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Prime Time Glick Rules!
theinvisiblemonkey8 July 2003
I love how obnoxious Short makes Glick. I think its hilarious how these celebrities come on this show and get pretty much disrespected and sometimes ridiculed. It's great. I can't wait to buy the DVD. I like Shorts exaggerated laughs, and how he jumps up in the chair. There are so many funny things about this show, you should check yer listings to find out when it comes on.
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Ahead of its time
kegl911327 August 2007
I can see why this show has such a low rating. When Primetime Glick was on the air, I hated it too. However, I caught some repeats of this under-appreciated gem late one night and laughed long and hard. Maybe my comedic tastes have matured (or devolved) a little, or maybe I appreciate the lampooning of a late night talk show more nowadays since I've lost interest in most of the late shows except for the occasional Conan. What ever it is, if you ever see this show on again, give it a chance. Glick grows on you, and Short's complete immersion into this character is a performance that's up there with Borat or Andy Kaufman's various guises. That said, Glick isn't perfect. When the celebrities he's interviewing try to get in on the act, it doesn't always work. The ones who try their best to pretend Glick is just another late show host, that's where Martin Short can do his best work. Still, the openings of the show that would follow Glick back stage during an intentionally poor first act, and the closings in the steam room were always priceless bits of comedy.
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C'mon, we all know Glick is Merv Griffin.
DamienWasHere25 April 2005
When I was a kid, a broadcast of SCTV would only get my attention if Martin Short was the guy on the screen. Even today my tastes have not wavered. The only reason I am thinking of getting TEVO is so that I can punch in Martin's name and take in a month's worth of his talent when nobody is there to bother me.

Martin Short is without a doubt the funniest human being who has ever lived. His Jiminy Glick character is especially funny, and obviously so "inside" most people don't even get it...or do they?

Martin Short is the only heterosexual man who can make Bette Davis and Katherine Hepburn impersonations funny for us straight men. Please don't take this as a homophobic view, rather, it is testament to Short's incredible talent. He's just funnier than a conventional drag queen or a female impersonator. He does what he does, and his straight audience laughs because it's funny, while his gay audience falls off their chairs because it's so hilariously campy and cruel.

Today I watched an episode of Primetime Jiminy and watched Short do a reenactment of Sal Mineo's murder with marionettes. Imagine that...a famous gay murder played out with cheap puppets -- it was so patently gay, yet only a small percent of those watching (and laughing) would understand how horribly and morbidly funny it really was.

C'mon, we all know Jiminy Glick is Merv Griffin -- it's so beyond funny because Martin Short is essentially a straight drag queen.

Thanks, Damien
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Funniest show ever!
NYGuy3221 November 2001
I have seen a lot of TV shows in my life, and it is safe to say that in my opinion, Primetime Glick is the funniest show ever! Martin Short is hysterical as the Fat,very delightful Jiminy Glick. the interviews he has with current celebrities are also extremely funny, my personal favorite was his interview with Regis Philbin. I hope this show lasts for a long time.
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I love you Martin Short!
spfi20 December 2001
Ahh, Mr. Martin. Nice to have you in a great show. I've admired this guy since the days of Saturday Night Live. Give this very funny man a very funny show and its SHOWTIME! Don't miss this flat out hilarious romp on Comedy Central.
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Funny as hell.
Toronto2sec-130 September 2001
This show is very funny and hopefully will last. I've really enjoyed Martin Short's parodies of Tommy Lee Jones and Conan O'Brien etc. He is a very funny and talented man. I've also noticed Michael McKean and Jan Hooks playing the other main characters (Adrien Van Voorhees and Dixie). David Herrman and many others also play various characters.
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Non-stop laughs from the funniest man on television...
nakedinthelimelight4 September 2002
For those of you who have not witnessed the pure genius of Martin Short on Primetime Glick, I strongly suggest you tune-in or set up your VCR or your Tevo...or what have whatever it takes to make sure you don't miss any more of this true comic gem. Let me fill you in on what you will see, you will see Jimminy Glick(Short) leaving some of the true comic geniuses speechless. I have not witnessed a single guest who has managed to make an even halfway admirable attempt at a comeback or an insult in Glick's direction. He's brash, he's condescending and he's just clumsy, the combination of the three make it near impossible to get any thing across without him making you look like a complete fool. He will misspronounce the guests names, bring up embarrassing things from their pasts that a normal host would never bring up, and he'll see it in the guests eyes if they even get an insult forming in their mind and before they can get out two words he has cut them off with a better one or when all else fails he'll begin to choke on juji fruit or fall out of his chair and they've lost their chance. The things I enjoy most about this show, for one is the acting, I know you wouldn't think that would be a strong point of a comedy talk show, but you rarely see an actor on any level on any medium of entertainment submerse themselves in a character as well and as thoroughly as Short does in Glick, pure genius. The second thing I enjoy most about the show is that as the viewer you almost get the impression that Short is doing this not for the entertainment of the audience, but merely for himself, you can truly tell he has a great time making otherwise hillarious or brilliant or influential people look like bafoons. It is in my opinion that this is one of the funniest shows in the history of television and one of the greatest comic performances day in and day out of any actor ever. Tune in but be prepared to have your sides split...
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Extremely funny... but why?
neophoenix17 August 2001
Although I find Martin Short personally to be a little conceited, he is one of the funniest people in comedy. This show is no disappointment. I find it very funny, but cannot quite put my finger on it. Part of it may be Short's antics during interviews, such as literally pouring a dish of gum drops down his throat, stuffing an entire donut in his mouth in two seconds, or jumping around in his chair while trying to maintain a serious dialogue with his guests, at least on his end. Another fun aspect of this show is the parody commercials, which remind one of Saturday Night Live. All in all, I find this to be a very entertaining show.
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wart_mamu9 August 2002
Primetime Glick is one of those shows that you look forward to all week.

From Adrian's opening line "Am I the only one who needs a Glick fix?" the show never ceases to keep me in stitches.

Martin Short is excellent at keeping the laughs coming a mile-a-minute. The wacky character of Jiminy never allows for the celebrity interviews to slow down or get dull, and the celebrities "play along" very well, although they often have to hold back from breaking into hysterics.

One of my favorite parts of the show, which no one has mentioned so far is "Jiminy's home movies" where we see "home movies" from Jiminy's personal life, usually involving his relationship with Dixie, his alcoholic and clinically depressed wife.

It's a brilliant show, from beginning to end, and I hope it lasts for many seasons.
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Incredibly Funny!
tbro7121 October 2001
Martin Short is absolutely hilarious ad-libbing his interviews with famous celebrities and it's very comical watching them trying not to laugh as he makes his ridiculous and extremely loud comments. His interview with Nathan Lane was so funny it should be measured as the benchmark for his show.
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Primetime Hilarity
jeremyb23 July 2001
"Primetime Glick" may well be the funniest show on TV right now. Martin Short wears a costume that pretty much doubles his weight and he becomes "Jiminy Glick". He interviews celebrities both in studio and on location.

There are parts of the show that are quite scripted, but still hilarious. For instance, the 4-5 minute interview with Nathan Lane, who has had a stellar stage and film career, consisted mostly of conversations about the NyQuil commercial Lane did in the mid-80's, and what it was like to work that "old drunk actor with the three parts, the names and the initial" (George C. Scott). In this exchange it was obvious that Lane had no idea what the questions would be, and the laughter of Lane's was infectious.

The vocal inflections that "Glick" uses are funny enough to carry the show, but the exchanges with the guests during the interview, and the sheer ridiculousness of the questions carry it over the top.

The show always begins with a monologue, or sorts, in which Jiminy offers his thoughts of the day, usually something to do with tabloid journalists. It always ends with the in-studio guest and Glick in the sauna. Both are funny. Sprinkled throughout the show, as bumpers to the commercials, are parody spots that are a little hit and miss sometimes. My two favorite so far are Tommy Lee Jones starring in a movie where he becomes the new Pope. Imagine Jones' MIB role as the pontiff. Short, as Conan O'Brien, walking the Walk of Fame advocating a star be awarded to "The Guy With The Mustache from Cheers" (John Ratzenberg) is another good one.

To me, this is a Must-See show. Watch it, you'll love it !
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Martin Short Is Insanely Funny!
tvx11 July 2001
It is impossible to believe that one man can be so funny. However, Martin Short really pulls through with this hilarious television series. His character, Jiminy Glick, an extremely overweight Hollywood interviewer, is played brilliantly. The voice he uses can make someone laugh even if he hasn't said anything funny. The interview with Ben Stiller was fantastic.
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Finally something brilliant for Martin Short
mrichan30 June 2001
Those of us old enough to remember when Martin Short was really funny (the SCTV days) know it was because of his characters. He never picked movies correctly in the 80's and 90's, and his career suffered for it. In "Glick" he has not only created a comedy masterpiece (I really DON'T remember the last time I laughed so hard at television) he's also returned to what he does BEST. The voice, the makeup, the guests, the strange revulsion/intrigue - it's amazing to watch. Finally - Martin Short is BRILLIANT again! And interestingly, it's just as funny with repeated viewings - primarily because there's so much going on with the Glick character. I'm a jaded viewer, hard to impress, but there's a reason why the "A" list comedians can barely keep a straight face during his interviews! This show is top drawer - I'm already recording it for fear it's too intelligently funny to last for long.
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jimeny glick is hilarious
mjos15 August 2001
this is my favorite show on comedy central because i'm big fan of Martin Short and Michael Mckeean. this show also has hilarius spoofs of commercials like celeberties caught on tape and funny impressions of people like Tom Green and Conan O'Brien. the interviews are hilarious too, ie: Steve Martin, Nathen Lane, Billy Crystal and many others.i give this show an A+!
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Pure genius!
marcfemenella23 March 2002
Martin Short has created in Jiminy Glick one of the most original and funny characters in the history of television. Short has always had an original way of poking fun at people, but this is his best effort yet. I am very please with Comedy Central taking this show on for another season and who knows how many seasons it will last, but I do believe it will always be remembered and loved.

Short is never afraid of doing something new and unique to get a laugh rather than using direct parody. Both Glick and his sidekick Adrien Van Voorhees (played by the underrated actor/comic, Michael McKean) are hilarious in how eccentric they are. The interesting this about Glick is that it is not that he is fat that is funny, it is how it complements his personality. It is the package that is funny and not just "Martin Short in a fat suit".

Explaining the premise doesn't do any justice to "Primetime Glick" and I dare say it may take a few viewings to truly understand the humor of this show, but once you find it you will be hooked, I promise!
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HOW does anyone like this ?
JBoze3136 December 2001
Short is awful. He is so awful as Glick, it's scary! Short in a fat suit with an annoying voice being rude to guests on a fake talk show. That's the entire show. Sound funny? It doesn't, because it's NOT. Not one bit. It's sad that Comedy Central cancels great AWARD WINNING shows like dr katz and picks up crap like this. Insomniac, Chris Wylde, Let's Bowl, and this...what is happening to Comedy Central? Atleast they were smart enough to get rid of that horrible That's My Bush...please, let them have the sense to do the same thing with this piece of garbage!
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michael_the_nermal15 December 2006
I loved Martin Short in "Clifford," and even admit to enjoying his antics on SNL as Ed Grimley and Jackie Roberts, Jr. This effort, however, was absolutely atrocious! I've never seen Short struggle so hard to force laughs out of as patently unfunny a character as this one. Glick is a self-deprecating obese talk show hosts who loves to gobble down doughnuts and knows nothing about the guests on his show. That's pretty much it, and Short is just not right for this role. He is very talented, but the Glick character is just too bland and one-note to be interesting. He's clumsy and gluttonous, and nothing more. Short certainly lacks the energy or colorful idiosyncrasies he gave his other characters. This is another prime example of a terrible Comedy Central show.

The only short I ever found funny was "Tom Green in Afghanistan," and I probably only like that because I love Tom Green and always enjoy when other comedians try to impersonate him. That skit was shown about five minutes into the premiere episode. It all went downhill from there. Thank God Comedy Central canceled this god-awful show.
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i dont get it it??????
tcovey12 July 2003
i mean i read some of your comments u think prime time glick is the funniest show on tv well what about insomniac with dave attell,the daily show,south park just to name a few i mean is martin short that funny??i remember ed grimley was funny but that was the only character that was funny to me he was funny in some movies to but this show is not funny its down right stupid who writes this crap why dont u ever see the real audience??? maybe they dont have one if martin short whats to make a series why doesnt he make one about a real funny character ed grimley i must say now thats funny
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If You Want To Laugh, Don't Watch This.
General_G29 August 2005
This is one of thee worst shows ever made in the history of television and no I am not exaggerating. Martin Short has never been funny in any movie, TV show, TV special, nothing! His gay character Jiminy Glick doesn't only have an annoying name an voice, he is also irritating and completely unfunny. Michael McKean, David Herman, Craig Anton, Mo Collins and Jerry Minor were waaaaaaaay to good for this show and deserved better then to settle for this jackass festival. I couldn't stand it when I saw Jiminy Glick guest star on Mad TV. I was so happy when I heard they canceled this garbage show. I'm still upset that Comedy Central shows the re-runs. They even had a movie about this jackass. Kill this character permanently!
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For Comedy's funny enough
caspian19784 July 2004
Martin Short is one of the funniest people in Hollywood. Still, Primetime Glick has a lot of improvement to be made to be even closely considered a great show. Much like many of Saturday Night Lives former cast members, Martin Short was funny, but off on his own, many Martin Short films have fell short of greatness. In a football game, Martin Short is not the guy who runs in for a touchdown. He is the guy who can easily kick a field goal to earn his team (movie) a quick 3 points. Much like his movie career, the only good Martin Short films are ones where he co-stars with another comedian. Martin Short has given over 120% into Glick and is still falling short. Much of the series is funny but far from anything great.
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Gawd Awful
lambiepie-210 October 2003
I love the heck outa Martin Short.

He's talented beyond belief so after watching this gosh-awful mess, I have to wonder -- Why?

Very few comedy programs hit the satire of Late Night Television, the last being the wonderful "Larry Sanders Show" but Martin's portrayal of a slovenly, rude, disgusting interviewer Glick makes rude and obnoxious Chris Matthews of "Hardball" seem more entertaining.

Maybe Martin's idea was to finally have a "hefty" man be a talk show host to ask the questions real talk show hosts skip over but to me, this particular portrayal is annoying, and very, very boring. I'm not entertained and I never laughed ONCE during any of the programs I've sat through.

But, the good news is, I really like Martin Short's commercials for the A&E Channel. Now that reminds me of how talented and overlooked he really is. This doesn't.
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Abysmal and insulting
MikeTV-21 August 2001
I cannot believe that Comedy Central is so desperate it needs this show. I "wanted" to like Martin Short as Glick (the main character), but his humor is so obvious - it's an insult.

The premise of the show is a camp guy in a fat suit. This may hold your attention for a skit, and may even raise a smile, but a whole series? Maybe some senior citizens find the idea of a camp guy on TV quite funny. Or perhaps kids will split their sides at an obese guy. Well, they can have it.

Short plays a chat show host who insults his guests by not listening. And that's about it. Maybe, if the guests were really uncomfortable, or if Short were to ask some awkward questions, it would have some comic value. The guests try to have fun with it, but it just falls flat. In most cases the guests are funnier, and add more to the show than Short himself (after all, they are playing themselves, and are pretending to be "insulted" at the same time).

I assume the guests participate out of pity or respect for Short. But if you have that many great talents on your show (Steve Martin, Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Maher, Conan O'Brien, etc.), and you fail to raise a laugh, it's time to pull the plug.
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Very Very Funny
BlueOrgy2 July 2001
Primetime Glick happens to be one of the funniest shows out there. It can't get funnier, than Martin Short dressed in a fat suit.

Primetime Glick is a show where Jiminy Glick (short) interviews current celebrities.

Definitely a show for anyone. One of comedy centrals funny shows.
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