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Episode #26.116

Behind the scenes of Carrie Underwood's new video; Jennifer Lopez after the SAG Awards;

Current Episode (aired 20 Jan. 2020)

Episode #26.115

The Screen Actors Guild Awards: the couples, the headlines, the competitions, the fashions;


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S23, Ep104
3 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.104
Nick Viall (The Bachelor (2002)); celebrities gear up for the Golden Globes.
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S23, Ep106
5 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.106
Favorite "Extra" moments with the Obamas; Jamie Foxx (Sleepless (2017)).
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S23, Ep109
9 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.109
The Golden Globe Awards; red-carpet confessions.
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S23, Ep112
12 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.112
Sneak peak at upcoming episode of Mariah's World (2016); "Thursday Throwback" at 10th anniversary of Mario Lopez's time as Extra (1994)'s host.
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S23, Ep113
13 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.113
Khloé Kardashian ("Revenge Body with Khloe Kardashian" (2017)); Jude Law (The Young Pope (2016)); Glen Powell (Hidden Figures (2016)); preview of My Kitchen Rules (2017).
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S23, Ep115
16 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.115
An interview with Melissa McCarthy; celebrity real estate for sale.
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S23, Ep117
18 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.117
The Trump family through the years; "Real Housewives" ringmaster Andy Cohen.
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S23, Ep119
20 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.119
The presidential inauguration; Flashback Friday: remembering when Ivanka Trump was a 13-year-old aspiring model; actor Vin Diesel (xXx: Return of Xander Cage (2017)).
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S23, Ep121
23 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.121
President Trump; first-lady fashions; stars staging protests; Robert Redford at Sundance.
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S23, Ep122
24 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.122
Interviews with Oscar nominees; Priyanka Chopra (Quantico (2015) and Baywatch (2017)).
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S23, Ep127
30 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.127
The SAG Awards; candid backstage moments as the stars discuss the new president; Arnold Schwarzenegger.
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S23, Ep128
31 Jan. 2017
Episode #23.128
The Super Bowl's biggest stars talk about pop culture and their celebrity crushes; Harper's Bazaar's most fashionable women reveal their style idols.
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S23, Ep129
1 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.129
The Super Bowl; Erin Andrews; Sports Illustrated's newest swimsuit beauties.
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S23, Ep133
6 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.133
Super Bowl LI and Lady Gaga's halftime show; actor John Travolta.
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S23, Ep134
7 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.134
Interviews with Oscar nominees; never-before-seen photos and home videos of Anna Nicole Smith's wedding; Chrissy Metz (This Is Us (2016)).
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S23, Ep137
10 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.137
Alec Baldwin (Saturday Night Live (1975)); last-minute details on the Grammy Awards, with James Corden.
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S23, Ep139
13 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.139
The Grammy Awards: celebrities, fashions and memorable moments.
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S23, Ep143
17 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.143
New York Fashion Week's top model, Bella Hadid; Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Ashley Graham.
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S23, Ep145
20 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.145
Brie Larson (Kong: Skull Island (2017)); Nina Agdal and Sports Illustrated's hottest swimsuit models.
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S23, Ep151
27 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.151
Academy Awards highlights, including red-carpet interviews, glamorous fashion, big winners; Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway discuss the Oscar best picture mistake.
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S23, Ep152
28 Feb. 2017
Episode #23.152
The Vanity Fair Oscar after-party; The Bachelor (2003) women; the death of Bill Paxton; the possible end of Modern Family (2009); David Cassidy; Shannen Doherty.
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S23, Ep154
2 Mar. 2017
Episode #23.154