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  • (1) The Ring (2002) (2002) (the movie's plot is based on the killer videotape and evil girl within it), (2) Signs (2002) (2002) (the aliens and crop circles are taken from this movie), (3) 8 Mile (2002) (2002) (characters have a rap battle like the one that takes place in 8 Mile. Rappers also make various cameos), (4) The Others (2001) (2001) (Tom finds what he thinks is Sue under a blanket speaking in an eerie manner), (5) The Matrix (1999) (the character of Aunt ShaNeequa being "The Oracle", Orpheus, and their style of clothing), and (6) The Matrix Reloaded (2003) (The scene with the character of the "Architect"). Edit

  • A common question among young non-Americans who have watched this film, George's hood resembles to the attire of the Ku Klux Klan (KKK), which is a White supremacist organization. Edit

  • The film is introduced through Katie and Becca, two girls who watch a videotape and after seven days, meet a grim death. Brenda is killed by Tabitha, the girl in the videotape after she watches it. Tabitha was drowned in a well and is now possessing the videotape. Later on in the movie, she is thrown back down the well, presumably killing her for good. Edit

  • Only a few changes have been made in the unrated version (titled Scary Movie 3.5). Most of them concerning jokes of sexual content. The unrated version runs 76 seconds longer than the theatrical version. Edit



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