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Ziggy Marley: Ernie



  • Ernie : [pretending to be Lola, put mustard and ketchup on a hot dog on a stick so it looks like a face]  You're a nobody!

    Bernie : [pretending to be Oscar, also put mustard and ketchup on a hot dog on a stick so it looks like a face]  No wait! Lola! I'm not a nobody! I'm a weiner!

  • Bernie : Ernie, let me ask you a question?

    Ernie : Yeah, man?

    Bernie : Why is it that we can sting other people, but they have no effect on me or you?

    [a tentacle of his brushes and stings Ernie, causing him to fall down screaming and twitching] 

    Bernie : Ernie! I didn't mean it, Ernie, I didn't mean it, man... Ernie, Ernie, ohh, Ernie...

    [Ernie suddenly gets up laughing] 

    Bernie : Ernie! You made a joke! Good one, man - respect!

    Ernie : Respect! Bloatfire!

    [they high-five each other] 

  • Bernie : [Ernie just lost at the "Sharkslayer" videogame]  You're not doing it right! I told you!

    Ernie : I'm doing it!

    Bernie : X, circle, X X, double left square, right trigger down, square, square.

    Ernie : Oh, double square! Respect!

    Bernie : Respect!

  • Ernie : Hello, Sykes' Whale Wash; And the price...

    [Sees Don Lino chasing Oscar] 

    Ernie : OH MY GOSH!

    Bernie : Hey, you got it right.

  • Ernie : Oscar!

    Bernie : Did you kill that shark?

    Oscar : Yeah, Yeah. Exactly how it looked; that's how it is.

  • Ernie : [on the phone]  Syke's Whale Wash! You get a whale of a wash and the price... eh... is really, really low, considering how good the wash is.

    Sykes : It's "oh my gosh!" "You get a whale of a wash, and the price, oh my gosh!"

    Ernie : Got it!

    [the phone rings, and Ernie answers it] 

    Ernie : Whale wash!

    Bernie : Rhymes with gosh!

    [both laugh] 

    Sykes : [chasing the brothers off]  Get out of here, you two! Go be useless someplace else!

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