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Season 46

2 Jan. 2019
Pluto and Beyond
Follow the New Horizons spacecraft as it makes its historic flyby of one of the furthest objects in the solar system. Follow as they plan and execute maneuvers to allow the spacecraft to target a Kuiper Belt object known as Ultima Thule.
9 Jan. 2019
Einstein's Quantum Riddle
In an effort to disprove quantum mechanics, Albert Einstein proposes one of its strangest features: quantum entanglement.
23 Jan. 2019
Kilauea: Hawai'i on Fire
An investigation into the increased activity at the Kilauea volcano in Hawaii, and look at why these geologically distinctive volcanoes formed in the middle of the Pacific.
6 Feb. 2019
Decoding the Great Pyramid
Archaeological research by Mark Lehner and Zahi Hawass shed light on some of the mysteries of the Egyptian pyramids.
13 Feb. 2019
Rise of the Rockets
Private companies develop new ways to allow for more human activity in space; NASA builds a rocket that goes far beyond Earth.
20 Feb. 2019
The Next Pompeii
Assessing the risk of a potential eruption of an ancient supervolcano under the Italian city of Naples.
24 Apr. 2019
Saving the Dead Sea
Scientists, engineers, and political leaders devise a plan to save the Dead Sea, whose level has declined by more than 65 feet since 1976.
8 May 2019
Inside the Megafire
Scientists try to determine the cause for the increasing megafire threat by exploring the physics of fire, how firestorms move and travel, and by analyzing aerial drone and satellite data to catch fires before they start.
15 May 2019
First Horse Warriors
The advent of horse riding changed the course of human history and the genetic makeup of humankind.
22 May 2019
Lost Viking Army
Bioarchaeologists investigate a ninth-century mass grave in a rural English village. Will the remains unlock the mystery of the "Great Heathen Army," a legendary Viking fighting force that once invaded England?
10 Jul. 2019
Back to the Moon
Fifty years after humans first stepped foot on the moon, engineers, scientists and entrepreneurs engage in new discoveries to make life on the moon a reality.
24 Jul. 2019
The Planets: Inner Worlds
The rocky planets Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars all have similar origins, but only one supports life. Was it always this way?
24 Jul. 2019
The Planets: Mars
The dry, red planet Mars was once a blue water world studded with active volcanoes. But if it once had many of the ingredients necessary to form life, how far along might that process have gotten?
31 Jul. 2019
The Planets: Jupiter
Jupiter's gravitational force made it a wrecking ball as it barreled through the early solar system, but it also helped shape life on Earth as it brought comets laden with water and possibly the asteroid that put an end to the dinosaurs.
7 Aug. 2019
The Planets: Saturn
NASA's Cassini probe explores Saturn's icy rings and moons, capturing ring-moon interactions and revealing ingredients for life on the moon Enceladus.
14 Aug. 2019
The Planets: Ice Worlds
Uranus and Neptune's unexpected rings, supersonic winds and dozens of moons; an up-close view of Pluto before exploring the Kuiper belt
16 Oct. 2019
Why Bridges Collapse
Examines if new engineering techniques can help prevent deadly bridge collapses by looking at the 2018 collapse of a section of the Morandi Bridge in Genoa, Italy and collapses in the USA.
23 Oct. 2019
Look Who's Driving
Exploring the possibility of self-driving cars, including whether they could really be safer than human drivers.
30 Oct. 2019
Rise of the Mammals
A new trove of fossils reveals how mammals took over after an asteroid wiped out the dinosaurs 66 million years ago.
6 Nov. 2019
Dead Sea Scroll Detectives
New technologies help scientists decipher the ancient Dead Sea Scrolls and newly surfaced fragments.
13 Nov. 2019
Decoding da Vinci
A visit to Florence, Italy to explore how Leonardo da Vinci used science, from human dissections to innovative painting techniques, to create his artwork.
20 Nov. 2019
The Violence Paradox
A journey through history and the human mind to explore violence, and how a more peaceful world can be achieved.
27 Nov. 2019
Animal Espionage
Camera traps and drones offer an up-close look at animals without disturbing them, providing insight into the secret world of animals such as whales, tigers, and giant armadillos.

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