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Season 5

Sep. 2019
Episode #5.1
Spoonie Luv's sex life gets ruined by birds; Birchum pesters a yoga studio; an aspiring job applicant brags about her stunning looks.
Sep. 2019
Episode #5.2
Shasta calls neighborhood watch on a white guy; a vape shop fields a complaint from Dr. Penis; Elmer is thrilled with his new adult diapers.
Oct. 2019
Episode #5.3
Comedians provide voices for the crank calling puppets of Yankerville.
Oct. 2019
Episode #5.4
Landalious "The Truth" Truefeld makes a career change; Elmer calls a party store looking for balloons; Spoonie Luv gets thrown for a loop.
Oct. 2019
Episode #5.5
A haunted hotel gets a call from an interested guest; Hadassah wants a no-touch massage, a woman plans to perform Wiccan rituals at a lumberyard.
Nov. 2019
Episode #5.6
An angry girlfriend calls a hat shop to complain about her boyfriend's fedora; The Truth wants to set up a book signing; Niles Standish has to get rid of some lice.
Nov. 2019
Episode #5.7
A woman is furious about her boyfriend's obsession with "Red Dawn Redemption"; a wannabe performer calls an acting school; Terrence tries to plan Paris Hilton's wedding.
Nov. 2019
Episode #5.8
A rich bro tries to get a new festival off the ground; Spoonie Luv wants to purchase the perfect mattress; Gladys needs help from a psychic.
Dec. 2019
Episode #5.9
Comedians, including Adam Corolla & Daniel Kellison, provide voices for the crank-calling puppets of Yankerville.
Dec. 2019
Episode #5.10
Gladys wants to trademark a popular phrase, a cat orders cleaners for his owner's apartment, and Terrence asks Bobby Brown to change his name to Millie Bobby Brown.

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