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Dominic West: Kirk Cuddy, Steel Dragon Guitarist



  • Kirk : [Talking to each other privately]  Our fans are loyal die hard fans are very life like and expect to see certain things and they want to give them what they want and if we deviate from that because one disappointed fan can turn to two four to eight and on and on, and then we're playing to a half empty hall so while I understand you want to do "your own thing", and I admire it in some small way, if you want to stay with Steel Dragon, you're going to have to reconcile with yourself to do the "Steel Dragon" thing", and the "Steel Dragon" thing" is A.C. and I write the songs, and you sing the songs we write, are we clear?

  • Reporter : So Izzy... how do you keep your voice is such fine shape?

    Chris : Well, my choir teacher gave me a lot of lessons...

    Kirk : [interrupting]  He eats a lot of pussy.

    Chris : Oh yeah, I eat a lot of pussy... tons...

  • [from interviews after Chris/Izzy has quit Steel Dragon] 

    Kirk : Well, as far as I'm concerned, it's much ado about nothing isn't it? There's still four of us left. We're the original four. We're not going anywhere.

    A.C. - Drummer, Steel Dragon : Look for the last time I don't give a fuck where he is and I don't really care if I ever see that little bastard again.

    Mats, Steel Dragon Road Manager : He said to me, um, I need to take a piss. That's it. Uh, "Mats", he said, "I really need a piss."

    Chris : I just think one day I realized it wasn't for me anymore. You know? Just wearing the clothes and singing the songs. It just didn't feel right. I just wanted to find myself. Find my own music.

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