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  • The Mexican is a romantic action comedy about Jerry, a man employed by the mob, after accidentally crashing into the car of mob boss Arnold Margolese, whom was imprisoned, because he had a man in the boot of his car, whom is sent to Mexico, much to the dismay of his girlfriend Sam, whom disapporves of Jerry working for the mob, to transport an anicent pistol called "The Mexican", which according to legend is cursed, across the border. But problems arises, when Beck, Margolese's grandson, whom Jerry was sent to retrieve the pistol from is killed and a homosexual hitman known only as Winston, sent by Margolese's right-hand-man Bernie Nayman, kidnaps Samantha and holds her captive, to ensure Jerry delivers the pistol safely, unaware Nayman intends to sell the pistol to the higgest bidder. Edit



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