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Season 2

18 Jun. 2000
More Juggies!
Segments include Jimmy and Adam attending a pro wrestling school and a tribute to The Fox.
25 Jun. 2000
The Man Show Boy
Segments include a trip to rapper Snoop Dogg's house, the introduction of The Man Show Boy, and the museum of annoying guys.
2 Jul. 2000
Husbandly Duties
Segments include Lady Sitters, the Wheel of Destiny, and Adam does interviews in front of a Cher concert.
9 Jul. 2000
Powerful Women
Segments include a look at hair replacement products and a fake newscast involving Rosie O'Donnell trapped in a well.
16 Jul. 2000
The Man Show Boy Buys Beer
Segments include "The Man Show Boy Buys Beer" and Adam visits a garbage dump.
23 Jul. 2000
Boys Gone Wild
Segments include interviews with guys with unfortunate names and and an attempt to convince women of a diet that consists only of chocolate.
30 Jul. 2000
The Beach Show
Beach-themed episode that contains segments Beach-O-Vations and a visit to the beach with the juggies.
6 Aug. 2000
For Women: How to Get a Man
Segments include bathroom interviews and a juggy talent show.
13 Aug. 2000
Man vs. Beast
Segments include Camcorders for Lesbians, Guess Your Weight, and Man Vs. Beast.
20 Aug. 2000
Training Camp
Segments include a game of strip basketball with the Costello twins and Adam tries out for the Oakland Raiders
Back to School
In this special back-to-school episode of The Man Show, The Man Show Boy goes to college campuses looking for some play, and Adam and Jimmy go to Spring Break to help a loser bag a babe.
3 Sep. 2000
Election Smear Campaigns
Jimmy and Adam present smear campaigns against each other and later have a debate which features the juggies mud wrestling.
10 Sep. 2000
Hef's House
Contains a recap of the best segments from the first half of season two.
3 Dec. 2000
Juggy Training
Segments included Jimmy experimenting with X-Ray glasses, Adam giving helpful tips at a hardware store, and a look at the Juggy Training Academy.
10 Dec. 2000
Benny Hill
Adam does a tribute to Benny Hill and Jimmy imagines what life would be like if he had a chimpanzee for a wife. Also, the Wheel of Destiny returns.
17 Dec. 2000
Holiday Show II
Segments include Hanukkah with pro-wrestler Goldberg and a look at toy gift ideas as demonstrated by the juggies.
7 Jan. 2001
Girl Scouts
Segments include The Man Show Boy selling Girl Guide cookies and a Man Show Talent Show that focuses on talents that involve beer.
14 Jan. 2001
Antique Porn Show
Segments include "Antique Pornshow", "Adopt A Stripper Foundation", and another visit to the museum of annoying guys.
21 Jan. 2001
Work Place Behavior
Segments include auditions for girls jumping on trampolines and Jimmy interviews women on workplace equality.
4 Feb. 2001
Segments include a visit to a porn star camp and an appearance by a hypnotist who experiments with members of the audience.
11 Feb. 2001
Valentine's Show
Segments include Jimmy asking people on the street how often they masturbate and Sex-O-Vations.
18 Feb. 2001
Teaching Women About the Work Place
Segments include Jimmy taking his daughter to work and an experiment to see who will help a girl with car trouble.
25 Feb. 2001
Phone Sex
Segments include Adam and Jimmy coaching a little league team and "Bride Evaluation".
4 Mar. 2001
Segments include juggy Angelique getting guys to find her Hide-A-Key and an update of "Porky's".
11 Mar. 2001
International Customs About Sex
Segments include Adam interviewing men with different ethnic backgrounds about sex and Jimmy discovering what life is like as a little person.
25 Mar. 2001
Contains a recap of the best segments from the second half of season two.

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