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USA network has a winner here
Zane-0521 September 2000
This show is great---I stumbled across it back in April and have been a loyal viewer since. It's not as complicated as "Law and Order" so when I need a Wednesday night show to relax in front of, it's Cover Me. I agree with the viewer from San Jose; Michael Angarano is fantastic in this show. He has a lot of confidence for someone so young. I remember him in the McDonalds commercial---he got a lot taller !! I hope USA keeps this quality show on for a while.
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"The Sopranos", only on the side of the law!!
coverme631 March 2000
"Cover Me" is one of the best shows I have seen in a long time!

With witty humor, suspenseful moods, and kick-ass action, "Cover Me" should be a winner for that Sunday night action circuit. Just like "The Sopranos," this show has that gritty, hard-nosed approach to tantilate the viewers. With a smart-alecky voice to narrate the stories, it gives you the same mood of a gangster show, except the main characters are FBI agents!

Peter Dobson is Danny, the slick, mafia-infiltrating G-man who protects his family by making them his sidekicks in busting criminals. Sure, that sounds ludricous, but that's the whole idea. Hell, another crazy idea was that this is based on a true story!
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Utter, absolute garbage
mcnuggethell17 March 2001
A year ago, the USA network aired what was quite possibly two of its greatest shows. One of them was a series entitled "The War Next Door," a fast paced, sardonic action/comedy romp by the makers of Pete and Pete. It was fresh, it was inventive, and it was literally a laugh a minute. It was also cancelled.

And in another moment where everything I've said about the rubes that make up the tv watching American public was validated, this pure garbage was the show that replaced it, and it thrived in the markets.

Along with everything else that makes up the show, the premise is simple: A husband and wife both work for the FBI. And - GET THIS - their children are their sidekicks! HA HA HA! Watch the hilarity ensue as daughter wears a wire while shopping at the mall! The laffs never stop as the impish little munchkin of a son does FBI stuff - it's funny because he's an "adorable" little kid helping the FBI investigate crime and that doesn't happen in real life! That's every episode in a nutshell, right there.

In a world where "watered down to be corporate sponsorship friendly" beats out "actually entertaining" and the public seems to have a serious jones for insipid, unfunny sitcoms like Suddenly Susan or Friends, I'm not surprised this show gets ratings and critical acclaim. I'm just disgusted. Cover Me is a shallow, trite show whose sole selling point is its "cute" concept. You're either one of the few who dislike that or one of the many who embrace it - if you're the latter I pity you, and if you're the former I pity you even more for having to put up with crap like this that saturates television nowadays.
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tony_morelli12 May 2000
Please do not read this review if your in love with Cover Me. Okay, now that we got that out of the way! Cover Me is pure comedy in the fact that there is no way this is real. Example: In the episode "Domestic Terrorism". The kids witness a councilman be murdered in front of them while there Under Cover Secret Agent Dad listens in the car. He runs up to the house and yells for his kids, which scares away the bad guy. This trained FBI agent doesn't even draw his gun in case the man is going to shoot his own kids, and there's the comedy. Whom ever directed this episode or wrote it needs to watch some real television shows that are fiction so they can see what's real. The acting is good by all the characters with the exception of Ruby, who was okay in "Beauty Marks" which was funny because she is so dam ugly. But her character seems almost like she is not apart of the family, like it is as if she wasn't there. I notice she sometimes is not hardly in the episodes, which is good. I wish they would just cut her from the show and send her away. Maybe she could move in with her Grandma or something! I still enjoy laughing each week, so check it out sometime if you like fake FBI shows.
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