Shark Tale (2004) Poster


David P. Smith: Crazy Joe



  • Crazy Joe : Now that you live in a big penthouse, can I be your financial advisor?

    Oscar : Crazy Joe, that's a billboard.

    Crazy Joe : You live in a billboard?

    Oscar : No!

    Crazy Joe : ...And I thought I was crazy!

    [floats away on an umbrella, cackling insanely] 

  • [last lines] 

    Lola : Hello? Hello? Oscar? Listen, Baby, I know I was a bad girl, but you'd have to be crazy not to take me back!

    Crazy Joe : Did someone say crazy?

  • Oscar : I'm not really a shark slayer... I lied.

    Crazy Joe : [remorseful]  And I'm not a financial advisor!

  • Crazy Joe : [stops closing credits]  Hey! Hey, you see this guy here?

    [taps crew member name] 

    Crazy Joe : He hardly worked on the film at all! Always on the phone - yakking, yakking, yakking!

  • Crazy Joe : [during closing credits]  Man! Did you see what's playing next door? Woo-hoo! Kinky!

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