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9 Apr. 1989
Satan's Children
Australian version of the long-running news-magazine show.
26 Jun. 1994
Alexander Downer
Profile of Leader of the Opposition, Alexander Downer.
13 Oct. 1996
The Hanson Phenomenon
Veteran political watchers had never seen anything like it. One, independent member of parliament dominating the news day after day. Ipswich fish and chip shop owner, Pauline Hanson was a political phenomenon. Not for what she was. But for what she was saying. Her views on race and immigration were considered extreme by some but apparently shared by many millions of Australians.
2 Aug. 1998
The View Out There
Richard Carleton hosts a discussion between a panel of politicians and an audience of candidates and supporters of Pauline Hanson's One Nation Party. The view is that the major political parties in Australia are out-of-touch with the concerns and aspirations of everyday citizens. Labor, Liberal, and National Party politicians no longer represent the will of the people.
11 Apr. 1999
Episode dated 11 April 1999
Segment - behind the scenes of Xena.
23 Nov. 2003
Episode dated 23 November 2003
60 Minutes is going back to the Stone Age on the trail of a long lost tribe, the last of the cannibals.
21 May 2006
Last Cannibals
An adventure into the unknown. 60 Minutes is going back to the Stone Age on the trail of a long lost tribe, the last of the cannibals. And the amazing thing is this isn't ancient history. The tribe really does exist and not all that far from us - our next-door neighbours. Nevertheless, it'll take a major expedition to find them. They're called the Korowai and they live just as they did 10,000 years ago, deep in the jungles of West Papua. Reporter Ben Fordham set out in search of the Korowai - these primitive warriors who have never seen a white man still believe in witchcraft ...
25 Jun. 2006
Gay Marriage/The Marilyn Mystery
A new investigation into the mysterious death of Marilyn Monroe.
11 Jun. 2012
In the Name of Evil/Sweet Poison
Ivan Milat stalked, tortured and killed seven young backpackers in the Belanglo State Forest just south of Sydney. When he was finally locked up - never to be released - we thought we'd heard the last of that terrible name. But there was another monster lurking in the Milat family.
1 Dec. 2013
Toxic Flyer
For some people, flying is an anxious white-knuckle ride as they carry a pressing fear that the aircraft will crash. But there's another risk that may be far greater, which affects us all. It's called Aerotoxic Syndrome and it's caused by breathing contaminated cabin air. Some experts are calling it the asbestos of the airline industry - it can result in a range of serious health problems, even death. But what's most shocking is the way aircraft manufacturers and operators have known about the problem for years and have done nothing about it.