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Got to love 'Wossy'
abranteg3 December 2004
Friday Night with Jonathan Ross is without a doubt the funniest talk show I have ever seen, and believe me I have seen a few.

Not only does Jonathan Ross succeed in getting the most popular celebrities (mostly comedians and actors) on his sofa, he can also make them say/do things, they wouldn't consider saying/doing anywhere else.

Between guests Jonathan takes his time to reflect on the more bizarre things in society in general, and his personal life in particular. It seems to me that any trivial task can turn into a gruesome ordeal when it's left in the hands of the funny man. Luckily for us the man has no pride whatsoever, so he doesn't mind telling us about the more shameful mistakes he has made in his lifetime: RESPECT!

A special contribution to the show is made by the house band, Four Poofs and a Piano ( I'm not making this up ). Every week they pay a special tribute to one of the show's guests by wearing a customized T - shirt with his/her face on it. Besides that, every guest is introduced by the band with a song that seems to be all about them/their life.

In short: great variety of guests; wickedly funny, bizarre, and from time to time scary.
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Good fun
Greatwhitewhale4 September 2003
Jonathan Ross maybe one of those people who are everywhere on TV but he does show that he could do a pretty good talk show.

Maybe his jokes are a little crude but you got to love him. But when he gets a guest on, it does seem he tries to talk more than the guest him/herself and continues to show clips of what the person has done.

But for what just seems a normal talk show did have some great guests. Jim Carrey, Michael Madsen, Paul McCartney, Elton John, Ozzy Osbourne, Yoko Ono, Madonna, David Bowie, Roger Moore and he even got Marilyn Manson!!!!

Overall, a fun hour-long show to watch on a Friday night (even though it wasn't filmed on a Friday).
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Friday Night with Jonathan Ross
jboothmillard10 May 2005
Warning: Spoilers
When there's nothing else good on Friday nights, this is probably the best show to watch. It's basically like a comedy chat show with the popular critic, actor and chat show host, slightly wobbly mouthed twice BAFTA and British Comedy Award winning, and National Television Award nominated Jonathan Ross. Throughout the show he has had many wonderful and famous people on the show, not counting Four Poofs and a Piano singing as they enter. My favourite episode so far has still been the one with Chris Tarrant, Johnny Vegas and Jim Carrey. You know what Carrey's like, they basically sang a chosen song as loud as possible and wrecked the studio. And it was the last in the Series! Ross adds both humour and seriousness to make this show a very good award winner. It has been on all 100 Greatest TV Treats programmes so far. It won the BAFTAs for the Lew Grade Award (also nominated), it won the British Comedy Awards for Best Comedy Entertainment Programme, and it was nominated the National Television Awards for Most Popular Entertainment Programme (three times). Very good!
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Really Very Good
square-eyed9 April 2007
this is a really good talk show, pity it's on so late though as it misses quite a lot of viewers that way. Though i suppose it does need to be over the watershed i wish it was 9 o'clock usually rather than 11 something every night

he usually gets at least one really famous guest every show and interviews them well and gets good responses from them. You also feel that perhaps the guests actually like Johnathon Ross which is nice compared to the usual harsher interviewers. Nicelly put together Johnathon Ross is really quite funny when he tries.

the green room is also i nice idea where they show the celebs waiting to go on and it makes them seem much more human

And though the 4 Poofs and a Piano do get on my nerves sometimes they're quite fun and it's all worth staying up for interviews
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Jonathan Ross is so past it - its not funny how not funny he is!
XTRADER4 February 2008
Friday Night With Jonathan Ross must have those in charge of Ross rubbing their sweaty little palms together. They know the BBC lacks imagination when it comes to talk shows so when they have Jonathan Ross at their disposal they are quite settled to just sit back and let a half wit command this primetime slot.

Ross Spends most of the show grooming his ego and smiling about how much the BBC is paying him. The show is a complete copy of many US Chat Shows - Leno, Letterman, Conan O Brian, the list goes on - but he and his team have clearly seen what works on the masses can also be done for the dumb masses in the UK also.

The unfortunate situation - he has no competition? Parkinson has gone by the reality is he was never really up to much except grooming a celebs ego. Can't we have someone funnier and slicker on British Screens instead of Jonathan Ross? Once Ross has built up his ego enough he will then proceed to the very boring concept of the stiff celebrities in the green room - so trying to get on with each other. If an A-Lister is present (which is so often the case these days - as there are no other chat shows they can turn to - to promote their latest movie) - he will spend the next hour either flirting with them or trying to be their best friend in the Universe. Sqeamish when he had Ringo Starr on - a man that cares nothing for licking arse - Ross genuinely was begging for his mobile phone number (as common policy on this show is for Jonathan Ross to get everyones number so he can be seen in the right company when not working). Of course Ringo said it how it is - and simply said no I don't like you - dead pan serious.

Ross needs to be axed from all Awards and TV shows - the masses will get over it.
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"Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" in one word? Brilliant!
xaali5 July 2008
"Friday Night with Jonathan Ross" is a work of genius. Witty, hilarious! "side-splittingly" entertaining (and so, obviously, better with words than I).

It's brilliant.

I'm not a talk show or interview person, but there are a few shows that I simply cannot miss, and Jonathan Ross' is top of that list.

Even when you've never heard of the people on the show, it's funny. Honestly, if you like comedy, you've got to watch it; a hilarious hour that seems to fly by.

I have, however, encountered the odd show where I got a bit bored with some guest, but – really – you've got to have tremendous bad luck to happen across one of those rare occasions, and said guest has to be unbelievably boring and humourless.
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Late night entertainment with Wossy
chris_gaskin12313 December 2005
Friday Night With Jonathon Ross is now BBC1's top chat show after Parky defected to ITV.

He has some quite well known stars on and in the past these have included Madonna, Roger Moore, the late John Mills, Tom Jones and several soap stars. When not being interviewed, the guests have to wait in a rather small room together.

One rather annoying thing about this show is that group known as "4 Poofs and a Piano. They don't seem to serve any useful purpose and all they do is sing (try to) when a guest comes on. They also show off.

Apart from that group, Friday Night with Jonathon Ross is quite entertaining, even though Wossy has trouble pronouncing his R's.
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Friday Night With Jonathan Ross is the equivalent to...
ml012a486014 June 2006
***Tip: Have It Read To You, Heres How***


having your testicles ironed.

When Jonathan Ross started his career he was on a show call "The Last Resort" now a days he is the first resort to host anything and anything. TV Award Shows that half the time he is up for nominations in, Comic relief, chat shows, quiz shows, game shows, charity shows, Brighton. Just when you at you wits end and think you can find salvation in the wireless the lisping twang of good old J.R. Hits you like a freight train going none stop from Texas to downtown N.Y. That has lost a hour and is trying to make it up.

About this show (FNWJR).

Its a normal chat show format with J.R. As host and a house band that concisest of four gay men (ha ha ha, ow my aching sides.) and season one had Andy Davis, but he left or was fired to give way to Ross's Ego.

Ross will more less use his guests as props and you really don't hear them speak because of his "Its my ball and I'll take it home" attitude, you also see that the bigger the guest the more he is willing to lie and suck up to them, to get in with the big boys (Like the weak kid at school who hangs round with the bully).

However when a small reality T.V. Star comes on he'll happily humiliate them, asking personal questions about the past and telling them about their lack of talent to get the laughs. Sometimes he will under estimate the popularity of a guest, say something to belittle them and then when the audience act shocked, he will quickly turn and start making himself the fall guy, the best example of this was when "Life On Mars" star John Simm came on and he said how does someone like you get work, your OK looking but not Hollywood good-looking (Bare in mind the Hugh Jackman and Halle Berry was in the green room, he was really only trying to suck up to them before they were even on the couch). When the audience acted shock Ross quickly said "What, I'm bit light headed from wearing that corset, I don't know what I'm saying". If he don't have any low forms of TV life on he'll just dig at the four gay men on the piano with jokes more out of date than his fashion.

Its very much a different story when a Hollywood A-lister or big TV star comes on the show in that he'll tell them stories to humor them. When some actor explains that he was in a support band then Jonathon Ross will say something like "Wow, well he ever I go to see a band i was try to look interested for the support band, to make them feel as though they are wanted" with an underline message being "please like me, I was probably one of the people that cheered you when you was in your band". Top this off with an audience of Ross fans so hooked on every bad old joke and bulling, it really makes for a poor show.

Your better off watching US chat shows instead, they are more scripted but not anywhere near as hard to watch.
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Cherie Blair
frs-1021 March 2008
Having watched and enjoyed the "Jonathon Ross" show on Friday the 21st March it occurred to me that the the artist "Siouxsie" completing the show, displayed a striking resemblance to Cherie Blair, the wife of the former prime minister, Tony Blair. So is it possible for Jonathan on next week show to display the two images together to see if he agrees with me. Invite Tony Blair to the show and i'm sure he'll think his wife is now setting her sights on a pop career.




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