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13 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.31
Got a flat tire on my quad and this is basically just me hiking the new tire back to change it. A little about this and a little about that some pretty Coues whitetail deer and views of the mountains behind my house.
15 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.33
It's new comic book day and we take a look at "Batman Year 100." And J. Michael Straczynski talks about his new CBC radio play "Apocalypse Al."
16 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.34
We take an exclusive look at art from Frank Miller's upcoming comic, "Holy Terror Batman! And CGI pioneer Steve "Spaz" Williams talks about the current state of the art.
17 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.35
We take look at the latest releases in toys and video games, as well as, "Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadman's Chest", "A Scanner Darkly", and a sneak peak at "Spider-man 3".
20 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.36
The new Lara Croft, Karima Adebibe, drops by SPACE to show us her equipment and tell us about the new game "Tomb Raider: Legend." And we check out Keanu Reeves' next movie "A Scanner Darkly."
21 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.37
We check out the Russian horror/thriller "Night Watch." And "Domino" is now available on DVD.
22 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.38
We've got the new "Spiderman" in Comics. And Natasha's got a sneak peak at the new toy line from "kidrobot".
23 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.39
We've got our first look at "Ultraviolet" starring Milla Jovovich. And we have the nominees for The Shuster Awards, honouring the best in Canadian comic book creators.
25 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.40
On this weekend's edition of HypaSpace we've got peaks at "Nightwatch", "A Scanner Darkly", and "Ultraviolet".
27 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.41
SPACE visits the set of "Decoys 2." And we report on the passing of award-winning SF author Octavia Butler.
28 Feb. 2006
Episode #5.42
Mark Verheiden talks about writing for "Battlestar Galactica." And "Ultraviolet" star Milla Jovovich talks about the special support garments that got her into character.
1 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.43
We check out what's new on the comic book shelves. And take a look at the new IMAX film, "Deep Sea 3D."
2 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.44
"Ultraviolet" star Milla Jovovich talks about her stunt work in the film. And we check out the new baseball video game "MLB06: The Show."
4 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.45
Kim Poirier reports from the set of "Decoys 2"; Milla Jovovich stars in "Ultraviolet"; We go under water with "Deep Sea 3D"; "The Scoop," and an amazing "Harry Potter" giveaway!
6 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.46
Andrea Martin talks about the remake of the cult film "Black Christmas." And just in time for the DVD release on "Star Trek: Fan Collective - Borg," Seven of Nine herself, Jeri Ryan, talks about the enduring appeal of the Borg.
7 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.47
"Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is now available on DVD. And the Oscar nominated animated film "Howl's Moving Castle" also hits a DVD shelf near you.
8 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.48
Comic Book master and all round nice guy Dave Gibbons talks about writing "Green Lantern Corps: Recharge." And we check out "Mamechiyo's Art of Kimono" at The Magic Pony.
9 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.49
Wes Craven talks about the remake of "The Hills Have Eyes." And Natasha Eloi takes a look at some cool cult toys.
11 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.50
This weekend on HypaSpace we take a look at the latest releases in toys and comics, as well as, "The Hills Have Eyes" , "Beowulf and Grendel" and "V For Vendetta".
13 Mar. 2006
Episode #5.51
We've got new James Bond Daniel Craig on the set of "Casino Royale." And Hugo Weaving talks about the upcoming "V For Vendetta."