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Bigyin16 May 2003
I just finished watching this show filmed live in Las Vegas, and it was painful. Carson has no humour, nor does he have any interviewing skills. The show had many of those "uncomfortable silence" moments where you felt uncomfortable even watching it from home. A true interviewer like Jack Parr, Johnny Carson or David Letterman can continue an interview regardless of the interviewee and their inane answers. Carson Daly does not have this ability. He's been on the air for a while now, so if the ability was going to show itself it would have already. Jon Stewart had the same problem, but he worked on it and achieved a good style. Carson has yet to do this. There's a reason that this show is on at 1:30am.
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Worst Late Night Show Ever
youngbonzi19 May 2006
I don't think I've ever gave something a 1/10 rating, but this one easily gets the denomination. I find it hard just to sit through one of his jokes. It's not just that the jokes are so bad, but combine that with the fact that Carson Daily has zero charisma, can't set up or finish a punchline, and you've got a late night comedy recipe that will really turn your stomach.

I have watched the show, never in its entirety, but many times still. It just creeps up on me after Conan. I usually watch a minute or two just to see if Carson daily is still the worst talk show host ever.

Actually if you ever do see him interviewing a guest, it's just that, an interview. I feel so sorry every time he has a guest on and their confused smiles try to mask their body language that's screaming, "get me the hell away from this freak!" I do recommend watching the show, not for a laugh, but to ponder, how he got on the air and what he's still doing there. Watch as much as you can, I think you will find its complete awkwardness...interesting.
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This Show is Horrible
top_jimmy6911 April 2003
This show sucks big time. I watched it for a while but got tired of carson asking everybody on his show what they thought about having stories made up about themselves and posted in the tabloids. This would be fine if he was interviewing a tabloid queen like J.Lo but it's always his first question and usually most of the interview.

The show gets good guests who have a story to tell and since the show is on late at night they can tell some of the stories but Carson takes over the show with his obsession will rumors that get published. So if you like the types of celebrities that Carson has on his show but actually want to hear their stories watch Kilbourn or Kimmel, but if you enjoy the same interview every night watch Carson.
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Uncomfortably horrible
stnly12414 May 2005
I have watched this show twice. I never new it existed until flipping through channels one night. Carson is an awesome MTV host, but a HORRIBLE late night host. In a show I watched he continuously talked about the flowers and how well they were arranged for the musical guest. NO ONE CARES!!! The music sucked and we don't watch TV to see flowers. He makes jokes the audience fails to laugh at, leaving us at home uneasy trying to watch his amateur performance. The only thing good about his show is when he knows something he says is not funny, he keeps his mouth shut and does not try dig his hole deeper. Even his guests look uncomfortable as he makes feeble attempts to interview them. Maybe he is on drugs and in his own world where everything he says is funny. NBC must be in the same boat for keeping him on air. I am a big fan of Carson, but he is just too dull for late night talk show.
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olivesareyum6 February 2002
I have to agree with the only other reviewer - is this supposed to be a joke? Carson Daly was just fine catering to a bunch of fifteen year olds and talking about the latest Limp Bizkit and Kid Rock videos on MTV's "TRL," but as a late-night talkshow host, he is completely unoriginal, not to mention totally annoying. The only reason I stayed up to watch it is because his slot is after Conan O'Brien's. I have watched the show a few times, and I can't believe how impolite and rude Daly is to his guests. And you thought Jay Leno was bad? I was embarassed for Jason Schwartzman when he was recently a guest on the show, because he literally couldn't get a word in edgewise. Daly took it upon himself to continually insult and interrupt Schwartzman, and it was just really, really bad TV. Secondly, Daly just simply is not funny. He tries to be cool and seem like he is really "down" with his guests, but he looks like a fool and tries way too hard. And as a huge fan of Conan O'Brien, it isn't hard to tell that Daly occasionally rips off some of Conan's humor techniques and tries to nonchalantly pass them off as his own unique brand of humor. Any fan of Conan's will agree that the reason that Conan is so funny is because he 1) appeals to those who are self-deprecating and who don't mind laughing at themselves, and 2) his style is therefore completely original, because his phrases and jokes come off like they are inside jokes, like he's talking to some of his friends and you just happen to have the privilege of listening to the conversation, and understand enough to know that it's really funny. I notice Carson Daly literally taking some of the nerdy phrases and funny body contortions that Conan uses and trying to incorporate them into his monologues or interviews with his guests, much like Conan does. Except, it doesn't work, because Conan is funny, and Carson isn't. Bottom line: Believe me, if Conan wasn't obligated to promote Carson's show because it is on the same network, then you KNOW he would be ripping on Carson's show all the time.
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Are they serious?
etown710 January 2002
Carson Daly should only be on tv for the kids who come home from school and want to see their favorite music videos on MTV. NOT for the late night audience who doesn't care about MTV and cares even less about the vj's who are replaced every few years once they reach the hip age limit. Should I assume that "Last Call" is the beginning of a transition for Carson Daly to legitimate television and movies? I certainly hope not, and here's some more news for you Carson... Pauly Shore has already run your gig into the ground and is now accepting plum roles like "man in trunk" in such prestigious films as "The Wash" with Snoop and Dr. Dre. No offense to Snoop and Dr. Dre, but the movie really stunk. I blame the writers. As for Carson Daly, let's just hope "Last Call" is really his last call to any show other than TRL.
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This show is terrible!
whimsicalflautist23 May 2007
Carson Daly has to be the only late night talk show host that isn't a comedian. What was NBC thinking! He's not funny! The writing is horrible to! All of the sketches are painful to watch. The current new karaoke isn't funny at all, especially since he tells you what they are going to sing before they sing it! The escalator interviews is just stupid and needless to say not funny at all. All he jokes, especially during the monologue, are the least clever, dumbest, not funny jokes ever put on television! I mean, anytime he makes a Jessica Simpson joke he ends it with "because she's stupid," which cancels out any funniness that was in the joke, which was already very low. Any 3 year old could have come up with any of the jokes and sketches they put on this lame excuse for a show. Seriously, don't watch this show, unless you're on the edge of suicide and want something to push you over the edge.
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Carson Daly definitely should not have his own show.
shybaldbuddhist5 April 2006
Last Call with Carson Daly is perhaps the most boring television show I've ever watched. This show should be cancelled, or NBC should replace this sorry excuse of a host with some who can actually entertain people. Daly is not funny, and, to me at least, he comes across as a jerk. He's quite rude, and he almost always interrupts his guests during interviews.

This show is not entertaining in the least. It just isn't fun. There isn't a funny monologue, nor any enjoyable jokes, and the skits are just plain stupid. The actors are horrible, they've no timing, and all great entertainers need to have excellent timing.

Besides watching Carson Daly make a complete idiot of himself, I don't know what the point of watching Last Call is. I do not recommend this show to anyone. So, unless you just need to waste some time, take my advice, and don't bother watching it.
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Worst late night show in the history of FOREVER
youarebummy4 October 2007
Nothing Carson Daly has EVER said or done on this show has EVER made me laugh, or even smile a little. I DO NOT understand how this show has survived for so many years.

Even the "funny" band member is just like one of those kids in high school who thinks nobody is good enough to even look at him. Daly and that dude are just arrogant frat boys. It seems like they don't even try to be a little funny.


It makes my soul cry.

I just cannot stress enough how AWFUL this show is. Don't watch it. But if you absolutely have to, I recommend clawing your eyes out and clogging your ears with cement beforehand.
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Carson tries his best, but it's just not enough
the chef20 December 2003
I had no bias against Carson when I saw this show for the first time; I had watched TRL maybe twice ever and hadn't formed any opinions about its photogenic host. So I hope no one will think I'm prejudiced in saying that Carson lacks the necessary charisma and wit necessary to be an engaging talk show host. The monologues are mercifully short, and the interviews are just mind-numbing. Worst, whenever Carson inserts a bland line of filler, you just know that Leno or Conan would be saying something brilliant and hilarious. To his credit, he's completely sincere and doesn't display any ego during the show. But sincere people are easy to find... they don't deserve my 1:30-2:30.
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Waste of TV slot
master-stghm23 July 2007
Before Last Call w/ Carson Daly, my local NBC affiliate aired much more worthwhile programming after Late Night w/ Conan such as second city TV, 3rd Rock From the Sun & Carline in the City reruns, and some stand up comedy. These days there is nothing worthwhile to watch because all I get to see is Carson Daly and his awful show. He is not a comedian, he is not an actor, he does not deserve to be famous because he isn't a good speaker nor comedian.

On his June 21st show, he tried to use an internet meme called the "Rickroll" on his show. He failed hard. That event confirms that Carson Daly is awful.
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notice the 2002 reviews
PenisVagina6 October 2005
i believe this was the time when Carson Daly's show was at it's peak. Carson did a really interesting thing then, which i don't think was necessarily intentional. He simply interviewed. his show had more in common with Charlie rose than Conan o'brien and in all honesty he was better off. Now he's moved to LA and further ,morphed his program into the "typical late night show" and it has done nothing to improve the show. The only thing entertaining now is seeing Carson's mysterious weight loss which I can only attribute to a nasty coke habit ( after all it is LA).

In any event, Carson sort of lives in that middle ground of likable and not really likable. I think most people are neutral about him, but when they watch his show they occasionally get frustrated because he offers them nothing negative or positive. He give s them no angle to grab on. This and so much more make him a truly unremarkable host. He is certainly not incompetent, but nothing about him (outside of a good speaking voice) makes him a worthy choice as a late night host.
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Best New Music Interview Show on TV
adonisnudes3 December 2013
This is not supposed to be a variety show. It's an informative interview show. It's a great way to discover new artists and it's shot with a great gritty style. Kids are idiots and they don't get it. It's not for tweens or people glued to Clear Channel's generic radio sound (although they do cover people like Miley Cyrus from time to time). The bad reviews are all from boring kids who want to see "the dancing monkey" like Kimmel, Ferguson, Conan and Leno.

It's definitely geared toward the Alternative and College Radio crowd, which is great. We need our fix too. The intellectually curious are served more than the Two and a Half Men crowd.
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Why is this show on TV?
coachshaineptr21 October 2017
Never been a Carson Daly fan, but tried to give him a shot. Man...NBC, if you're reading this, give Carson a desk job in some corner sharpening pencils or something and cancel this crap. Why is this show still on TV? I have seen the ratings, which suggest that it should have been canceled a while ago.
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Utterly horrible
LinkinSixEcho22 October 2009
For a while when I was in-between jobs I had a habit of watching all the late night talk shows. For a while I had a good selection: Conan, Leno, Letterman, Ferguson, Kimmel...

Until I reached the 1:30 a.m. time slot. The time between Conan and X- Files, on SciFi. And the only show on at that time was (and curiously still is) Carson Daly.

His show intrigued me at first. Youngish, casually dressed, and with the hip pedigree of an MTV host, I thought Carson would bring a younger aesthetic to late night. I couldn't have been more wrong.

He has no comedic timing. His jokes are plainly unfunny, and his monologue a painful affair of self-conscious babbling. I began to think he simply wasn't capable of delivering comedy (and I am right, he isn't), but it became obvious over time that the writers on the show must have had it in for him. The writing was idiotic and much too overreaching and the skits screamingly bad. And towards the end of the show being in-studio, the writers had Carson drinking alcohol on the set with gusto on every show, an oblivious Carson grinning from emaciated cheek to emaciated cheek as he sloshed his way through interviews.

Zero interview skills. None. He tries to be friendly/chatty, but ends up being boorish and rude. He talks too much. He cuts off his guests. He asks them rude or embarrassing questions -- if he can find a question to ask them at all. And as someone had already pointed out, the guests literally stare at him or squirm in their seats, clearly uncomfortable.

Now the show has left the studio and looks as though it were shot on one handy cam. Even still, Carson refuses to take the hint from NBC. At one point, Carson didn't even get a camera man, he had to film himself for an episode! Wake up, Carson...that handwriting is all over the wall.

I see the show is produced by Carson. I can only imagine that is the reason it is still on the air, he pays for it himself.
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Phoenix from the Ashes
jamjohnx325 May 2019
Last Call with Carson Daly gets a bad rap because it's really two different entities going by the same name. When Last Call started, Carson Daly mimicked every other late night show: studio audience, inhouse band, monologue with terrible jokes, etc. He did what everyone else did but worse and at an even later time slot. He also happened to be the TRL guy, and that garnered its share of hate.

Then in 2009, the show went on the road and stayed there. This documentary style was a paradigm shift that left all the fluff behind. The show found its soul. Now the show focuses solely on interviews and band performances. Outside of intros and outros, Carson's involvement started to dwindle. If you want your post-midnight interviews and performances sans monologue, skits, and host interjection, this may be your show. Admittedly it's made on a shoestring budget which is probably why it was able to go on so long, but that's part of its cheap charm. I've discovered music from the acts that got their TV debut on this show, so it'll always have a place for me.

Last Call may be on its way out but it will always be an interesting and unique entity in the late night space.
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Worst long term late night talk show ever?
Maniac-99 February 2012
Last Call with Carson Daly definitely seems like a serious contender for worst late night talk show not counting shows that completely choked like the shows with Pat Sajak and Chevy Chase. I believe that NBC views his show as long as he doesn't streak the stage and blurt out racial slurs that they'll keep him where he's at since it's such a low priority show that couldn't care less who's hosting it. It's basically just a show to fill a time slot to them.

But seriously his attempts at humor always fall flat, the dude just doesn't have any natural comedic talents. He's a decent enough guy so I won't go out of my and say he's unlikable he just isn't a very interesting person.
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Carson Daily Control Freak?
eelder118 December 2006
He seems to be a control freak. I have heard him comment on "losing control of the show" and tell another guest who brought live animals that he had one rule-"no snakes." He needs to hire a comedy writer because his jokes are lame. The only reason I watch him is because he some some great guests and bands.

I watched the Craig Ferguson show for a while but his show is even worse. He likes to bull sh** to burn time.I don't think either man has much of a future in late night talk shows.

Daily also has the annoying habit of sticking his tongue out to lick his lips. He must do this at least 10 times a show. I do like the Joe Firstman band. Carson Daily needs to lighten up before it is too late.
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Music on the show
kelmyers-4240414 September 2018
Please...can you find any worse bands in America and shove them down people's throats? I mean, once in awhile, an average to good band might be on this show, but at least 80% of the bands are so bad!! I wonder alot when I watch this show, do they really think that this is good music? Omg...
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Last Colostomy w/ Carson Daly
jjperry-329 September 2006
Wow...what a horrible show. Why would you put Carson Daly on after something funny like Conan? there needs to be some sort of buffer between shows to come down off the high of actual comedy, then let you down a little easier. Here would be a better lineup, Conan-then an infomercial -then those multicolored vertical bars that say "off the air"-then Carson Daly. The previous opinions are much more entertaining than last call. I like the the one that brings up how excellent an interviewer Carson is. Unless his guest is female, which for some reason turns him into an awkward kid on prom night trying hard to dazzle his date. But whats funny for all the wrong reasons is his horribly written/delivered monologue. After each self proclaimed "funny" he tells, he usually looks around desperately to see if anybody laughed. On the rare occasion somebody does, he will bust out laughing at his own sad jokes. SAD. At least when Byron Allen got his show, and Byron decided to be funny, he knew he wasn't. BUT!, he was brilliant enough to surround himself with some legendary funny people.
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Good to see real, honest interviewing...
BGW Claw27 July 2002
Unlike these neanderthals who will put down this show simply because Carson Daly ALSO hosts TRL (for some reason they dislike HIM because the PEOPLE vote for music these 'critics' don't like), I prefer to be objective. This show is very good because Carson Daly is a good interviewer. The best interviewers aren't afraid to ask celebrities tough questions and questions that they don't expect. Daly does that time and time again on this show and that's why I love it. He speaks his mind...honesty...another good trait. All the while he remains objective and can easily hold a conversation with seemingly anyone. I credit Carson for that and it's no wonder why he got where he is today.

I just wish maybe he had more controversial guests on and were more confrontational like a Bill O'Reilly. No one seems to want to put celebs on the spot (Daly has many celeb friends himself), and we need someone outside of the entertainment industry that will come in and grille these people. But that's off the topic.

The best thing about the show is the variety of guests, it's not just musicians or actors. He's had music producers, writers, commentators, etc. Variety. Honesty. Good interviewing. Good show.
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It doesn't suck that bad.
tokyostreetkiller14 July 2007
Maybe the best part of the show is the fact that it creeps up right after Conan O'Brien and Late Night's fans are all of a sudden unsuspectingly watching Carson's show. Carson Daly can't hold a candle to Leno, Letterman, O'Brien or any other late night talk show host, and Last Call seems to miss more than hit in this hit and miss genre. The shows only redeeming quality is that it's so short. But, I wouldn't call it crap. Carson Daly is sincere and doesn't hide the fact that his show isn't great(that honesty is actually helpful here), while some of Last Call's skits and material seem to be stolen, they still find the mark sometimes. Actually, some of Carson's montages have been quite entertaining, and the skits occasionally have their moments of decent comedy.

As an interviewer, Carson is okay, even with only one guest, not exactly late night material but still above the level attained by a high school AV team. However, he doesn't have the quick wit that makes Conan so hilarious. I do not like his musical guests, but that's more because I am not a fan of that kind of music so, I'm not holding it against him.

On to the house band. I don't know Joe Firstmans band and wouldn't compare them to the CBS Orchestra, the Tonite Show Band with Kevin Eubanks or the Max Weinberg 7. Even Cleeto and the Cleetones are better. But, Firstmans band mates do still the show in my opinion. Especially the Alto Sax player that sometimes shows up (he has long dark hair and sunglasses and is always playing in the upper register), if anything, watch the show for him, I do.

In summary, this show isn't even worth a full bag of kibble n' bits. But it does have an audience, and appeals more to the younger "mtv generation". If you don't have cable and are up at 1:37 am, there really isn't much more to choose from and, surprise surprise, there is worse out there in that time frame. So, if you're waiting for Poker After Dark to come on, 30 minutes of Last Call wont kill you during the wait.
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in defense of a show i enjoy...
melissadaly13 April 2002
Last Call has nothing to do with the fact that Carson is an MTV VJ. He does not do 'monologues' or try to be a comedian. He just interviews the guests. Most shows are all about pure promotion of a new movie, TV show, whatever. In my opinion, Last Call goes beyond "So, tell me about this movie" and "Let's see a clip." I think that Carson lets people talk (unlike some other reviewers of the show think) and let's them talk about things they normally might not get to talk about. Janine Garafolo was on recently and she sat for almost her whole segment discussing what she DID NOT like about MTV, etc... From my perspective, Carson likes what he's doing at Last Call and I personally hope it continues. The reason Carson isn't like Pauly Shore is because Carson isn't just a sight gag. He isn't the Andy Dick or Tom Green of MTV. What about Jon Stewart? He was on MTV. Being on MTV does not automatically make you incompetent or incapable of ever being successful again. I think some people need to give the show a chance and actually watch it before they judge it.
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The coolest "tool" in the shed.
whoffleck13 July 2004
I was always a fan of Carson's. He intrigued me because he was REAL - not a "tool" like most call him. I liked the music he recommended, and his quirky personality. When he started TRL it wasn't even called "Total Request Live", but "Total Request" and was not a top 10 countdown but a top 5 countdown. Carson broad casted this countdown in a dark cubical somewhere in the MTV Studios. When he got popular the show expanded to "MTV LIVE" where he was able to interview celebrities and interact with fans through the window. Then, finally, came Total Request Live. It was a show solely for teens under the age of, oh, 17. I fell under that age range, and you know what? I thoroughly enjoyed TRL prior to Carson's departure as host. Now, his latest show is a combination of MTV LIVE and TRL without the music videos and annoying kids outside with signs. Carson makes sure to get the best indie/alt musicians to perform on "Last Call...", he also manages to ask celebrities questions so nonchalant that it almost seems unforced and natural. Celebrities love Carson because he knows his stuff. You feel comfortable watching him. He's not a stiff interviewer, and he does not sugar coat. Sure, he sometimes goes off in a tangent depending on who is on the show, but it just shows how much he enjoys what he does. The monologues he does before every show is supposed to be corny and really awkwardly unfunny. He knows it, the producers know it, and the audience knows it. It's just something to fill up the void of loose time, and entertain the small number of people who are still awake at 1:35am. I've been privileged to be apart of the "Last Call..." studio audience a number of times. Whether it was for a celebrity I liked, or a band I really wanted to see live I always ended up enjoying myself more because of Carson's presence. This show is exactly what NBC needs. While Leno attracts the older the audience, and Conan attracts the teen-20something year olds who just wants to laugh all through out the show, Carson attracts a more subtle audience from either of those age groups. Don't hate, kids.
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Cool Show!
HeYiMrEaLlYcOoL4 July 2002
First of all-if you don't like Carson Daly then you won't like this show! It's not your typical late night show where Carson tries to be funny in the beginning, then he talks with his guests then a band plays. It's mainly Carson talking to an actor, actress, musician, or some famous person for about 15 minutes, then usually a band or singer peforms for the last 5 or 10 minutes of the show. As a fan of Carson's I enjoy the show and stay up every night to watch it. He has a sense of humor that is kind of sarcastic and I get a kick out of him. So my main message to all you folks out there who don't know whether or not to watch-it alll depends on if you're a fan of the host.
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