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I loved this show
tgpo26 February 2003
I can remember watching this show as a child. I always thought the show was

very cool, and can remember how each gnome had a different colored hat to

show that they all had different jobs. I also remember how the trolls would turn to stone if the sun came out. It use to come on Nick around noon, right before Pinwheel. You'de be hard pressed to find or see it now, but it does leave good memories.
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I remember this show pretty well.
Zacharythelegend17 December 2006
I was a kid once (Duh) and I saw the show. I do think the guy who mentioned they turned to stone in sunlight was mistaken, however. I believe that happened in "The Hobbit" Anime that they released a few years before David the Gnome came out. I remember the fox and David going out on many adventures, some, even dangerous ones. I used to watch this show back in the early nineties to late eighties. (Hey I was born in 84' give me a break here.) I absolutely loved the show and believed it was best for young children who were just starting to learn certain things. The dialog was wonderful and the dubbing was perfect and understandable. I recommend this to any person young or old for the greatest entertainment nickelodeon had to offer back in the day.
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