole show looks like it belongs more on a public access station than on a nationwide network -- but that's what we've come to expect from Comedy Central lately anyway, isn't it?

If you're looking to spend a half hour sometime, you could certainly do better than "Crank Yankers" by following your local road crews out next time they do a patch and watching the patch cure instead. What a horrible waste of a satellite signal.
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avoid at all costs
VL_Turbo3 September 2002
This would have to be one of the worst shows I have seen in my life. Saw the intro, still wondering what the hell this was. Was expecting Sesame Street on crack. What followed was an absolute disappointment. The calls weren't funny, the puppeteering was terrible and out of sync with the dialogue and the between sketch animation was just not right. Avoid at all costs. 1 out of 10
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A Waste of Time
General_G31 August 2005
This show is garbage. Crank phone calls are usually funny but this show sucks! There not even funny crank calls. Just because you call someone and burp a million times doesn't mean its funny. The puppets also die down the humor. Why can't they just show the people making the crank calls? This is the low for Adam Carolla and Jimmy Kimmel's career. I always used to hate both of them, but now I'm a fan of Adam Carolla's new show Too Late with Adam Carolla. Can't they just let this show go now? I just want to call up Adam on Too Late and tell him the truth. Puppets plus crank calls equals low ratings. If you enjoy this show, shut up.
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claymore-817 December 2004
Reading through the user comments, i see that some people really like the show, while others really dislike it. I guess it boils down to whether or not you like the idea of a prank joke and/or think they are funny. So pretty much, if you got picked on your'e not going to like it, which explains a lot of the comments found in this particular section of the website. I do agree with the overall sentiment that the character Special Ed really needs to go. Although listening him to repeat 'I've got mail!' while playing the AOL chime in the background about 40 times in a row was truly funny, I don't think i need to be laughing at the way handicapped people speak. I'd say a better way of putting this would be, even to those of you who think Special Ed is funny, would you laugh if a someone who was handicapped was in the room with you? I think not. However, would I laugh at the rednecks they call and harass if one of them were in the room with me? Yes. I would then craft them a belt made out of a bible and they would be reminded to go home.

And to edwardmunsky or whatever your name is, i was about to post a comment towards your views about the show, but then you said your favorite comedian was Gilbert Gottfried. Enough said.

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Puppets + Phones = Hilarity (most of the time, anyway)
perni12 July 2002
If you don't think crank calls are funny, you have to have your skull examined. And the fact that Comedy Central paired this great pastime with puppets is just genius. While some of the calls are a little too obvious or simple (the one where a puppet simply vomited over and over was not Crank Yankers at its best), there are some great ones. It all depends on how the other person responds to the situation, like in the Shavin' Makes A Reservation call or the recent one where a politician offers to beat up someone's son for a vote (they actually support him by the end of it!). I do have my favorite puppets in the bunch, such as Niles Standish and the war veteran Birchum, while others are so creepy I can barely look at them without having their felt faces appear in my nightmares (can we say Bill Cosby's assistant, Terrance?). I commend the creators for designing puppets that fit the voices perfectly, but how they do that is a mystery to me. Be warned, though: Crank Yankers is definitely NOT for children or those who don't like crude humor. Let's just say that if you don't like South Park or The Man Show, you won't like Crank Yankers. And if that's true, what's wrong with you?
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Occasionally inspired... mostly filler
nunyerbiz15 May 2003
The show has some promise. Some of the prank calls are hilarious and actually compare well to some classic Jerky Boys calls.

That being said, the majority of the show is filler. Mediocre premises are beat into the ground repeatedly. You could make a pretty good hour long special from a season's worth of shows, but that's not really all that impressive.

As somebody else said, stick to the Jerky Boys CDs for your hilarious prank call fix. (Jerky Boys I and II are classics!)
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The definition of "hit-and-miss"
sngbrd3926 July 2002
Wow, I didn't know Big Bird had a weed problem! What creative geniuses came up with that one?

The same ones who thought that the eternally amusing premise of prank calls, paired with puppets/Muppet parody characters, would become a hit show on Comedy Central. Sadly, though, the very structure (or lack thereof) of the show just smacks of inconsistency. When each episode is an anthology (for lack of a better word) of prank calls, it is inevitable that some will be hilarious while others will be inanely terrible.

Let's take two calls, which I believe come from the same show. One segment featured "Batman's Nemesis", a man dressed in a ridiculous "archvillain" costume, calling information to find out Batman's location. The man speaks in such an earnest tone of voice while looking and saying things that are so ridiculous that you can't help but laugh.

Then, let's take a segment featuring Special Ed, the bicycle-helmeted idiot who loves repetition. I mean, he really LOVES repetition. In a sketch from the episode in question, he calls a travel agent and yells repeatedly, "I want to go to Hawaii, yay!" The first few times, it was hilarious. However, this dragged on and on and on...

Well, you get the point. When this show is good, it's pretty good. When it's bad, you find yourself wanting to rip the stuffing out of each little puppet's head.
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