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Shane Kippel: Gavin 'Spinner' Mason



  • Toby : I got those condoms because if I ever did want to do that with Kendra... which I'm not saying I do... I'd wanna take care of her.

    Spinner : So you live another day.

  • Marco : Even strangers know, Spin. And last night wasn't about my shoes. Those guys, they knew... and they bashed me because they hated it, just like you do.

    Spinner : Dude, that's brutal, but you can't compare me to those guys.

    Marco : Really? Why not?

  • Craig : For once I wanna do the right thing... you know

    Spinner : But you don't have to keep the kid... there are other things you can do

    Craig : This is what I want to do Spin... you don't get it

    Spinner : No I don't... at all

    Craig : You got a family... I just stay at some guys house... but manny and the baby... their mine... their for me

  • Spinner : I can't, man. My bat... it's wooden.

    Jimmy : Sorry, my ears were plugged this morning. Sorry?

    Spinner : I have a boner.

    Jimmy : Oh.

    Spinner : And it's been like this all week. A girl walks by and just, bam! It's all because of Emma's stupid science fair project.

    Jimmy : What does the project have to do with it?

    Spinner : She made me eat granola and fruit.

    Jimmy : Bananas don't give you boners. Hormones do.

    Spinner : All I know is that I ate some healthy food and now I'm like, a sex Superman.

  • Spinner : In the bathroom after we dumped that stuff on Rick, me and Jay... told him you were behind it.

    Jimmy : And then he shot me.

  • Spinner : Being an idiot is OK sometimes.

  • Spinner : Paige.

    Paige : Hey spin.

    Spinner : How's your Grandma?

    Paige : What?

    Spinner : You know, you're grandma. The one who was sick on saterday night.

    Paige : Oh, she's ok, thanks.

    Spinner : And Dean, How's he doing? I know what happened, ok?

    Paige : Yea, were you in th room with me? because I don't think you were.

    [Paige walks away, Spinner grabs her arm to turn her around] 

    Spinner : You lied to me.

    Paige : Don't touch me. Don't ever touch me.

    Spinner : Why not? Everyone else does.

    [Paige slaps spinner in the face and goes into the girl's bathroom] 

  • Spinner : Paige, what's going on?

    Paige : Nothing.

    Spinner : J.T in a mascot outfit attacking Dean. That's not nothing Paige.

    [Paige turns around to walk away and Spinner grabs her arm to turn her around] 

    Paige : [crying]  Spin, can you please?

    Spinner : He took it too far, like Hazel said, right? Didn't he?

  • Spinner : Then stop being gay.

    Marco : Oh right Spin I'm just gonna go do that.

  • Spinner : What are you doing? Terri's in the hospital and you're just sitting here.

    Rick Murray : Spinner, stop, please.

    Spinner : Oh, did Terri tell you stop? Did you listen?

  • Jimmy : Our homie is a player, and that is all. So why'd you have to go and kick his

    Spinner : Ball and chain, ain't that ya name? Cause you a playa hater, and that's a shame.

    Jimmy : And chicks like you ain't worth too much, so shut up girl

    Spinner , Jimmy : And make my lunch! Yeeeeaaaah!

  • Spinner : Man, any more bitter and she'd be a lemon.

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