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7 Jan. 2001
Just two days before his execution, the last confession of condemned killer Henry Carter Crowe (Gregg Henry) has suddenly become very important. Someone has kidnapped the son of Adam Kondos (Phil Reisen), the District Attorney who successfully prosecuted Crowe for murdering a family. Now the kidnapper is threatening to kill the young boy if Crowe doesn't receive a stay of execution. The Feds enlist Danny to impersonate a death row priest, in order to try to get Crowe to end his life by doing the right thing and reveal the kidnapper's location. Can Danny get the ...
14 Jan. 2001
Vegas Mother's Day: Part 1
The Arnos travel to Las Vegas when Danny is assigned to go to a fading, off-the-strip casino to protect Ed Linson the Oasis casino's owner and a former mobster who's been cooperating with the FBI. The casino is the perfect place for Danny to revive his lounge act, but when mobster Lon Colomby and his mother arrive for a "vacation," playtime is quickly over. Linson thinks Colomby is there to kill him. Lon hits on Barbara. Lon meets Danny and says Danny has lost his touch-as if he had seen his act before. Mary wants to go home-she isn't having fun. And she will never be...

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