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12 Jan. 2003
A Room of One's Clone: The Pie of the Storm
Abe is stuck in the middle of a Civil War between Joan and Cleo when they are forced to move in together. And by "Civil War" I mean "girl fight" and by "move in together" I mean "roll around ripping each other's clothes off."
19 Jan. 2003
Litter Kills: Litterally
JFK's best friend Ponce de Leon is the coolest guy in school, and since he loves to litter the rest of the students begin to follow his example, until the litter kills him and JFK must live with the sorrow of losing his best friend.
26 Jan. 2003
Snowflake Day: A Very Special Holiday Episode
Joan of Arc learns what inclusive, non-religious holidays are all about.
3 Feb. 2003
Makeover, Makeover, Makeover: The Makeover Episode
Abe tries to decide whether he will ask Joan or Cleo to prom, and JFK makes Gandhi over into GFK to help him find a date to dry hump at prom.
10 Feb. 2003
Changes: The Big Prom: The Sex Romp: The Season Finale
In the shocking prom night conclusion to the season, one of the clones loses their virginity, and guest star John Stamos selflessly sacrifices his own life to save the students.

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