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Brilliant! The funniest comedy since Dumb & Dumber!
Anonymous_Maxine6 May 2002
Run, Ronnie, Run is a comedy with the rare distinction of having an excellently written script, especially since it was meant to sound dumb. Ronnie Dobbs is your typical beer guzzling redneck who can't seem to avoid getting himself arrested, and who always seems to have his elaborate arrests caught on film and broadcast on television.

Some dumb guy is discovered through his unenviable skill of getting embarrassingly arrested, has a TV show created around his arrests, and becomes an instant star. Clearly, this is not Oscar material. In fact, a plot outline like that leads you to believe that it will be just another bonehead comedy in the moronic tradition of American Pie and Road Trip and Big Momma's House. However, Run, Ronnie, Run proves to be much more than any of those movies.

Not only is it packed full of sidesplitting comedy, it is also presented in numerous unique ways. The film opens with an introduction by an elderly man whose vulgar speech prepares the audience for the sheer hilarity that is to follow. The rest of the movie is sparsely narrated by Clay, one of Ronnie's accident-prone friends who is the funniest redneck I've seen in a movie in years, besides Ronnie himself. David Cross delivers a hilarious performance in this film, and hopefully this movie will allow people to forgive him for his part in the pathetic Scary Movie 2.

As is necessary in a comedy like this, the dialogue is full of great comedy, but the thing that makes this movie unique is that it is not only hilarious but it's very well written. There are lots of very simple but very effective speech gags, like Ronnie's dim-witted comment to a police officer who was being excessively angry with a young kid (who happened to be the officer's son), as well as his charming response to his stripper girlfriend (one of the many products of his instant fame) when her very presence doesn't manage to create the response that he hopes for in his ex. And by the way, it's just not the same to read all this in a review, you have to see this stuff for yourself. Not only is it more effective to see it all for yourself, but there is so much uproarious comedy in this movie that it is impossible to list it all in one review.

Every character in this film is significant and well presented, and the movie never gets boring or slow. There are a couple of things that could have been left out, such as the Mary Poppins spoof about giving your woman a good old kick in the c*nt, as well as the eventual fate of Clay, but even this childish and sometimes crude and grotesque humor is not enough to bring down the movie as a whole. This is a great comedy in the tradition of Dumb & Dumber, although I can't say that the movie actually manages to pass that one up as far as sheer quality.

Even though there were a few things that were a little excessive or did not need to be in the movie, Run, Ronnie, Run is still a tremendously amusing and entertaining film. Every character in the film will have you cheering, and there is even one noteworthy scene where the town Mayor's fat, video game addicted son gets p***ed off and does something that will make every jaw in the audience drop. That's one of the best scenes in the film, and the irony is one of the things that made it such a good scene. I assure you that I am not exaggerating when I say that this is one of the best comedies to come along in years. It is so rare to see a comedy that is driven by the mishaps and misfortune of the uneducated (and inbred?) that is able to overcome the simplicity of its content and come off as such a fulfilling and entertaining comedy. Definitely do not miss this one.
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great offbeat comedy, well-executed
mmwilde4 May 2004
This is a great little comedy with fantastic bits of humor you have to pay attention to get. If you enjoy earning your fun, this is your idea of a good time. All of the actors are the sharpest on the comedy scene today, and all are nailing their bits to the wall. The movie has a nice little story, too. This should be on your shelf, next to "Guffman" and all that. Also, if you love a good cameo, this is for you. It's easier to say who DOESN'T make an appearance, which shows you just how much respect the people who made this movie garner from the comedy community. David and Bob are on fire, as usual, and all the "Mr. Show" supporting cast are on the money.
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Some very good spots, but not quite enough
jbar1916 December 2002
Ronnie is a mullet headed redneck who lives in a trailer, drinks a lot of beer, raises hell and gets arrested. A failed infomercial pitchman sees Ronnie and decides to have him star in a new reality-based TV show where Ronnie goes from city to city, gets drunk and in trouble, and ultimately ends up getting arrested. It's like "Joe Dirt" meets "Cops".

The show becomes a big hit. Ronnie gets to mingle with the stars, buy a big house and finally nail the hot girl who is in his favorite beer advertisement.

Ronnie begins to feel the hallowness of his fame and then goes through the stereotypical soul searching that we've seen in a lot of movies.

This movie had some great, almost classic moments. And I was loving it, up until the last 20 minutes. It's another example of a movie that would have benefitted from a re-edit or two. The story just ran out of steam.

There are a boatload of very funny celebrity cameos, some uncredited. Also, there is an animation at the beginning of the movie which looks like a classic 1950's style "Please refrain from talking during the movie" cartoon, but it ends up being anything but. It looks like a Cricfalusi animation and it's pretty funny.

Look for the fake music video which also is very good.

Also, the ending credits have a few surprises including a great send up of Jackie Chan closing credits.

Supposedly, this movie failed to get a distributor. It is certainly strong enough to be released. I just wish they'd punch up the ending.

I give it a 6.5 to 7 out of 10. The team that made this movie is certainly talented. Be sure to check out the memorable quotes.
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Fat Kid Kicks Ass!
bigfella2k110 October 2003
O.K, true, this isn't quite up to the quality level of Mr. Show, but it is redeemed by several hilarious scenes: namely, the "Survivor" parody, the Jack Black musical number with an animated squirrel, and of course, the "Fat Kid Kicks Ass" sequence. Holy Shamoly, that has got to be the funniest fight scene in a movie ever.

Worth a rental, at the very least.
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A Direct-To-Video Wasteland of Undermined Comic Talents
jzappa10 October 2009
A swamp of wasted comic ingenuity, Run Ronnie Run has about 10 minutes of clever, even hilarious parody to its name before being cleaned out of laughs. For the remainder of the time, this Sundance handout spun off from David Cross and Bob Odenkirk's hilarious HBO program Mr. Show With Bob and David, stumbles along, confusing with trendy and audacious all the infantile throwaways and pop culture references that it tediously stretches to frame its running time. Camouflaged behind a bulletproof mullet, Cross plays the Ronnie in question, a beer-gorging deadbeat hayseed who whiles away the hours wreaking havoc on his Georgia hometown. His exploits are caught on tape by a Cops-like reality show called Fuzz, and he's noticed by pathetic infomercial personality/inventor Terry Twillstein, played by an astute Bob Odenkirk, who sees Ronnie's popularity with lowbrow viewers. He promotes the idea to TV executives for a show in which he is arrested in a different city each week. The show becomes phenomenally successful, making Ronnie rich and famous, surprise surprise.

But while the text isn't up to Mr. Show's lofty benchmark, some big laughs do emerge, as when Hollywood stars beseech Ronnie to rob them, or when Ronnie's one semblance of soul-searching on death row involves his last meal: waffles, squarely nosing out corn dogs. Cross and Odenkirk, who ultimately disowned this movie, hardly reproduce a shred of the wit of any one of various sundry sketches from their show, but David Koechner has some time here to do his thing as an illiterate alcoholic redneck moron and Sarah Silverman Program regular Brian Posehn is one of the writers.

Ronnie's guilelessness is essentially a one-dimensional gag. Cross can be hilarious, but he's just more fitting when he's bald. Here his act is eclipsed by the innumerable celebrity cameos such as Jack Black, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, John and Rebecca Romijn Stamos, Ben Stiller, Jeff Goldblum, Mandy Patinkin, Kathy Griffin, etc., and episodes which don't follow at all from the premises, including one that reveals the "gay conspiracy" overseen by Patrick Warburton and forces them to give up their plot for world domination. It's completely non-sequitary in the film, and it's particularly memorable.
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Excellent Fun
roofusdc24 February 2006
I only caught a few episodes of Mr. Show, so my comments aren't from a fan. This movie works in a crazy way. Its not a series of sketches but a sustained meditation on fame and southern culture. It's not the greatest film ever made but there are a few things that make it rise above the mediocrity that's out there.

I can only imagine what this could've been if the studio hadn't ticked off Cross and Odenkirk. They pushed it straight to DVD. But its still a funny movie.

I was enjoying this movie and then I got to the cameo performance by Mandy Patinkin and was agog and just doubled over with laughter. Not only is the conceit funny as hell, its just so perfectly executed. You have to know Mandy Patinkin's work to realize how exceptionally well-crafted that bit is. Its really a stunning piece of comedy. And its not even central to the movie. *THAT'S* the level of comedy we're talking about here.

Just hysterical. There are a few other bits to enjoy. A fictional music video is pretty entertaining as is an opening cartoon homage that everyone will recognize.

Do yourself a favor and watch this movie.

You'll find plenty to enjoy.
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'The movie you're about to see is not real. It is a movie'
Chrysanthepop30 August 2009
I'm not familiar with the Ronnie Dobbs skits on 'Mr. Show' but I really enjoyed 'Run Ronnie Run'. It's funny from start to end. In the beginning there's a cartoon which mocks the cine-goers and the movie itself is a spoof of the 'trailor trash culture', reality shows, censorship and stardom in Hollywood. The film is full of cameos and all the actors show excellent comic timing. Dot Lancaster's opening sequence and his reappearance are hilarious. But, the stars of 'Run Ronnie Run' are Bob Odenkirk and David Cross who also co-wrote the screenplay. It is their tremendous comic abilities that make this one a joy to watch. Even though both Ronnie and arguably Terry are dumb, the viewer roots for them no matter what. The offbeat and adult humour might not be considered as everyone's cup of tea but I believe that it's an underrated film. The humour works on multiple levels as satire, slapstick, dark humour and yes, there's something poetic about it too. Go and watch 'Run Ronnie Run'but remember that it isn't real, it's a movie.
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A Truly Worthy Comedy
pentagore4 February 2006
I originally saw the uncut version through a bootleg some months before this was released. Having been a longtime Mr. Show fan, I was ultimately pleased to see they had done something with the character of Ronnie Dobbs. So many white trash characters have been portrayed on film and TV, but none of them have really hit true to home than Ronnie Dobbs. I have known MANY Ronnie Dobbs in my lifetime, having spent many years in Texas and Oklahoma. It was almost like watching a documentary.

'Run, Ronnie, Run' is tremendously under-rated, and I suggest to all you comedy buffs to view this film. Those with an understanding of this kind of comedy will appreciate it even more.
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funny as heck!
wolfmano19 September 2003
In this very funny movie David Cross stars as Ronnie Dobbs, Ronnie is the very cliched hillbilly from Mr. Show who was popular enough to get his own movie. In the movie Ronnie's on again off again wife refuses his proposal of marrage,which leads to Terry Twillstein, a failed inventor(in a very funny scene involving a device called the "Food eliminator" the device blows up and one of the blades flies at high speeds into the unbelievably happy female co-host chest who hasn't wanted to see that)sees Ronnie getting arrested on a cop show called "FUZZ" goes and propositions Ronnie to come to hollywood, once there he become's reality tv's newest sensation bumping "elimination island" A survivor parody where those who are eliminated are eaten. the funny David Koechner plays clay Ronnie's friend who every time you see his he's even more injured each time. So if your walking through the video store and you see this movie, rent it.
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It all depends on your opinion of Mr. Show.
nourenme844 November 2004
This movie is generally funny, but I can't imagine someone who hasn't seen the Ronnie Dobbs skits on Mr. Show finding it as funny as someone who has. It has a lot of really funny moments. Lots of fresh white trash jokes, not the same old recycled trailer park jokes from before. You can't beat a vomit eating dog. Then again, there were a lot of forced jokes, a bit of trying too hard to make me laugh. For some reason there were more cameos than you can shake a stick at. But the real stars of the show are David Cross and Bob Odenkirk and their sense of humor. It doesn't really apply to a wide demographic, but people that have enjoyed Mr. Show and Cross' stand up will appreciate the sense of humor. I do wish they played more than two or three roles and involved more of their Mr. Show characters into the movie. It did have Three Times One Minus One, which is good. It had Jack Black, which is very very bad. If you liked Mr. Show, you'll love this movie. If not, you won't pick up on everything and the magic of Ronnie Dobbs. It's like the Mr. Bean movie in how you'll appreciate it more if you liked the show, but dislike the recycling of the same jokes from the show.
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David Cross and Bob Odenkirk can do better
grantss15 September 2014
David Cross and Bob Odenkirk can do better.

As actors, Cross and Odenkirk can easily do better than this movie. However, they also wrote the script for this, so are almost entirely to blame for its lameness.

Very silly movie. For whatever reason, aims to glorify stupid redneck antics. Maybe rednecks were the target audience...

Not all bad. There are some genuine laugh-out-loud moments. Anything that spoofed Hollywood and celebrity, their superficiality and vacuousness, was reasonably well done.

In keeping with this, Bob Odenkirk is the one to watch. David Cross' character is just plain irritating.
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Ouch. This one hurts...
pslock22 February 2004
For years I've loved the work of David Cross and Bob Odenkirk, and certainly enjoyed Mr. Show, probably the best television comedy show since Kids in the Hall went off the air. However, when Bob and David themselves set out to warn people how awful this movie was, you KNOW you had to be worried. The fellas claim that studio interference from New Line made the production problematic and that the cut of the movie they wanted was largely sabotaged in favor of trying to compete with your usual "Cooter Patrol" style Hollywood comedy in the vein of utter retardedness like, say, American Pie. In the end, they claimed that Run Ronnie Run had been turned into a piece of garbage, and they are RIGHT. I don't care how deep your love for Bob and David runs...avoid this movie. Everything clever, subtle, and interesting about their comedy is sabotaged in this flick. has it's moments. There's a few scenes here and there where I did honestly laugh. But all together, that totaled maybe 5-8 minutes of the rest of the flick. I love these guys but I have to be honest...something screwed up here. Whether it was New LIne or Bob and David just not being too good at a movie-length format, this just isn't what Mr. Show fans want to see.
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Wonderful Entertainment
jahfre4 June 2005
This movie will never leave you sad. It works on so many levels that you can watch it in mixed company. You know, a room full of manual laboring joe-6-packs, with some bankers and lawyers or a bunch of barflies and some hard working family types. Most likely different groups will laugh at different parts while the non-laughing groups will wonder what they are missing and even that would be amusing. Pretty soon, everyone is laughing.

I'm a little bit of all of the above so I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.

The parody aspects were sadly, hilarious, the dialog was genius-stupid, the subplots were predictably quirky and nothing unexpected should surprise you. If you follow the obvious it is briefly funny because it's shallow, if you go deeper there is even more to laugh at.

If you liked Very Bad Things, Envy, The Jerk, The Stupids, etc. You'll enjoy Run Ronnie Run. -Jahfre
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Fab. Very funny but a bit repetitive.
bladednebula11 March 2005
As far as many are concerned, this is just another stupid fart joke comedy. Well I disagree. Although the humour may not be tasteful, it is still very funny. A lot of the humour seems to be very reminiscent of South Park, almost a hats off to the works of Trey Parker and Matt Stone (whom also make a cameo appearance). Run Ronnie Run does repeat itself however, and a lot of the time you feel "This is the same joke but to a more extreme degree". This is definitely worth watching, and as I got it for £2 on DVD (Ex-rental... it's the only way) you can't complain. Lend it off a friend though, I wouldn't really class it as something you could watch again and again. If you like this film I suggest you check out earlier Parker and Stone productions, namely Cannibal The Musical.
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So bad even Bob and David disowned it.
DavidGTaylor25 November 2003
Yeah, so I downloaded Run, Ronnie, Run a few months ago from Kazaa and thought it was lame as all heck. I love Mr. Show and thought that the Ronnie Dobbs sketches were pretty funny, but this movie isn't. There are some funny scenes, I guess, but I don't remember it. Bad movies have that effect on me. I can't remember the really horrible parts because I force them out of my memory. I'm sure it could've been a lot better had Bob & David chosen another director, and put a little more effort into it. Also, giving Ronnie redeeming qualities really isn't a good idea either. Ronnie is supposed to be like an amoral, violent, drunken redneck that gets arrested for a living. Not a sweet man who goes on a mission.

Oh yeah, and I think most of us all know that movies based on sketches usually suck.

Bob and David (especially Bob) are obviously talented and funny enough (watch Mr. Show), but this movie doesn't show that talent much.
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It sucked!
bean_invaders5 October 2003
I love Mr. Show. Love it!!!

With that said, Run Ronnie Run was a huge piece of crap. I truly felt like I had wasted my money after viewing it. There were literally only two times while viewing that I actually laughed. It reminded me of a horrible SNL movie, or perhaps of UHF starring Weird Al-- only not as funny. This movie was completely devoid of the comedic genius of Bob and David to which fans are accustomed. It was lame, boring, and painfully unfunny.

In short, this movie totally sucked and you should just save your dough and watch Mr. Show instead. The Season 3 DVD just came out and it's so much better than this trash that it can't even be compared.
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So much potential...
d-scum9 May 2003
...but it falls flat. Granted there are at least a half dozen cuts of this movie and I have only seen Troy Miller and the Studio cut of it. That being said it is so bad. It's the same joke for 90 minutes with a few nuggets of comedic gold, they are few and far between and don't save the movie as a whole.

After cutting it and shelving it for the last 2 and a half years apparently New Line is planning to try and cash in on the release of Mr. Show Season 3 DVD in August. The release date for the RRR DVD is 9/16/03 and it will most likely be the Studio Cut I have seen with very few extras. If your a fan of low-brow, dumb dumb, stupid movies you might like. However; fans or Mr. Show and Bob and David's previous work will be left extremely disappointed.

Even Bob and David themselves are completly embarassed about the way this movie turned out. They asked the studio to not release it and begged fans to stop asking about it, so New Line decided to do the opposite. I sincerly hope that first time viewers will not think this is the apex of Bob and David's talents as comedic artists because it simply isn't.

That being said while the script and jokes tend to fall flat the performances are actually pretty decent. Bob's Terry and David's Ronnie definately have excellent and David Koechner's Clay as the narrator and Ronnie's friend steals almost every scene he is in and leads to probably the best running joke of the movie.

I can't emphasize enough that this movie is not a Mr. Show fan friendly movie. Watch it only as a goof and don't expect too much in the way of laughs. I'll give it ** out of ***** mainly due to Koechner, Cross and Odenkirk's performance.
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Content Filled Comedy that delivers
xercez23 May 2004
The hosts of Mr. Show have created one of the best comedies to come along in a long time with "Run Ronnie Run." Contrary to popular misconception, the hosts play two roles (including beautiful cameos in a rap music video as the hip hop sensation "2 plus 1 minus 1") In addition, Cross' rendition of a "hick" is anything but accurate, but totally hilarious as a result. His costar's British character serves as both the straight man and the vehicle for many of the film's best jokes.

For younger audiences, many of the references and subtle humor in this movie might be a bit hard to catch, but the sheer volume of laughs in this movie is sure to keep everyone satisfied in comparison to the mediocre comedies pervading the film industry today.

If you enjoy comedy in any way, shape, or form, this movie will have something to offer you.
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The problem? One word: Ronnie
Dr. Gore23 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers

I've seen a few "Mr. Show" episodes and decided to rent this one. I had just seen a sketch the other day about people sending in videotapes of themselves complaining about the show. "I have never, ever, never ever..." and on and on until a football hits him in the groin. The other guy goes on a tirade, "Your show belongs in the gutter, with my garbage! The county made me take my garbage out of the gutter. You know what does belong in the gutter? Your show!" This struck me as hysterical since I had just received e-mails complaining about my reviews. The timing was perfect.

So it was with high hopes that I rented this one. I'm sad to report that "Run Ronnie Run" is a flat tire. I know what the problem is. It's Ronnie. He is a very unlikable character. He is an annoying, stupid hick. A very accurate portrayal of a hick, but that doesn't translate into big laughs. The show would have the two main guys morph into a lot of different characters. This flick has them stuck in one role apiece. Neither of which are that funny. Bottom line: I didn't laugh once.

Check out the "Mr. Show" show when you can. It's good stuff. I think these two guys can easily come up with a funny movie. "Run Ronnie Run" is not it. Run away.
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I'll take what I can get.
Bneidl28 September 2003
Obviously this movie isn't as good as the t.v. show was, but it IS scarce, precious Mr. Show product. You have to take what you can get. I've watched the 24 episodes of Mr. Show many times. We all know that most of them were just brilliant. The problem is, 24 episodes isn't enough. Consequently, even though I had read the accounts of how New Line allegedly butchered this film in the editing room, I had to buy it when I saw it on the rack in the store.

Basically, you have to wade through a lot of bland, unoriginal material to find those small islands of greatness that recall the best of Mr. Show. The "Three Times One Minus" One video was fantastic, for instance. Those were among the funniest characters they created on Mr. Show, and their presentation here improves on what we had seen before. It was a great example of how having a full film crew and a studio budget permitted a more elaborate rendering of a great idea.

Perhaps one defect in this movie that is not New Line's fault was the decision to make Ronnie Dobbs the focus of the story. Ronnie Dobbs was NOT one of the better characters from Mr. Show. The first of the two skits in which he appeared (season 1) was very broad and way below the intelligence of the usual Mr. Show skit. It was SNL quality (which is to say poor). The second Dobbs skit (season 3)--the musical one--was actually pretty funny, especially David Cross' song (which Mandy Patinkin sings in the film), but even so there isn't really enough in the character to support an entire film. The decision to base the film on Dobbs is a bit surprising for the additional reason that Mr. Show prided itself on not relying on a stable of established or recognized characters. They were too classy, unlike SNL, to turn to a "Wayne's World" or "Church Lady" every week just to milk out a few undeserved laughs based purely on audience recognition. I would have expected Bob Odenkirk and David Cross to write a film script based principally on new characters (with some from the t.v. show maybe appearing once or twice in smaller roles). Surprising.

Ultimately, though, the price is worth it for die hard Mr. Show fans dying for some additional material; just don't hold out hope for a movie on par with the series. You'll get your money's worth based on Three Times One Minus One and Jack Black's cameo alone (and I usually think Jack Black is wildly overrated).

A final observation: the appearance of Jeff Goldblum in this movie confirms something I suspected ever since he narrated (without credit) the Civil War Re-enactment skit in the television show; he must be a fan of Bob and David's.
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A disservice to the funniest show in the history of tv
waltergl13 April 2003
I write this with nothing but respect for the artists involved in this project-Troy Miller is a brilliant comedy director, and Bob and David are the funniest men on the history of the planet. Do yourself a favor and buy the Mr. Show first and second seasons on DVD. You will not regret it, although your sides might! Because they'll be aching, what with all of the laughing you'll be doing!

Run Ronnie Run can only be associated with Mr. Show through the people who worked on it, and some of the characters from the show. The hilariously absurd writing is not there, the brilliant sense of pacing to be found in every single episode of Mr. Show was missing, and Bob and David deliver their lines without energy or enthusiasm. The joy of the show is that all of the cast members seem to be having the time of their lives during each and every single sketch. In this movie, everyone involved seems tired and bored.

The movie is a train wreck. The reason it hasn't been given a wide release is because it is not funny. I love Bob and David, I've seen them live and buy anything with their names on it, because I know it will be good, so I forgive them this unsuccessful foray into the film world. On their website they even admit that it isn't funny. If you want to see it, do so only as a novelty, and don't expect many laughs. I think I laughed really hard once, but that's just because David said the f-word, and that's always great. But I encourage everyone to keep supporting Bob and David, and maybe they'll be able to gain the support to make a movie worthy of their talents.
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Not worth the price of admission
bassn9923 July 2003
I am an avid movie lover. I watch anything and everything from Comedies to Horror flicks. This was about the most useless movie I have seen in years. It is SO BAD it can't be funny even when you think it could be. Do yourself a favor and stay away from this stinker.
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OrangieTooDope1 May 2017
I'll never forget the day that I walked into a video store and saw this.I didn't even know it existed and soon found myself explaining who Ronnie Dobbs was to someone who just did not care. Ronnie was a character that appeared in 2 sketches on Mr.Show. Mr. What? Exactly. He is a drunk redneck that is always getting arrested. This movie expands on the character and it's truly hilarious.A TV producer gives Ronnie a show and he goes around the country getting arrested everywhere.Ronnie never runs out of funny things to say or do, I feel like I could watch him every day. David Cross,Bob Odenkirk and Nikki Cox have never disappointed me and this movie is no exception. This is a must see.
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Hell Yeah!
mrs_show15 July 2014
This is one of the funniest movies out there. It steams from a sketch that Bob and David did on their show Mr. Show with Bob and David. It follows the life of Ronnie Dobbs who becomes famous for getting arrested so many times. It shows us the relationship between Ronnie and Terry. Its not exactly like the sketch cause in the sketch Ronnie was a woman beater but in the movie he isn't. He actually loves Tammy. So some changes were made. Nonetheless, this movie is both funny and touching at times particularly on parts that Ronnie is sad about losing Tammy. It was incredibly hilarious when the fat kid kicked everybody's ass in order to save himself and when he had full control over his a hole father. Its so funny it'll have you crying with laughter. Pure genius! I can't say it enough....... ........ ..................... ............ .................. .................. .......... .........
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Great exploration of Ronnie Dobbs
rzajac9 June 2013
I loved Mr. Show. This flick basically takes the Ronnie Dobbs character and gives it the treatment it deserves.

I read the "Trivia" section and was interested to discover what a touch-and-go the whole project was. I think it's something of tribute that, in spite of having strayed from Bob/David's original conception, it's still a wonderful movie. Others have commented on the content, which is pretty much summed up as a take-down of rednecks and Hollywood.

So let's just call this what it is: Giving due production diligence to the whole Ronnie Dobbs mythos as Mr. Show was getting mothballed.

From time to time a production blows apart one of my "rules of thumb". The rule of thumb exploded by "Run Ronnie Run" is that some media efforts are essentially work programs for talented actors and actresses, and that these kinds of "make-work" programs suck. "Run Ronnie Run" is, in part, a make-work program, but it still feels oh-so right. What's the difference? The difference is in a production like this having an inspired myth; and Ronnie Dobbs *is* one for the ages. When you're watching it, metabolize it as David Cross channeling the spirit of a *god*, and it'll all make sense to you.
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