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MPAA Rated R for strong language, sexual content and crude humor

Sex & Nudity

  • Ronnie is shown fully nude from the front. (his pubic area is pixeled out)
  • Mandy Patinkin is shown fully nude from the side. (brief)
  • Mild sexual humor throughout.
  • Ronnie propositions a prostitute.
  • "I Loath LA" includes sexual lyrics.
  • Three posters are shown for softcore TV series. ("Erotic Diaries" "Judge Juggs" "Screwballz")
  • "Ronnie & Kayla's Date Song" (a music video) includes sexual lyrics, some foreplay, and Ronnie nude from the back.
  • Several adult magazines are shown. ("Bazoombas" "Classy Whore" "Jugg Fucklers" "Taint" "Tits Ahoy!")
  • Kayla is shown in skimpy bikinis.

Violence & Gore

  • Several scenes of vandalization throughout.
  • Jerry plays DOA in nearly every scene he's in.
  • A group of people tease F'd Up Dog.
  • Clay is shown bloodied.
  • A Food-erator goes haywire attacking a woman. (mildly graphic - black blood (?) squirts out - this scene is repeated several times on monitors)
  • Terry kisses a woman without permission so she slugs him.
  • A man punches Terry.
  • A bus accident. (mildly graphic - Clay is shown bleeding)
  • A hit and run.
  • The host of Elimination stabs a man. The other contestants then tear the man apart and eat him. (mildly graphic)
  • Tammy punches Ronnie, then Kayla slaps him.
  • On a TV, there is a violent fishing show called "Fishing with Guns".
  • One of the kidnappers assaults another.
  • A truck crash.
  • The end credits outtakes include graphic violence. (David is shown with a bloody back and later with his arm nearly chewed off. Bob is shown with a bad bruise.)


  • Profanity - At least: 15 instances of "fuck(ed)(ing)" 9 instances of "shit(e)(ing)" 5 instances of "ass" 2 instances each of "bullshit(ing)" "hard on" "suck off" 1 instance each of "balls" "boners" "hot beef injection" "naughty pussy cat" "nuts" "pissed off" "pussy" "shoot" "stuff it"
  • Religious Profanity - At least: 10 instances of "hell" 8 instances of "damn" 7 instances of "goddamn"
  • Insults and Derogatory Terms - At least: 5 instances of "bitch" 3 instances of "son of a bitch" 2 instances each of "dumb dick" "faggot" "motherfucker" 1 instance each of "asshole" "bastard" "boy" "chow chow" "dumb ass" "fancy pants" "hillbilly" "ladies" "losers" "naive bumpkin" "precious" "pretty mama" "prick" "sack of manure for brains" "scum" "sissy" "sweatheart" "tinhead"
  • 1 use of the middle finger in an offensive manner.
  • 4 instances of bleeped profanity.
  • "Ronnie & Kayla's Date Song" includes mild profanity.
  • The Ronnie Dobbs musical number includes mild profanity.
  • "The Golden Rule Song" includes hard profanity.
  • "Ass Kickin' Fat Kid" includes mild profanity.
  • The end credits outtakes include hard profanity.

Alcohol, Drugs & Smoking

  • At least:
  • 4 instances of tobacco smoking including underage smoking.
  • Social drinking throughout including 6 instance of drunkenness and some drunken driving.
  • Garry hands Ronnie two marijuana cigarettes.

Frightening & Intense Scenes

  • Etc.: 4 instance of urination, three of which are animated.
  • Etc.: 1 instance of excrement. (animated)
  • Etc.: Vomit is shown on the ground, twice.
  • Etc.: The Asian boy speaks in badly dubbed pidgin English.


The Parents Guide items below may give away important plot points.

Violence & Gore

  • Jerry is taken hostage.
  • A long fight between Jerry and the kidnappers.
  • Jerry gun butts his dad.

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