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Episode #26.116

Behind the scenes of Carrie Underwood's new video; Jennifer Lopez after the SAG Awards;

Current Episode (aired 20 Jan. 2020)

Episode #26.115

The Screen Actors Guild Awards: the couples, the headlines, the competitions, the fashions;


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S25, Ep104
1 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.104
Kelly Clarkson ("The Voice"); Kate Hudson; Cardi B;
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S25, Ep105
2 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.105
"Bachelor" Colton Underwood; Kevin Hart's heartfelt film;
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S25, Ep106
3 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.106
Golden Globes hosts Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh; Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson ("The Titan Games");
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S25, Ep107
4 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.107
Bradley Cooper and fellow Golden Globe nominees drop last-minute secrets; Michael Douglas discusses his career and family;
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S25, Ep109
7 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.109
The Golden Globes, star couples and fashion;
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S25, Ep110
8 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.110
Candid snaps and posts from the Golden Globes; Kris Jenner discusses Kardashian family news;
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S25, Ep111
9 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.111
Taraji P. Henson; Rita Ora; Trisha Yearwood;
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S25, Ep115
14 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.115
Julia Roberts at the Critics' Choice Awards; music's biggest names celebrate Aretha Franklin;
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S25, Ep116
15 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.116
Milo Ventimiglia ("This Is Us"); inside Shonda Rhimes' home;
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S25, Ep121
21 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.121
John Travolta tells about working with his daughter, Ella Bleu Travolta; Mahershala Ali's Hollywood hot streak; Mark-Paul Gosselaar ("The Passage");
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S25, Ep122
22 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.122
Vanessa Hudgens and the cast of Rent: Live (2019);
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S25, Ep123
23 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.123
Kit Harington discusses the final season of "Game of Thrones"; Eva Longoria talks about motherhood;
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S25, Ep124
24 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.124
Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway ("Serenity"); NFL star Joe Theisman ("Snow Coming");
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S25, Ep125
25 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.125
Chris Pratt discusses his new movie and weight loss; Rita Ora talks about her new designer shoes;
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S25, Ep127
28 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.127
The stars and the fashions at the Screen Actors Guild Awards; Liam Hemsworth talks about marrying Miley Cyrus;
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S25, Ep128
29 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.128
Taraji P. Henson ("What Men Want"); Dwayne Johnson at Sundance;
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S25, Ep129
30 Jan. 2019
Episode #25.129
The stars gear up for a super ad showdown; Brooklyn Decker and Andy Roddick ("Lip Sync Battle");
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S25, Ep131
1 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.131
A final countdown to the Super Bowl; John Travolta talks about his new look;
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S25, Ep133
4 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.133
Super Bowl superstars, couples, and candid moments; Travis Scott discusses marriage rumors and raising Stormi;
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S25, Ep134
5 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.134
Interviews with members of the Oscar class of 2019; Taraji P. Henson discusses "Empire" co-star Jussie Smollett and "What Men Want";
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S25, Ep135
6 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.135
Pink gets a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame; Kylie Jenner's mansion;
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S25, Ep136
7 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.136
Kelly Clarkson ("The Voice"); Ricki Lake revealed as last night "Masked Singer"; New York Fashion Week;
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S25, Ep137
8 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.137
Stars prepare for the Grammy Awards; Lady Gaga, Jennifer Lopez and Cardi B; Chaka Khan discusses addiction;
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S25, Ep139
11 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.139
Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Jennifer Lopez, and Cardi B at the Grammys; Oscar's biggest stars meet royalty in London;
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S25, Ep140
12 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.140
Halle Berry; Cardi B; J-Rod; James Corden ("The World's Best");
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S25, Ep142
14 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.142
Valentine's Day with superstar couples; an interview with Charlie Sheen;
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S25, Ep143
15 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.143
The runaway "Bachelor"; Sandra Oh ("Killing Eve");
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S25, Ep145
18 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.145
Heidi Klum and Mel B ("America's Got Talent"); Michael Buble;
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S25, Ep146
19 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.146
Jennifer Lopez ("The World of Dance"); Mark Wahlberg talks about family;
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S25, Ep147
20 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.147
"Extra" correspondent Sean Spicer lands exclusive interviews with Donald Trump's biggest power players; Glenn Close prepares for the Academy Awards ceremony and hits the red carpet;
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S25, Ep148
21 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.148
Former White House press secretary Sean Spicer interviews Kellyanne Conway; actress Brie Larson ("Captain Marvel");
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S25, Ep149
22 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.149
Celebrities prepare for the Academy Awards; a fashion forecast; Olivia Munn discusses "Game of Thrones";
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S25, Ep151
25 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.151
Oscar winners, red-carpet interviews, fashions;
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S25, Ep152
26 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.152
Candid Oscar moments; Jamie Foxx's after-party with John Legend; "This Is Us"; "American Idol"; Tyler Perry; Courteney Cox; "The World's Best";
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S25, Ep153
27 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.153
Ellen Pompeo ("Grey's Anatomy") and her husband, Chris Ivery; "The Bachelor";
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S25, Ep154
28 Feb. 2019
Episode #25.154
Michael Jackson's family discusses "Leaving Neverland", a new film about him; actress Valerie Bertinelli;