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Rove is great for what he is
big_cheesy_smile28 March 2005
I've been reading the past comments from people who have watched Rove Live, and many of that compare Rove with the American talk show hosts - Conan, Letterman and Leno. And the thing is, they're American. Rove is great for what he is because he knows what the Australian public likes in a variety show. Sure, his segments may be stolen from his American friends, but it doesn't make them less funnier. Rove has star quality. He might not be the best comedian nor the best talk show host, but the fact that he is such a favourite of the Australians has to mean something. I think it has to do with the fact that he's young, he's immature, and he's OK about it. Not only that, so much of his personality shines through in the show. He makes all his guests comfortable, and when the interview is boring you to tears, it's NEVER because of Rove - trust me, I've seen too many episodes - it's because of the interviewee. What makes Rove Live such a great show is that it's so spontaneous. You never know what Rove, Pete or Corinne might ad lib, or what will come out of a celebrity's mouth after a bit of chit chat on the couch. ...Just watch it.
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Rove is an Aussie Legend
ozq8 February 2005
Rove Live has often been called the Australian version of The Late Show with David Letterman. However every American guest on this late night live TV show tends to say Rove is much better than Letterman! Having watched a lot of Letterman as well as Rove I have to agree.

Rove has an energy and organised spontaneity to him that Letterman lacks. Rove is young (just entered his 30's) and has tended to lead the way in trends and comedy in Australia. He'll be politically incorrect, but never cruel or nasty, nor does he embarrass his guests. He saves that for his constant co-stars, Corinne Grant and Peter Hellier. He has been accepted by virtually every stratum of Australian society, from teenagers to the highest people in the music and film industry.

Rove Live is now a 'must visit' for any overseas visitor who wishes to plug their movie, band, album, TV show or themselves. The majority of Australia either watch it or know about it the next day from someone who did. The guest is also guaranteed a laugh and something a bit unexpected.

Rove's popularity has been reflected in the Gold Logies he has been awarded. Logies are Australia's Golden Globes, and the Gold Logie the highest single award.

Every show includes laughter, jokes, unexpected events (such as random attacks by flying monkeys or a pancake fight between Rove and the live audience), several guests, usually including an international guest, musical acts and comedy skits. Something for everyone.
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Oh, it's Not that bad!
dleask1 February 2005
Yes, it does have some content that has been recycled from various other shows but that's the name of the game. Much of it is given the "Ozzy Touch" to make it acceptable to the greater audience at large. I don't watch it religiously but I do enjoy it from time to time depending what's running against it. Rove McManus is a likable bloke with quite a deal of charisma without being totally silly like Conan or predictable like Dave & Jay can sometimes be. It caters well for local taste. Considering that the show has helped Rove get a few "Gold Logie" awards, i'd say that it's been successful! Anyway, it IS funny at times.
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Go aussies Go!
firefly1619 January 2003
I would just like to join all those others out there in saying that Rove McManus is one of the best actors/comedians to come out of Australia in recent times. The show is a tribute to what great hosts can bring to a show, and also of the great WA talent that rarely get a mention. i would also like to remind all those that compare him to the American talk show hosts that Rove boasts some of the best international stars on his credits list, while not forgeting the great Aussies! Say hi to ya mum for me!
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'Hey, Hey It's Saturday' II
mrandall-417 October 2001
Rove McManus's shows fill the void left by the cancellation of 'Hey, Hey It's Saturday!' as a children's show for adults, albeit at a later timeslot than 'Hey, Hey'. The humour tends towards the childish and there are a number of regular silly segments overseen by the boyish Rove. (Often there are greater laughs when a segment bombs than when it works.) A highlight was when standup comedian and author Scott Capurro appeared on the 27 March 2001 and thoroughly disgusted the audience and Rove with jokes covering paedophilia and cocaine. Poor Rove was reportedly in shock and skipped straight to the next segment afterwards. Channel 10 was also deluged with complaints. It seems that the Rove audience likes its humour to be 'naughty' (Rove can say 'boobs' and get a laugh) but when it comes to in-your-face style comedy, things are quite different. Rove has stated that what makes him laugh are the shots of 'people being hit in the nuts' on 'Australia's Funniest Home Video Show'. While this comment may have been said tongue in cheek, it's probably not too far off the mark (no pun intended). 'Rove Live' is not a show for grown-ups, but for those 20- and 30-somethings who grew up with Daryl Sommers and Ossie... and have still yet to grow up.
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The pinnacle of atrociously cringe worthy comedy
mushi200426 May 2005
Rove is the host of this weekly light entertainment show. Unfortunately most of the material used on the program is basically a lame rehashing of material from other comedy shows. The show severely lacks in originality. For example the most popular segment of the show 'What The?' is a rehashing of a segment called 'Phunny Fotos'(sic) from a past light entertainment variety show called Hey Hey it's Saturday. In fact most of the format is loosely based upon the now axed Hey Hey it's Saturday. Rove is at times embarrassing to watch, he appears anxious and a lot of the time acts on fear which makes the show uncomfortable to watch. He has a tendency to drag out jokes which appear to gain a lot of laughter to overcompensate for the lack of laughter he attains from his other jokes. With Rove it is very much hit and miss affair with his attempts at comedy. Despite all this, he still remains quite popular among the general viewing public due to that there isn't really any other light entertainment variety shows in Australia for Rove Live to be compared with therefore Rove currently sets a low standard for light entertainment which is unfortunately satisfactory for the viewing public to keep watching. Rove Live also features the regular comedic talents of Corrine Grant and Peter Helier whom both accompany Rove with their off-beat sense of humour. With Peter whose humour is based upon ridicule whereas Corrine's humour is based on her use of language structure and delivery.
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Whether you think Rove is funny or not...
andddss31 May 2006
As pretty much the only variety talk show on a commercial channel Rove consistently gets good guests. Notable segments include 'flick the switch' and just generally getting people to do things for money. That said, there are many things about this show which simply call for criticism.

Firstly, the humor lacks wit and sophistication, as well as poor delivery. Now its fine when a comedian screws up his monologue, and we will never hold that against them. However, when monologues are neither topical nor really that bold to make a joke (usually at someones expense), that's when we hit our heads and wonder how this guy ended up with a television show.

In Australia, talk shows are not a big thing like they are in the US. Most Australians have never seen the likes of Conan or Leno (cable TV gets it something like 2 weeks late). These are just 2 shows which air 4-5 times a week consistently coming up with better material than Rove's once a week show.

There is a very good reason for this. These shows target totally different age groups and audiences. There is much more political content in Leno and Conan and thus,the smug wit about it. Rove's show is generally very general humor shown at a family timeslot and therefore never is allowed to make(not necessarily dirty) jokes that really lampoon the day's events.

I'm fine with Rove's show and do watch bits of it occasionally. I just think we should be accepting that it appeals to the lower intelligent side to us. I see it as only a notch or 2 above hey hey its Saturday. That summarises most of Australian production of television really. We just can't produce a smart show AND have it popular. I just think we as Australians think we're better informed than the rest of the world (USA esp.). Well to think that we should act that too and not say "i want to watch something brainless", because that would be hypocritical of us.
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A less-than-funny attempt to copy Conan O'Brien
decrepitbricks7 January 2005
Rove has no original ideas or jokes, all of them are recycled jokes from the American "Late Night" shows, mostly stolen from Conan O'Brien. After watching an episode of "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" I decided to flick to "Rove Live" to see what he had to offer...Little did i know that Rove would be repeating a joke I had just heard on an episode of "Late Night" the day before! And it's not just Conan who is being robbed of his material, it is also Jay Leno. I am under the assumption that Rove flicked to Jay's show, saw the "Headliners" segment and said to himself "Hey, I should take this idea too!", thus causing the birth of "What The?". Rove seriously needs to rethink the whole situation because I think he's beginning to forget that he's not the only one in Australia with access to Jay Leno and Conan...

Rove is HORRIBLE-I'll give him a score of one for going to the effort of plagiarism-1/10
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Over-rated and unoriginal
mistah_blak12 July 2003
I'm going to have to disagree with the popular opinion of everyone that has posted here that Rove Live is a great show. In fact Rove Live is nothing short of joke. Rove manages to rip off the material of other late night hosts, most notably, that of David Letterman. For those of you who think he's is completely original, heres something for you to think about. His 'lists' which he does each week, as well as being not funny, is a complete rip off of David Letterman's top 10. In a recent interview he exclaimed "In my pants!" while looking at the camera, this was repeatedly done by Dave as he wanted it to be his catch phrase. Dave regularly calls the people voted of the show 'Suvivor', the 'lastest Survivor loser' when they appear on his show. And wouldn't you know, thats what Rove calls the Big Brother evictees too! Unbelievable.

His jokes are lame, he manages to screw up every interview he does, his co-hosts Peter Helliar and Corrine Grant are totally unfunny. Their jokes are over-exaggerated, they deliver their punchline and wait for a reaction. The most they get is a few chuckles.

In conclusion, this show is beyond lame. The only reason this show rates well is because there is nothing on tv at the time. Although, it's success is not a surprise to me, as the Australian public seems to eat up whatever Australian tv channels give them(eg. Big Brother and Popstars) no matter how bad it is.
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A Bloody Good Australian Show!
anthonybyrne833 January 2002
Rove can make almost anyone laugh. His guests are the top of the crop, there is a big celebrity on almost every week e.g John Travolta, Emma Bunton, Rene Zellweger etc.

Rove has an excellent supporting cast and amusing segments that have absolutely no meaning. His is a bundle of laughs and if you don't like it then you have to lighten up!
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a complete waste of air-time
markp865 February 2005
This show is a shameless rip off of the American talk shows such as letterman, Leno, o'Brien and of course johnny Carson. i cannot get it through my head why rove mcmanus has his own show, and why it is popular. he is completely uncharismatic, and his jokes are terrible. some COULD BE OK, but aren't funny because his comic timing is so imprecise it hurts my head. although at times he has interesting people on his show, and some good music acts, when the show deals with just rove and his two friends Corine grant and peter hellier, who are mind numbingly unfunny also, it's an absolute drag. it's the poorest show i have ever seen in My whole entire life. Shaun Mccallif had his own show on 9 that got canned after 3 episodes and i still don't know why. it was the funniest thing i had ever seen. it should be Shaun live. rove just is not funny at all. he constantly gets overshadowed by his guests jokes, people that aren't even comedians! terrible, please take it off the air. oh and shock horror, a friend of mine saw a taping in Melbourne. yes, taping. it's not actually live. believe what you will.
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responsible for the death of Aussie comedy
thecosmicjester31 January 2005
Rove was a young comedian when he got his big break on channel 9 in 1999, his show only lasted for a few weeks but was quite funny. Afer that show flopped 10 picked him up do do a variety comedy show. Instead of trying to come up with good material and sketches it strives to be an Aussie Letterman, but falls way short. The problem with this show is it doesn't have an original idea, his "what the" Roving with Rove" "John call Rove" and various other bits are direct copys form Letterman, Conan and Leno. But this show will rate well as it is the only variety show for big name movie stars, bands and pop stars to appear on when they come for a promotional tour of Australia. So while the jokes will always be stale and unfunny, people will continue to watch it for Kyle, Travolta, Clooney, Jackman and all the other celebs that appear on the show. And no other network will attempt at making another comedy, sketch or variety program while this one is still successful, i guess they think there is only room for one. Oh well it cant last for too much longer.
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Hey Hey it's Rove
sn0w_wh1te_2 May 2003
Rove's humour is that annoying office guy humour. he is a smart ass and, well... just a guy that you either love or hate. i used to love him. i would watch the show religiously every tuesday night, but after a while, the novelty wore off and it seemed that his jokes were just being repeating over and over.

Rove is often compared to the hilarious david letterman. not really compared but accused of copying. but what people need to think about is that letterman is accommadating for an american audience and rove for an australian one. the type of humour for both are very different. sometimes i watch letterman and dont understand his comments and i know that if an american watched rove they wouldnt get everything either. but i have noticed some similarities between the late show and rove:live.

1. rove introduces short segments with a daggy 80s style openings

2. the titles of there little segments are pretty much stupid. eg 'whos in the swivel chair?' or 'tell us where to go' in comparison to lettermans 'will it float' type segments.

3. his regulars corinne and pete go out and annoy the general public just as biff's job on lettermans is.

4. lettermans top ten is sometimes used in rove but not under that name (he has a top ten of something sometimes though)

rove has a lot of good points too! his "what the..." segment is original and so funny and the m&m's on the coffee table are A+ (according to his guests anyway). the only thing rove is missing is an in-house band... and i wouldnt be surprised if he suddenly got one too!

it may seem that im criticising rove... and basically i am. but it doesnt mean i hate the guy. he seems like a good guy and im glad there is an australian talk show such as roves since the good old 'hey hey its saturday' stopped airing.
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I feel embarrassed for Rove
rooboy8427 June 2002
Rove, I hate to say it, is a try hard David Letterman. Every time he tries to be funny he isn't and its so bad it embarrasses ME! He just isn't TV material and dosn't have enough segments in this show. He might come out with one pearler every few months but thats it. I tried to like this show. I really did.

Shame rove! Pick up the comedy lines!
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Rove kicks Conan, Jay and Lettermans butt when it comes to funny
chips_n_gravy0231 March 2005
What is wrong with some people?? Seriously, why are so many people here comparing Rove to Jay Leno, Conan OBrien and David Letterman?? OK..these three are late night chat-show hosts, but a) their shows and their segments are not funny AT ALL..b) they are American and c)They are lame and the people that laugh at their jokes need to get a life! Oh my god..Rove is sooo copying..he has a monologue at the start..and has a "funny photo" segment and roving interviews with the public.. Um OK..that doesn't mean he "stole" from any of the American chat show hosts! The ones overseas seem so repetitive and boring each time, but Rove at least is original and hilarious! Rove is the best thing thats on television at the moment..amidst the crap reality shows, the American canned-laughter garbage and celebrity gossip shows that are around..Every week his show has awesome celebrities from both overseas and the cream of the crop of Aussie TV. It guarantees laughs all the time..whether its through the various segments like the fake interviews with Pete (loved the pope and sylvester stallone!!), the spontaneous things he comes out with during interviews or when he's just amusing himself! Rove is an awesome show, he deserves all the praise (and the logies) he gets and I hope he stays on our screens for a LONG time! In the meantime, stop comparing him to Conan, Jay and Letterman; stop scrutinizing the parts of the show apparently "stolen" from other shows - AND START ACTUALLY WATCHING THE SHOW - I guarantee you will enjoy it!!
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Rove is a stinky show
president_penguin21 September 2005
Geez, I cannot believe all you FOOLS out there who actually think that Rove is something worth watching. Australia is represented by this TOOL??????? He gets to make the media impression to some of the biggest stars? All I can say about Rove's manager/producer/whoever it is that gets all the names is: WELL FRICKEN DONE!!!! Rove is unfunny. He would be right at home at the ever crappy Comedy Inc. Pete H is a tool too. He is only mildly funny on the also crappy Before The Game. Corrin Grant is pretty good... but i'm only saying that after seeing her on The Glass House. Channel Ten should get someone funny on... someone like Adam Hills or Dave Hughes. Stop lowering the perception of Australia for crying out loud!!!
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Funniest Australian Talk show......
squashed_smurf12 October 2004
Rove McManus I feel is one of the most talented comedians out. He brings his humour to TV so well, I watch every week and almost cry with laughter. I also like the fact that actors and other famous people always come on feeling comfortable. Almost the entire entertainment industry knows about this show and all enjoy being on it, which I can understand, It is a feel good show, you go on for a good time. Yeah, maybe the "What The.....?"'s have been a bit stupid lately and repetitive, but it is still a great show which I recommend to everyone who enjoys Dry, stupid Aussie humour!!! 10/10! Love you Rove
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Another Aussie comedy program I never miss an episode of!!
truckinaintforsissies18 January 2003
This is easily one of the greatest comedy programs on television!! I've seen Leno, Letterman and O'Brien, but NONE of them can compare to Rove. He's just too good. Combine great looks, a hilarious sense of humour and comical attitude, and you've got yourself the best host, for an equally great show.

Rove, Pete, Corinne ... you are awesome!! Keep it up!!
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Four Years and Still Trying to Find it's Feet
stevewest-129 March 2004
I first saw Rove on channel 9 back in 1999, I liked the vibe, the people, the grungy-yet-trendy set. Channel Ten obviously saw Potential in Rove and poached him after the inevitable channel 9 cancelling (if it's a comedy variety show on 9, you just know it's going to be cancelled in short order). I preferred the darkly lit channel 9 set to the brightly lit channel 10 set but the show seemed to cross over okay in it's first season on Ten. Rove was the sort of show that seemed okay when it was new, but the trouble is Rove never seemed to build on his experience and grow as a host, if anything he's worse now than in the first seasons. Dave Callan didn't stay around for the second season and I've noticed Peter Helliar and Corinne Grant have much more stand-offish attitudes towards Rove than they did in the past, where they seemed like a closely knit bunch.

Rove just doesn't have things together enough to be host of a nationally televised show. I think Australian audiences can be partly to blame here because the audiences of Rove Live are far too forgiving, if they didn't laugh at everything slightly humorous that Rove did he might have to actually try to be funny. "Tonight Live with Steve Vizard" and "Denton", both on Seven, were a lot better than Rove Live just on the strength of their hosts, who were not self-destructive idiots like Rove.
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Rove Rocks!
sweetchic22 February 2004
I disagree with all of these comments saying that Rove is crap!

Rove [Live] is one of the best shows on TV! It is really the only show I watch, and I do it weekly. Not only is Rove funny, but he is an amazing host- he can keep the audience interested throughout the show.

They also get fabulous guests on there- The Rock, Kiss, Jimeoin, Anthony Hopkins, Elton John, Jodie Foster, Will Smith Hattie Hayridge, Bret Hart and Sting, just to name a few. He also has some of the coolest segments on his show, including "Tell Us Where to Go", "2 Minutes at Your House", "What the..?", and even the infamous "Who's in the Swivel Chair?".

What's not to love?
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lost its flair
tru_beauty447 May 2003
Being Australian, I love the humor of rove live. However, I think that the show which was once so unique and individual has now become merely a late-night chat show with some famous and some not so famous guests. Sure, what the....used to make me laugh so much but i find that the first interview @ the desk always goes for like 20 minutes and therefore i have to watch heaps longer to find the fun part. However, the highlight of the whole ENTIRE show for me would have to be Rove's monologue right @ the beginning. i laugh myself to death every week because its so funny!! even if you don't like rove or the show itself, at least treat yourself to 5 minutes of hold-your-sides humor once a week. Rove Live......9:30-9:40. funniest thing you'll see all week!
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So funny!!
colunga1318 June 2009
I love this show!! It's so funny and amazing!! Even though I can't see it on TV I can still see it online and I laugh a lot! It's just too funny! My favorite parts are"The best of things we love" "who would you turn gay for?" and "Hughesy loses it" it's just too funny. I was watching it once when I was kind of gloomy and I watched a video and it cheered me right up and I completely forgot why I was so gloomy!Gooooooo rove!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK ROVE AND CREW!!! I've been watching this show since it first came out and I expect it to be just as good as it's been since the first episode aired on TV and online!!! LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT!! I MIGHT AS WELL GO TO Australia SO I CAN SEE IT ON TV!!! GO AUSSIES GOO!!!
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Rove is crap
mickcos17 December 2004
I'm going to make this long and Moderatly sweet, rove Mcmanus is the worst excuse for a comedian i have seen in my many long years.maybe his show had something when he started but now every Tuesday night he shows us further how sad and poor at being funny a person can be.I think one of his many major folly's was stealing material from "the Simpson's" and using it while hosting the ARIA's, seriously his performance that night was the worst i have ever see, Carson Kressley could have done a better job.His show needs to be canceled before he further embarrasses himself and the foolish goons who voted to award him his ill gotten gold and silver Logie's.
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acdcno123 January 2008
Can someone tell me what is appealing about this boring, untalented man?

I have tried to sit and watch one of his shows, or listen to him interviewed and he has NO TALENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seriously there are much funnier and interesting people on TV in Australia.

Better than Letterman? You have got to be kidding. And this from someone who doesn't find Letterman that funny.

Give me Andrew Denton, or Andrew Urban for that matter any day of the week.

At least they can hold an interview and have some wit about them.

Rove Live? Should be Rove Dull!
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Corrinne Grant
kdavies-81 August 2006
What ever happened to Corrine Grant and her Rove spot? It would appear she has left our screens for good and if a message was sent to all Rove viewers I certainly missed it. Can anyone tell me what happened to her relationship on this show? Yes, she is still on The Glass House but she is missed on Rove too. Whilst the other regulars on the show are good and worth watching Corrine had an interesting take and a female perspective to the show which is now lacking. Only the news reader (which is very funny) adds a female perspective for the regular content with the rest from the guests who appear. Any help in letting me know what happened to Corrine would be appreciated.
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