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Fare ride.
lost-in-limbo28 June 2006
During a day we follow that of a couple of taxi drivers in New York who focus and reflect on the important things and problems about their lives with each other. First off the cab there's Hershey who was a former Knicks player and after a serious injury his life went down the drain, where we learn that his having a bit trouble committing to his girlfriend George. Second follows that of a young, hard-eyed woman Salgado who believes her horrific past has come back to destroy her and finally a Bosnian immigrant Rasha who can't keep his mind on the job, therefore he gets in a lot of car accidents and maybe one real fatal one too. To make matters worse for these folks, there's a serial killer targeting taxi drivers.

There's a lot stuff going on in these characters' heads, but the meter is still running! Like others I felt a bit conned, as I believed this was a serial killer flick like the package seems advertise, but actually it's far from it. As this certain aspect of the premise is more a background tool for the bigger picture. But that in mind it's still a fair film by capturing the rough-and-tumble slice of reality with the always-moving city-life. Where we get a life in a day of a taxi driver with a whole lot of issues facing these patrons like love to life-making decisions. But it's main problem was that the plot has way too much going amongst its unfocused narrative and it's cluttered with people coming and going with some receiving too little insight of their ever-growing situations. The film was just too short with what they had to say here, giving no real sense of closure by spreading too much over this canvass. Simply they could have left out some of these sub-plots that were briskly concluded or like I said before -- up the running time to get a little more meat out of those stories instead of the incomplete feel we do get from it. The story does lack cohesion since we follow three different stories, but it keeps one intrigue on how things are going to play out, even though some things lack bite, get a bit sentimental and take the easy option out. The chatty (but very raw) script milks basically anything of importance, where we get to the character's outlook on life and watch density shine through, while they play their luck. The character's interactions are naturally good and they are always kept busy and have a decent sense of humour, which always goes down well. The direction by Lee Davis (who has been under the wing of Spike Lee and making his directorial debut) is competently done with some flashy imprints, quick moving pace and he manages stage a thickly layered atmosphere of uncertainty and darkness of New York. The slick editing doesn't distract and on hand is mostly a smooth jazzy score that fits right in. The performances are nothing too special, but I thought the main leads Danny Glover, Pam Grier, Michelle Rodriguez, Sergej Trifunovic and Sarita Choudhury handled their roles in a fine manner. There's also a small cameo part by Spike Lee.

This (old Sundance) feature is a decent time waster, but it's ambitious attitude tries for too much in too little time. So the question is; is it worth the fare?
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pretty good
athenastraea4 July 2001
I thought the movie was pretty good overall..the actors did a great job...the story seemed to be missing something though...It was nice to see Treach and Guru showing some acting skills...Danny Glover always holds his own and seems to bring out more in his castmates..Michelle Rodriguez shows she's growing as an actress since her debut in "Girlfight", I wish they would have used that more in "The Fast And The Furious"(then again, that's a summer action flick)anyway...It's always cool to see Pam Grier..and Serita Choudhury was good too,i just didn't understand what was going on with her at the end in the diner...was it the business or the deaths that had her upset?...anyhoo! the movie was cool, and I look forward to more films from Lee Davis.
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Good flick; some spotty performances
mlaaker18 April 2001
Nice movie; script seemed a bit unpolished, but overall splendid performance by Glover and Grier. Their characters seem both real and empathetic. Several of the younger actors seemed visibly awkward in front of the camera, and some seemed overdrawn.

Again, overall, enjoyable flick. Look forward to seeing Davis' next film...
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See it
trukydna8 June 2001
Interesting slice of life from a young director. Saw this at Sundance and thought it looked and felt like a Spike Lee joint - he produced. Grier and Glover don't quite have the chemistry you'd hope for and some of the characters are a little shrill and bleak - but worth seeing anyway. I loved the bit part Melanie Torres had. I'd like to see more of her - vavavoom!
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An okay movie, but lacked something.
Jack the Ripper188819 April 2002
Warning: Spoilers
3.A.M. is a movie that tries to be just like "Summer of Sam". Danny Glover and many others play taxi cab drivers during the reign of a killer who is putting holes in the city's cabbies. Basically a repeat of what "Summer of Sam" already gave us. Which wasn't much anyhow. 3A.M. lacks good performances and overall, a story. What was the purpose of this film? I certainly hope that it wasn't made to entertain people. Director Lee Davis is a Spike Lee wannabe. I'm surprised that he didn't say 'A Lee Davis Joint' instead of film. He even recruits Lee to produce the film. Which I can't understand why Spike would produce a movie so close in perspective to a film that he himself directed. This is a jumble of different characters each trying to deal with their own problems. One girl (Michelle Rodriguez) has visions of demons coming to santalize the world. Another cabbie is having trouble with getting in too many car accidents. And Danny Glover himself has woman troubles when he tries to decide into asking his girlfriend (Pam Grier) for her hand in marriage. So, most of this has nothing to do with the movie itself. When I bought it I was expecting a good suspense thriller where we have to try to figure out who this killer is, but instead we have a repeat of Spike Lee films. The acting wasn't all that great either. Glover is probably the biggest name in the entire film, and even he doesn't do such a good job this time. *SPOILER* the most exciting part is when Glover confronts the cabbie killer in his cab. The climax wasn't one to brag about. I only hope that there isn't a director or a writer dumb enough to steal material from this movie now. That would be really bad....3/5.
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A deep and sensitive point of view
mangafas20 August 2001
A deep and sensitive study of a social group's everyday life . Surely an intellectual film, sometimes difficult to grasp but fascinating and intriguing as well. Love, madness, moral dilemmas, death,"nostos" are the ingredients of this exciting movie which invites us to a "voyeuristic" cab ride through a multi-ethnic reality.
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JBoze3138 July 2001
Warning: Spoilers
I guess I could say this movie is decent, but overall, it's not very good. It makes no sense how this movie is listed under mystery/thriller, because it's not even close. I watched this on Showtime a few nights ago, because it said just that, a killer is stalking cabbies, sounding thrilling...so there you go. Was this movie about a killer stalking cabbies? Hardly. The girl who played the "killer" was just awful...her "crazy" was just ridiculous, and laughable for the most part. Glover gives a good performance, and for once I wasn't completely annoyed by Grier (only slightly annoyed.) The overall story is interesting, it keeps you in the movie, but it's misleading. I'm not sure how to classify this movie, what genre it should be under...and I'm sure there are very few out there that could help me out with that. Like I said, it's decent, but it's no gem.
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viamillitaris20 December 2017
Sergej Trifunovich is my favorite Serbian actor. He is really great in this role as Bosnian immigrant Rasha. I'm Serbian from Belgrade, so I understand what the really point of this movie is. The sentance when Rasha says:" There is no place like Mostar" remindes me on my friend Marko Pishtalo from history studies in Belgrade. Exceally, he is Bosnian immigrant from Mostar just like Rasha in this movie. For those who didn't know that is one of the most beautiful Bosnian cities. Sincerelly yours Dushan Petrovic from Belgrade, Serbia.
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A confused mess of a movie.
=G=6 July 2001
"3 a.m." shuttles between a half dozen characters having to do with a struggling NYC cab company and a diner frequented by some of the drivers during the reign of terror of a cabby killer. A confused and unsatisfying watch, "3 a.m." is a jambalaya of people and circumstances which, for the most part, are uninteresting, poorly developed, and lacking in cohesion. Pass on this one.
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Staying awake is staying alive. Cabbies beware of your fare.
michaelRokeefe19 July 2001
This is a somewhat cold and dark look at the trials and tribulations of NYC streets after dark. Cab drivers keep working despite the fact a serial killer is on the loose and is targeting cabbies. Story line and script a bit rough, but it gives you the feel of reality. This movie gradually grabs your interest and holds on tight.

Danny Glover plays a former pro basketball player turned cab driver. A very good performance as usual. Playing his love interest is Pam Grier, a waitress in a diner. Flawless job turned in by Ms. Grier; and she is still a looker. Supporting cast includes Michelle Rodriguez, Paul Calderon, Sergej Trifunovic and Fisher Stevens. Cameos by Spike Lee and Walt Frazier.
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